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The Hill Top Zone is a location that appears in Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a hilly and mountainous Zone found on Mobius.


Sonic and Tails traveled to the Hill Top Zone in the Tornado, having been summoned by Chief Kordon, leader of a tribe of birds native. Kordon had summoned Sonic because the Mountain of Destiny, the local volcano on whose slopes the natives had built their homes, had become active. Kordon and his witch doctor believed the gods were angry, and although Sonic considered this to be mere superstition, he decided to investigate.[1]

Descending into the crater of the volcano, Sonic and Tails were taken by surprise by a Rexon and nearly fell into the lava, but the shock caused Sonic to transform into Super Sonic. He discovered that the volcanic activity had been caused by Doctor Robotnik's Seismatron. Super Sonic and Tails escaped moments before the volcano erupted. The berserk Super Sonic then intended to destroy Tails, but he goaded him into preventing the eruption with reverse psychology, allowing Sonic to contain the explosion and carve a giant statue of himself on top of the Mountain of Destiny, which presumably stands there still.[1]

When Christmas arrived, the Hill Top Zone was being invaded by Badniks from the Ice Cap Zone. While passing through the Zone, the Freedom Fighters tried to contain the Badniks until they discovered they came from a portal leading to the Ice Cap Zone. Sonic ventured through the portal and soon returned with some Mobian prisoners of Robotnik's after stopping the portal at its source.[2][3]

Sonic and Tails soon after returned to the Hill Top Zone and destroyed another Badnik resistance.[4] Years later, a missile from D.R.A.T. nearly hit the Hill Top Zone, but Sonic was able to divert it using sheer speed.[5]


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