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Points gained for spending a set amount of time in midair when carried.

— Description, Sonic and the Black Knight[1]

The Highland Mushroom (ハイランドきのこ Hairando kinoko?) is a collectible item that appears in Sonic and the Black Knight.


The Highlander Mushroom is a simple pale yellow mushroom with a red cap and thin stalk that curls slightly at the bottom.


In gameplay, the player can collect the Highlander Mushroom during different Missions in certain areas. For then to obtain it, the player must use the ID points earned from completing the Mission where the Highlander Mushroom was picked up to identify it on the identification screen. When equipped to the playable character, the Highlander Mushroom will grant the player points after the playable character has spend a set amount of time in midair.


  • No: 179
  • ID Point Price: 5
  • Rarity Level: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • Item Type: Special item
  • Location: Crystal Cave (obtained from Townspeople in "Go for the Goal: Reach the Goal")


  1. Official in-game description of Highland Mushroom in the Treasury, item 179/247.

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