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The Hip Drop[1] (ヒップドロップ Hippu Doroppu?) is a move that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. When performing this technique, the user impacts the ground with their hips for different effects.


When performing the Hip Drop, the user raises both their legs up while in midair, pointing their rear directly down. The user then plunges straight down bottom-first while keeping their legs up, upon which they impact the ground with significant force.

Game appearances[]

Sonic Adventure 2[]

The Hip Drop first appeared in Sonic Adventure 2 and its enhanced port Sonic Adventure 2: Battle as one of Rouge's special attacks. When performing the Hip Drop, Rouge calls out the moves name, before striking the ground. In gameplay, using the Hip Drop triggers an earthquake throughout the area that affects the opposing opponents no matter where they are, which causes them to trip and be left dazed for a few seconds. If performed while climbing, the opponents will be knocked off the wall. If performed while the opponents are gliding or in the middle of a jump, it will have no effect.

The Hip Drop is first performed by Rouge during the boss battle against her in the Hero story. Here, Rouge will begin using it after her health has been reduced to half.

Hip Drop can only be performed by the player by playing as Rouge in the games' two-player mode. To use it, the player must press DreamcastB/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO/Gamecube X Button on the ground after collecting twenty Rings. To use it again, the player has to collect another twenty Rings. In Sonic Adventure 2, Chaos can perform the Hip Drop as well under the same requirements.

Sonic Advance series[]

Sonic Advance 2[]

In Sonic Advance 2, the Hip Drop is referred to as the Soft Bomber (ソフトボンバー[2] Sofutobonbā?). It serves as Cream the Rabbit's Stop 'n' Slam maneuver which allows her to stop in mid-flight and plunge straight down on any target below her. In the game, it is Cream's only Mid-Air Trick Action that can damage enemies.

In gameplay, the Hip Drop is useful for reaching targets that appear below Cream just as she flies over them while allowing the player to damage enemies, break weak obstacles and certain platforms, and open Item Boxes in Cream's path. In addition, the move will not cancel the momentum Cream receives from the Boost Mode.

To perform the Hip Drop in gameplay, the player must press down on Controlpadds and Rgba at the same time after being launched into midair by gimmicks, such as the Spring or Ramp.

Sonic Advance 3[]

Hip Drop (SA3)

Cream performing the Hip Drop, from Sonic Advance 3.

In Sonic Advance 3, the move is once again referred to as the Hip Drop.[3] This time around, it serves both as one of Cream's regular moves and her Stop 'n' Slam maneuver. Besides those differences, it retains its traits and visual presentation from Sonic Advance 2.

In this game, Cream can only use the Hip Drop when she has Amy Rose as her partner. To use the regular move-version of the Hip Drop, the player must press down on Controlpadds and GameboyB at the same time while in mid-jump. To use it as a Stop 'n' Slam maneuver, the player must press down on Controlpadds and Rgba at the same time after being launched into midair by gimmicks, such as the Spring and ramp.


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