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The Hold Smash (ホールドスマッシュ Hōrudosumasshu?) is a technique used by Silver the Hedgehog in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) when he possesses the Single-Layered Extreme. When using this move, Silver charges his Psychokinesis to push multiple objects over longer distances.


In order to perform the Hold Smash, Silver must have obtained the Single-Layered Extreme Level Up Item. When Silver performs this move, he must have grabbed one or more objects and/or enemies with his Psychokinesis. With multiple objects now grabbed, he charges up his psychokinetic powers. Once he is charged up, Silver will release all the objects he has grabbed in a burst of energy, which will fling everything in the direction he's facing and cause a fair amount of damage to any enemies or blow away obstacles.

In gameplay, the player must hold XboxX.png/PSSquareButton.png to use the Hold Smash. Once the player hears Silver grunt, they must release the button in order to throw the objects. When Silver uses the ability Grab All, the player can also hold XboxX.png/PSSquareButton.png to perform the Hold Smash after picking up the items with it.

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