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Hold it! Treasure Haul.png

Hold it! Treasure Haul is a minigame in the Party Mode of Sonic and the Secret Rings.


Hold the Wii Remote to where it points to the Sensor Bar in order scoop the coins. Press WiiB.png to collect the amount of coins the scooper has and move the Wii Remote back to collect the coins.


Each player must collect coins from the pile under a sleeping Kri Ma Djinn. The djinn wakes up if the player goes too fast when collecting the coins, so timing is everything in this minigame. Collect a huge amount of coins will cause the coins to move down, causing the sleeping Kri Ma Djinn to wake. Doing so causes the Djinn to smash on the player, losing all of their coins. However, each player has a second chance just in case they lose their coins. The player with the most coins is the winner of the minigame.


  • Timing is everything; don't go too fast or too slow. Take your time, but don't spend half a minute with your shovel in the pile of coins.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"White Gloves" Kenichi Tokoi 1:24