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Hill Top is a course that appears in Sonic Drift 2. It is a racing track located in the Hill Top Zone. It is the second course in the Purple Chaos GP, where it is called "Hill Top 1", and the fourth course in the White Chaos GP, where it is called "Hill Top 2".


Hill Top's setting is very much identical to the surface sections in the original Hill Top Zone. The area of Hill Top is a green-striped grassy hill field in the middle of a high-altitude mountain region with a blue sky overcasting it. In the background there are tall linear brown mountain peaks breaking through an enclosing white cloud cover, and in front of the mountains, though still in the background, there are tall and curving hills with landmasses composed differently-shaded sky blue blocks and a layer of green-striped grass on top of them.

The racing tracks through Hill Top are checkerboard patterned in different shades of brown with white and grey striped edges. On the sides of the tracks are there also occasionally blue pine trees.


In Hill Top, the player's objective is to get the top position in the race. Racing outside the border of the asphalt track will cause the player to lose speed immediately. Additionally, the pine trees on the outside of the racetracks will cause the playable characters to come to an immediately stop and lose a Ring if they collide with them.

The road surface of the racetrack in Hill Top is covered in mounds of earth that work similar to ramps; driving directly over these ramps will launch the racer into a small flying leap and allows the player to maintain speed, similar to when using Jump or a Spring, but grazing their sides will slow down the racer. There is also Motoras shifting back-and-forth on the racetracks, which can make a racer spin out of control and lose Rings if he/she collides with them.


In Hill Top, the player races on a racing track encompassing the entire map. The layout of the racing track in Hill Top comes in two versions which depend on which circuit in the Chaos GP the player choses. Additionally, each racing track is littered with different power-ups and objects that the player can utilize.

In Hill Top 1, the racing track is a linear course where the player's objective is to reach the end of the racetrack, and in Hill Top 2, the racing track is a circular course where the player has to complete three laps of the racetrack. The fastest racer to complete these races is rewarded with a Chaos Emerald.

Chaos GP
Map Power-ups and obstacles
Rings Dash Jump Mine Invincible Springs Flash Reverse
Purple HT1 14 4 0 2 0 0 0 0
White HT2 11 0 2 0 1 0 0 0


Name Artist Length Music Track
N/A Masayuki Nagao, Saori Kobayashi 0:42
Hill top drift
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