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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
High Stakes Sonic

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This is the transcript for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "High Stakes Sonic".

The episode begins in the village from "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad". Smiley, a sharply-dressed shark holding a cane in his left hand, and Louis, a anthropomorphic monkey wearing a barrel, are standing next to a shark-shaped bus.

Louis: Please! Double or nothing!
Smiley: All right, Louis, but remember, if youse lose this time, you'll owe me ten years of hard labor!

[Smiley and Louis play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with their right hands. Louis forms a pair of scissors with his right hand, and Smiley forms a rock with his right hand.]

Smiley: I beat you, Louis! Now get on the bus with the other losers!

[Smiley hits Louis on the head with his cane three times. He then points to the bus with his cane.]

Smiley: You got work to do!

[Louis jumps towards the bus. The door on the bus opens, and a purple tongue rolls out. Louis hops onboard the bus, and the tongue rolls back into the bus. The door closes, and the bus, which despite not having a driver behind the wheel, drives away, creating a cloud of dust. Smiley laughs evilly, then when the dust clears, he coughs. The bus then drives over a hill, then past Sonic and Tails, who are eating chili dogs under a tree. Sonic and Tails turn their heads toward the bus, which Tails points at with his left index finger.

Tails: Gee, that's the... [as he counts on the fingers in his right hand], two, third bus we've seen! What's going on?

[Sonic shrugs his shoulders, indicating he has no idea. He then holds out his right hand like a stop sign as another bus drives past them, creating a cloud of dust. The bus then drives away towards the desert.]

Sonic: Gee, I don't know, keed! Let's find out where they're coming from!

[Sonic points at the bus with his left index finger, then runs in place.]

Sonic: Up, over, and catch that bus!

[Sonic runs after the bus, creating a dust cloud of his own. Tails flies into the air and follows after Sonic. The screen transitions to the next scene, which takes place at the village, where a flock of Sheep are. They turn their attention to another bus that stops near Smiley. The door on the bus opens, and a purple tongue rolls out. Smiley then peers into the bus, holding his left hand up to his mouth.]

Smiley: Keep the engine running! I'll have another load of suckers for you in half a tick!

[Smiley walks away, and the bus door closes. Unknown to Smiley, Sonic and Tails are on top of the bus, looking down at him.]

Sonic: Don't like the sound of this, Tails! Come on!

[Sonic jumps down, and Tails flies behind him. The screen then transitions to a view of Smiley standing next to a robot later referred to by Sonic as the High-Voltage Flimflammer, and the Sheep gathered around him.]

Smiley: Here's what I'm gonna do; since you've already lost everything you owned, I'm gonna let you raise the stakes a bit. Win, and you get everything back!

[A Sheep wearing a bowler hat with a green feather raises his left hand.]

Smiley: Yes?
Sheep in Bowler Hat: We'll get everything baa-a-ack? But what if we lose?
Smiley: Well, then you'll come with me and do a little bit of work, that's all. [Whispering to the Flimflammer] For the rest of their lives, that is! Hee hee hee hee hee hee!

[As the Flimflammer talks, he switches the walnut shells on the table in front of him around with both his hands.]

High Voltage Flimflammer: Follow the pea, win a spree! Lose the pea and you owe me!

[Sonic pushes the Sheep in the Bowler Hat aside with his left hand, and Tails pushes another sheep aside with his left hand.]

Tails: That doesn't look fair!
Sonic: It's not; that High-Voltage Flimflammer will fleece those guys! He needs a lesson.

[The Flimflammer finishes switching the shells.]

Smiley [heard offscreen]: Give it a try! Is the hand quicker than the eye?

[Smiley points to the middle shell with the cane he is holding in his right hand.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: Not hedgehog eyes!

[Sonic picks up the leftmost shell with his left hand, revealing the pea underneath. Smiley and the Flimflammer both stare in shock.]

Sheep: Yay! Hooray!
Sheep in Bowler Hat: Oh, boy! We can get our stuff back!

[The Sheep run away, creating a dust cloud. As the cloud clears, Sonic snaps his left thumb and index finger, then taps his left foot.]

Sonic: Okay, but this time, how bout trying to make it a challenge?

[The Flimflammer pushes his hat forward with his left hand. He switches the shells around, but Sonic's eyes watch closesly. The Flimflammer stops, and Tails walks up to Sonic, who picks up the leftmost shell with his right hand, revealing the pea underneath. The Flimflammer stares in shock, with his eyes popping out of his head. The Flimflammer switches the shells around again, and as he does, Smiley sneaks away. Sonic watches closesly, with his eyes now resembling the walnut shells. The Flimflammer finishes switching the shells, then, hoping to be able to outsmart Sonic, he pulls the lever on the right side of the table, opening a trap door that the pea falls through. After the pea lands on the ground, the trap door closes.]

Sonic: Hmmm.

[Sonic picks up the leftmost and rightmost shells.]

Sonic: That pea must be under the middle one, eh, Robo-chump?

[Steam emits from the Flimflammer's ears.]

Flimflammer: I'm not programmed to lose!

[Sonic taps his left foot, then Tails peers out from behind his back.]

Sonic: Time you got with the program, then!

[The Flimflammer explodes, creating a huge smoke cloud, and his head flies off his body. When the smoke clears, the Flimflammer's head lands near Sonic.]

Sonic: I hate a sore loser!
Sheep: Hooray!
Sonic: Here's your stuff back! And from now on, don't risk what you can't afford to lose!

[Sonic holds up his right index finger. Back at the destroyed Flimflammer, Smiley reaches into the Flimflammer's back with his left arm and pulls out his Robocom phone, which he then holds up to his left ear.]

Smiley: This is Smiley. Put Dr. Robotnik on the line!

[The screen transitions to a view in the desert, where various sheep monument workers are operating a crane, which is lowering a block into place, on a Sphinx that is being built. Scratch is watching over them.]

Robotnik: Work, you losers! You owe me!

[Robotnik, who is dressed like a Pharoah, is lying in a bed, and Coconuts, who is holding a big paper fan in both his hands, is fanning him. Grounder can be heard rolling up to Robotnik in the distance.]

Grounder: Paging Dr. Robotnik!

[Grounder, who has his chest compartment open, rolls up to Robotnik.]

Grounder: Robocom call for Dr. Robotnik!
Robotnik: How dare you interupt me now! I want my monument finished in time for Robotnik Day!
Grounder: Ooh, I didn't know there was a Robotnik Day.

[Robotnik leans up to Grounder.]

Robotnik: Of course there's a Robotnik day! I just declared it one minute ago, in honor of myself!

[Robotnik runs away, then Grounder reaches into his chest compartment with his right drill and pulls out his Robocom phone, which he now holds up to his head.]

Grounder: Smiley! How dare you interrupt the great Dr. Robotnik on Robotnik Day!
Robotnik: It's Smiley! Why didn't you say so, demented dumbot?

[Robotnik grabs the phone from Grounder with his left hand and pulls it, along with Grounder's entire stomach away.]

Grounder: Ugh!

[Grounder holds his head with both his drills as his head and arms fall into his butt.]

Grounder: Ugh!

[Grounder pokes his head and arms out of his butt and sighs.]

Grounder: Sometimes I just don't have the stomach for this job.

[Robotnik is now holding the phone up to his left ear.]

Robotnik: Smiley! Where's my next busload of monument workers?
Smiley: One more bet, and I would have had em', but they won! It was all because of...
Robotnik: No excuses! You know how to cheat, so do it! I need workers to build my statue!
Smiley: Okay, sir, but we're gonna need better facilities!

[Smiley looks down at the destroyed Flimflammer, which is now emitting black smoke. Grounder's stomach is now back on his body.]

Robotnik: Then you'll get better facilities!

[Robotnik lets go of the Robocom phone, which goes back into Grounder's body.]

Robotnik: Is my new Casino Night Zone ready?

[Grounder closes his chest compartment and scratches his head with his right drill.]

Grounder: Um... no.

[Robotnik is now on his hands and knees.]

Robotnik: No! I spent a billion Mobiums! I made it a top priority! How could my magnificent new Casino Night Zone not be ready?!
Grounder: Because it's locked, and I have the key.

[Grounder opens his chest compartment with his right drill, reaches in with the same drill, and pulls out the key to the Casino Night Zone. Robotnik then gets off his bed and runs up to Grounder, pointing at him with his left index finger.]

Robotnik: Then go open it, you nincombot! You stup-o! You miserable mess of microchips!

[Grounder rolls away.]

Grounder: I'm doing better! He didn't call me a "hopeless hunk of junk"!
Robotnik: And make it fast, you hopeless hunk of junk!

[Grounder flinches, then continues rolling away. Back at the Village, Sonic shakes the Sheep in the Bowler Hat's right hand with his right hand.]

Sheep in Bowler Hat: Oh! You saved us! We'll never get suckered again!
'Smiley [heard offscreen]: Attention!

[Sonic and the Sheep turn their attention to Smiley, who is riding a bus, and holding a megaphone in his right hand, which he talks into.]

Smiley: Come enjoy the fabulous new Casino Night Zone! One free bet to the first one thousand gamblers!
Sheep: Oooh! Baaa!

[All the Sheep except the one in the Bowler Hat run towards the bus, creating a cloud of dust. When it clears, Sonic, Tails, and the Sheep in the Bowler Hat are the only ones left.]

Sheep in Bowler Hat: He did say "Free", didn't he?

[The Sheep in the Bowler Hat runs into the bus, which rolls its tongue back in and closes its door. It then drives away, creating a cloud of dust. Tails stares in shock.]

Sonic: Gee, I'm glad they learned their lesson! I smell a hustle brewin'! So let's hustle!

[Sonic grabs Tails right hand with his left hand, and runs away, dragging him along. The screen transitions to a view of the Casino Night Zone. The camera moves past several buldings, with signs that say, CASINOVILLE, BAR, COMET, BUBLLDIP, CASINO, CASINOTOONE, and HIGH ROLLER, until it reaches the main bulding, with signs that say, CASINO and ROBOTNIK.

Grounder [heard offscreen]: No doubt about it, Scratch! Dr. Robotnik's new Casino Night Zone is a reaaly great place!

[Inside the Main Building, there are various games. Scratch and Grounder peer from a doorway.]

Scratch: Yeah, we'll have so many losers, his dementedness will have more monument workers than he'll know what to do with! Bwahaha!

[Grounder nods his head, "Yes", as the Sheep push the door open.]

Sheep: Yay! Yay!

[The Sheep run in and over Scratch and Grounder.]

Grounder [heard offscreen]: Ugh! Oh! Ugh!
Scratch [heard offscreen]: D'aw! Ugh ugh ugh!

[Grounder looks up at Smiley, who walks up to him, holding a clipboard in his right hand.]

Smiley: Here's your suckers, as ordered. Sign here!

[Grounder turns his right drill into a pen, which he uses to sign the clipboard with.]

Smiley: Ha ha ha ha ha!

[Smiley walks away. The bus outside the main building then drives away. Sonic runs up to the main building, and screeches to a halt. Tails stops behind him.]

Sonic: I hope we're not too late!

[Sonic points to himself with his right index finger.]

Sonic: What am I saying? Me, late? Could never happen!

[Sonic shakes his head, "No", then pushes the door open. He and Tails peer inside. Four sheep are standing near slot machines, and pull the levers with their right hands. The Slot Machines sprout arms, which they use to rip the Sheep's wool off.]

Sheep: Baaa!

[The Slot Machines put barrels on the sheep.]

Sonic: Boy, those guys sure are in a hurry, to get fleeced!

[Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder are watching from the control room on the floor above.]

Scratch: We've got everything they own! One more bet, and they'll owe their lives to Dr. Robotnik!
Grounder: Ha ha ha! I hope they lose! I hope they lose!
Scratch: D'oh, you lead-head! Of course they'll lose! Everything's rigged! Bwahaha!
Grounder: Uh, uh, what's rigged?
Scratch: Every game in the casino is electronically set in Dr. Robotnik's favor!

[Scratch walks up to the control panel, and Grounder gasps.]

Grounder: We're cheating?
Scratch: Yes, we're cheating!

[Grounder waves his arms excitedly.]

Grounder: Whoo-hoo! Then don't just sit there! Cheat! Cheat! Cheat!

[Scratch pulls a lever with his right hand. The Sheep watch as a roulette with a ball on it spins, and when it stops, lit lands on a red section of the roulette, near a white "5".]

Sheep [heard offscreen]: Yay!

[The ball bounces onto a black section of the roulette, near a white "8".]

Sheep [heard offscreen]: Awww!

[The Sheep are now fleeced and wearing barrels.]

Sheep: Waaah!

[The Sheep walk away as Sonic and Tails walk in and up to the roulette.

Tails: How'd that happen?
Sonic: That ball had a mind of its own!
Tails: What are we gonna do?
Sonic: Beat em', of course! Save the day! Come to the rescue! Assure the freedom of all Mobius!

[Sonic runs past Tails. The screen then transitions to a view of Smiley near a giant roulette, which is mostly red and yellow, with one blue section saying, LOSE in white letters.]

Smiley: And now for the big spin, folks! If your number comes up, it's gonna rain money! What'll it be, freedom and fortune, or broke and bondaged? Only the wheel knows.

[Smiley grabs the roulette with his left hand and spins it. Scratch, Grounder, and the Sheep look at the wheel.]

Sheep: Oooh!

[Sonic, who is disguised as a construction worker, and holding a toolbox in his left hand, runs in and holds up his right hand.]

Sonic: Scuse' me, boys! In from Con-Fred! Gotta check your juice!

[Scratch points to himself with his right index finger, then waves his right hand.]

Scratch: We're robots! We don't enjoy beverages!
Sonic: Har har! You're funny! I mean the Casino's power supply. I gotta read the meter. Give me the keys.

[Scratch, who is now holding the keys in his right hand, drops them towards Sonic, who catches them in his left hand.]

Scratch: Here you go! It's in the basement!
Sonic: The basement, huh? Next to the computer control box that rigs the games, right?

[Sonic grabs the keys with his right hand, and Grounder turns his left drill into a hand, and holds up two fingers.]

Grounder: Two control boxes over!

[Sonic holds up his left hand, then walks away. Scratch points at Sonic with his right index finger.]

Scratch: Catch you later!

[Sonic waves at Scratch with his right hand.]

Sonic: In your dreams, you clanking cluck!

[Sonic runs away. He runs past some sheep sitting at Slot machines, knocking what winnings they have out of them. Sonic then pushes the basement doors open, and runs down the spiral staircase, causing it to spin downwards counter-clockwise. Sonic runs up to a control box that says, SECRET KONTROL BOX in red letters, and opens it with the key he is holding in his right hand.]

Sonic: Now for a little reprogramming!

[Sonic presses several buttons on the control box with his left index finger.]

Sonic: That oughta reverse Robotnik's cheating!

[Sonic closes the control box's door with his right hand, then grabs the keys and runs away. He then runs back to Scratch and Grounder.]

Sonic: Thanks! You've been a big help!

[Sonic hands Scratch the keys, which Scratch grabs with his left hand. The roulette lands on the blue space, which now has WIN on it in white letters. A winning alarm sounds, and the Sheep in the Bowler hat points at the roulette with his left index finger.]

Sheep in Bowler Hat: Just like he promised! It's raining money!

[Sure enough, dollars rain down from the ceiling. The Sheep catch armfuls of it, then walk away.]

Sheep: Yay! Yay! Yay! Ah! Hooray! Yay!
Grounder: Aw, they won! How could they win!

[Some dollars fall near Scratch, Grounder, and Sonic. Scratch catches one of them with his right hand and looks over it.]

Scratch: Is this real money?

[Scratch looks down at Grounder.]

Grounder: Well, we couldn't welsh on a bet, could we?
Scratch: Yes, we could have!

[Scratch tosses the dollar onto the floor.]

Scratch: Now we're ruined!

[Sonic turns to Scratch and Grounder and holds up his right index finger.]

Sonic: Oh, and tell Dr. Robotnik that he has a crummy casino! No chili dogs!

[Scratch and Grounder stare at Sonic in shock, with their eyes popping out of their heads.]

Scratch: D'oh, it-it's-it's, uh, it-it-it's...

[Sonic runs away, then comes back, dressed in a tuxedo.]

Sonic: Hedgehog. Sonic the Hedgehog.
Scratch: Sonic!
Grounder: Get him!

[Scratch and Grounder sneak up to Sonic, who runs away, losing his disguise in the process, which Scratch manages to grab with both his hands.]

Scratch: Oh!

[Grounder falls on Scratch.]

Scratch: Ah!
Grounder: Ugh!

[Scratch stares angrily at Grounder, who grins nervously Sonic screeches to a halt near Tails and grabs his right wrist with his left hand. He then runs away, with him in tow. The next scene begins with a zoom-in on the Casino Nursery, which has a ball pit.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: Look! It's the casino nursery!

[Sonic runs into the Casino Nursery, and points to the floor with his left index finger.]

Sonic: You hide here while I give those digitized dorks the runaround!
Tails: Yeah, you'll be faster without me!

[Sonic points at Tails with his left index finger.]

Sonic: It'll be safer! See, there's a babysitter on duty!

[Sonic points towards the Babysitter, who is a pig lady in a green dress, with his right hand. The Pig Lady waves at him with her left hand.]

Pig Lady: Hiya, honey!

[As Sonic talks, he holds up two fingers on his left hand, then grabs Tails' right tail with his left hand.]

Sonic: I'll be back in two shakes of a lamb's tail, or one shake of your two tails, whichever comes first!

[Sonic runs away.]

Tails: Hmmm.

[Tails shrugs his shoulders, then jumps into the ball pit.]

Pig Lady: Oh, play nice now!

[Tails tosses the balls from the ball pit into the air. Sonic then runs out of the main building, with Scratch and Grounder chasing after him. Sonic runs up the hill, until he reaches a dam, with a giant lever. He jumps, grabs the lever with both his hands, and pulls it down.]

Sonic: Ugh! Ugh!

[The water flow from the dam stops. Sonic then runs away, then comes back, carrying a pink suitcase in his right hand.]

Sonic: Those robo-runts are in for a windfall, or should I say "waterfall"?

[Sonic spins around the lever. When he stops, a slot machine has been built near it. Sonic is also wearing his ringmaster disguise from "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad", and runs the fingers on his left thand through his mustache. Scratch and Grounder walk up to him, panting heavily.]

Scratch: See a hedgehog come this way?

[Sonic runs behind Scratch and Grounder, and grabs Scratch's left arm with his right hand, and Grounder's right arm with his left hand.]

Sonic: Gentlemen, gentlemen! I can see that you are burdened by fleeting responsibilites!

[Sonic walks Scratch and Grounder up to the slot machine.]

Scratch: It's true; we're under a lot of pressure.

[Sonic runs up to the slot machine and points to it with the cane he is holding in his left hand.

Sonic: You're in luck! Have some fun and take some pressure off!

[Scratch peers at the slot machine.]

Scratch: It looks like a slot machine!

[Sonic points the cane he is holding in his left hand at Scratch.]

Sonic: Yes! A simple game of chance! Please, take a free pull! Who knows, maybe you could win the jackpot!

[Sonic puts his right hand behind Grounder's head and pulls Grounder forward, with their noses touching each other.]

Grounder: Oooh, that would be nice! Yeah, I could go on a cruise!

[Scratch and Grounder jump up to the lever and grab it with both their hands.]

Scratch: Awk!

[Scratch is now hanging from the lever by his right hand, and Grounder is hanging by his left drill as he pushes Scratch aside with his right drill.]

Grounder: Hey!

[Scratch puts his left hand on Grounder's right shoulder.]

Scratch: You don't want to go on a cruise all alone, do you?

[Scratch and Grounder pull the lever down.]

Scratch: A-ha!
Grounder: Ugh!

[The three reels on the slot machine spin. Scratch and Grounder look at the reels in excitement, and they all land on cherries. A winning alarm sounds. Sonic runs away as Scratch and Grounder jump excitedly, with Scratch's hands on Grounder's shoulders.]

Grounder: Ho-ho, look, jackpot!
Scratch: We won!

[Just then, a huge rumbling sound is heard. Scratch and Grounder now stare in shock.]

Scratch: Hoo?
Grounder: Huh?

[Water sprays from the chute, and it pushes Scratch and Grounder off the dam. They flail their arms in midair.]

Grounder: Whaa!
Scratch: Whaa-ha-ha!

[Scratch and Grounder fall, landing in the water below.]

Scratch and Grounder: [both scream]

[Back at the Casino Nursery, Tails is now lying on his back, tossing balls from the pit in a bored way. The Pig Lady looks at him.]

Pig Lady: Having a good time, honey?
Tails: Kind of.
Pig Lady: Oh, that's nice. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention; this ain't free, you know!
Tails: It's not?

[The Pig Lady pulls out a bill that says, BILL, which she is now holding in her left hand.]

Pig Lady: One million Mobiums, please.
Tails: But I've only been here ten minutes!
Pig Lady: If you want to complain, take it up with the management!

[Tails stands up furiously.]

Tails: I will!
Pig Lady: The management is Dr. Robotnik!

[The Pig Lady reaches behind her back with her right hand, and pulls out a picture of Dr. Robotnik in a tuxedo and necktie, above the word, MANAGER. Tails sits back down in fear.]

Tails: Oh, I won't!

[The Pig Lady now clenches her fists together.]

Pig Lady: I'm sure he'll be happy to work out some form of payment!

[The Pig Lady snorts, then presses a button with her left hand. A trap door opens, and the balls from the ball pit fall into it. Tails tries to run out, but ends up falling in himself.]

Tails: Whoa! Sonic! Help!

[The screen fades to black. The next scene takes place in a dungeon. Tails is imprisioned in a birdcage hanging from a chain, and a skylight shines on him. Robotnik walks in, with both his hands behind his back, then points at Tails with his left index finger.]

Robotnik: So, your hasty hedgehog cohort doesn't approve of my little gambling establishment, eh?
Tails: It's a rip-off!

[Robotnik leans his head against Tails' cage.]

Robotnik: Well, you double-dorsaled dope, Sonic's going to help me win one big bet!
Tails: He'd never help you, you-you-you-you crumbum!
Robotnik: Oh, you'd better hope that he does!

[Robotnik picks Tails' cage up by its bottom with his left hand.]

Robotnik: I've got the perfect plan to get my monument workers back!

[Tails grabs Robotnik's mustache with both his hands and ties it to the cage.]

Robotnik: Whoa! You two-tailed two-timer!

[As Robotnik talks, he now pushes the cage with both his hands, struggling to get his mustache off it.]

Robotnik: If you weren't doomed already, you'd be doomed!

[Tails unties Robotnik's mustache from the cage with his right hand, causing Robotnik to fall backwards.]

Robotnik: D'ow!

[The screen transitions to a view outside the main building. The camera zooms in on it, then the screen transitions to a view inside, where Sonic is searching for Tails.]

Sonic: Tails? Tails? Where are you?

[Sonic walks outside, to the pool.]

Sonic: Tails? Tails, this is no time for hide and seek!
Smiley: Ah, Hedgehog. Good to see you again!

[Sonic turns his attention to Smiley, who is wearing a green bathing suit, holding a tanning mirror in both his hands, and is relaxing on an inflatable raft. A toy sailboat is floating to his left side.]

Smiley: Dr. Robotnik is challenging you to a race. He wants to give the suckers something to bet on!

[Sonic walks up to the edge of the pool and points at Smiley with his left index finger.]

Sonic: Forget about it!
Smiley: If you'd like to see your little friend again, you'll cooperate!
Sonic: Cooperate? I'm gonna make Sushi out of you if you don't tell me where Tails is!

[Smiley is now holding a photo of the caged Tails in his right hand. He puts it on the toy sailboat, picks the toy sailboat up with his left hand, and winds it up with his right index finger. The Sailboat floats up to Sonic, who picks up the photo with both his hands and looks at it. He then crumples the photo up furiously, but out of concern for Tails.]

Smiley [heard offscreen]: And what's more, you'd better lose the race!

[Sonic drops the photo and sighs.]

Sonic: All right, I'll go along. But there's just one thing!

[Sonic picks up the toy sailboat with his left hand and winds it with his right finger. The sailboat floats up to Smiley's raft, and pops it with its bow. Smiley stares in shock, then the raft delfates, bouncing itself and Smiley across the pool.]

Sonic: If anything happens to Tails, you're sunk!

[Sonic points at Smiley with his left index finger and walks away. Smiley and his raft sink into the pool. The screen then transitions to a view above the stadium.]

Scratch [heard offscreen]: Welcome to the Great Grounder/Sonic grudge match!

[Scratch is seen in the booth, wearing a hat that says, PRESS.]

Scratch: It's a great day for a big race, folks, and this is your favorite sports announcer, your old friend, Supertone Scratch!

[Scratch holds up his left index finger, until Robotnik pushes the door open with his right hand, then grabs Scratch's beak with the same hand.]

Robotnik: Get on with it, you pre-fabricated piece of poultry!

[Robotnik lets go of Scratch's beak and closes the door with his right hand. Scratch holds the microphone with his left hand and holds up his right index finger.]

Scratch: Who will be the first to retrieve the trophy from the peak of Mount Robotnik?

[Scratch pulls down a picture of Mount Robotnik with his right hand. A flag with a picture of Robotnik's face, as well as a boulder, are at the top of Robotnik. Scratch then points to the viewers with his right index finger.]

Scratch: Place your bets, folks! Place your bets!

[Smiley is now at the ticket booth as the Sheep in the Bowler hat reaches into his right pocket and pulls out a stack of money.]

Sheep in Bowler Hat: I'd bet my life on Sonic!

[Smiley takes the money from the Sheep in the Bowler hat with his left hand.]

Smiley: Ha ha ha! You are!

[The screen transitions to a view inside the locker room, where Sonic is sitting on a bench, stretching. Robotnik walks up to him.]

Robotnik: You'll be happy to know that a thousand Mobians have staked their freedom on your victory.

[Sonic turns to Robotnik and points at him with his left index finger.]

Sonic: It's a safe bet, eggbelly!
Robotnik: Not for your little sidekick. Remember, if you win, he's doomed!
Sonic: You don't honestly expect your scum-bot to beat me, do you?

[As Robotnik talks, he crosses his fingers, then holds up his right hand as he puts his left hand over his chest.]

Robotnik: Honestly? Of course not! I never do anything honestly!

[Robotnik then puts his left hand over Sonic's chest, then his right index finger on Sonic's right arm.]

Robotnik: You must throw the race! Then those Mobians will be my slaves!

[Sonic turns his head to Robotnik.]

Sonic: I can't do that!
Robotnik: It's the Mobians, or Tails! You decide!

[Robotnik pokes Sonic's back with his right index finger, laughs evilly, then walks away.The screen transitions to a view inside the stadium. Sonic runs in and holds up both his hands. The Citizens of Mobius cheer for him and wave their flags. On the other side of the stadium, Grounder, who is wearing a yellow headband, rolls in and waves both his arms. The citizens of Mobius Boo and Jeer at him, then throw eggs at him. Sonic is waiting at the starting line. Scratch is standing next to him, dressed as a referee, and holding a wite flag in his left hand as Grounder rolls up next to Sonic at the starting line.]

Scratch: You know the rules, cause there ain't any!

[Scratch holds up his right index finger, then points downward with it.]

Scratch: Take your places, and may the best and only robot win!

[Scratch pets Grounder's head with his right hand. Sonic and Grounder now both get down on their hands.]

Scratch: Remember, once around the stadium track, and then across country, and up the mountain!

[Grounder rolls away before Scratch can say Go. Scratch then hits Sonic on the head with his flag, knocking him down.]

Scratch: Go!
Sonic: Ouch!

[Stars spin around Sonic's head as he rubs it with his left hand. He then shakes his head, and runs in place. He chases after Grounder, and they both race one lap around the stadium, which has a pair of golden statues of Robotnik in the center. Grounder then races into the tunnel out of the stadium, and Sonic follows him. Sonic catches up to Grounder in the tunnel, and Grounder turns his head to face Sonic.]

Grounder: Hey, Sonic! Don't forget your sidekick, sucker! Ha ha ha!

[Grounder rolls away, and Sonic screeches to a halt. Grounder is now out of the stadium.]

Citizens of Mobius [heard offscreen]: Aw, no way! Aw!

[Sonic crouches and ties his left shoe with both his hands.]

Sonic: This is gonna be hard; I've never had any practice at losing races!

[Meanwhile, Grounder is now in the desert.]

Grounder: Ha ha! That hedgehog hero's throwin' the race!

[Grounder rolls away as Sonic walks slowly and sadly past the Sheep in the Bowler Hat.]

Sheep in Bowler Hat: Say it ain't so, Sonic. Say it ain't so!

[Various floating disembodies heads of Dr. Robotnik now appear above Sonic and taunt him.]

Robotnik Heads: You must throw the race! Throw the race! Throw the race! Throw the race! The Mobians or Tails! Or Tails! Or Tails! Or Tails!

[The Robotnik Heads laugh evilly. Meanwhile, Grounder rolls up Mount Robotnik and grabs the flag with a picture of Dr. Robotnik's head on it with his right hand.]

Grounder: Ha! I always knew I was the fastest! What was I supposed to do next?

[Grounder scratches his head with his left index finger. Sonic walks slowly and sadly towards Mount Robotnik, and Grounder looks at him through a pair of binoculars he is holding in his left hand.]

Grounder: Oh, yeah! I remember!

[Grounder tosses the binoculars aside.]

Grounder: Dr. Robotnik said this would slow him down even more!

[Grounder leans against a boulder with his back, and pushes it off the top of Mount Robotnik. At the bottom of Mount Robotnik, Sonic is still walking slowly and sadly.]

Sonic: How do people stand going this slow?

[Sonic stares in shock at the Boulder rolling towards him.]

Sonic: Yikes!

[Sonic stares in shock again, this time with his eyes popping out of his head and his quills popping off his back.]

Sonic: [screams]

[The boulder rolls into Sonic, flattening him against a tree. When the boulder falls over, Sonic is revealed to be really flat.]

Sonic: D'oh, this losing business is really getting on my nerves!

[Grounder, who is holding the flag in his right hand, rolls up to Sonic and points at him with his left index finger.]

Grounder: You're the slowest slow-mo I ever seen!

[Sonic unflattens himself. He grabs Grounder's nose with his right hand, and points at Grounder with his left index finger. He then shakes Grounder's nose up and down.]

Sonic: That does it! When I get through with you, you'll be lucky to get a job as a garbage can!

[Grounder pushes Sonic back with his left hand, and points to him with his left index finger.]

Grounder: Remember, if you don't let me win, you'll never see your little sidekick again!

[A thought balloon with Tails trapped in the cage in it appears above Sonic and Grounder.]

Grounder: He'll be trapped forever, in that secret prison cell under the stadium! Ha ha ha!

[Grounder rolls away, and Sonic, having just gotten an idea, appears in an iris, and holds up his right thumb.]

Sonic: That robo-rube just put the odds back in my favor!

[Sonic runs off the boulder and chases after Grounder. Meanwhile, back at the stadium, Scratch and Robotnik are in the booth. Scratch is wearing a hat that says, PRESS, and is holding a microphone in his left hand.]

Scratch: And now, entering the stadium is the winner!

[Grounder rolls in, holding the flag in both his hands.]

Scratch [heard offscreen]: With one lap to go, that fast tracker, that robot racer, who learned everything he knows from me, my little brother, Grounder! Bwahaha!

[The Sheep wearing barrels wave their arms in the air.]

Sheep: Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo!

[Robotnik walks up to Scratch, who stares in shock, and points at the citizens of Mobius with his right index finger.]

Robotnik: All right! Start putting everybody in chains! They've got a monument to build!

[Scratch points at Grounder with his right index finger.]

Scratch: But don't you want to see Grounder closs the finish line?

[Robotnik presses his right index finger against Scratch's beak.]

Robotnik: I'll finish you if you don't do as I say!

[Scratch holds his left hand up to his head.]

Scratch: Yes, your rottenness! Right away!

[Scratch walks away, and as Grounder, who is holding the flag in his right hand, gets closer to the finish line, Sonic runs back to the stadium. The screen irises on him, and he points with his right thumb.]

Sonic: Time for a little of the old triple spin!

[Sonic jumps into the air, then spins underground. He reaches the dungeon, where Tails is still in his cage.]

Tails: Sonic, you found me!

[Sonic stops spinning and lands near Tails.]

Sonic: Sorry it took so long, keed! Time to triple spin! I've still got a race to win!

[Tails ducks as Sonic spins through the top of the cage, destroying it and setting Tails free. Tails flies after him, and as Grounder, who is now holding the flag in his left hand, gets closer to the finish line, Sonic spins up to him, and takes the flag from him with his right hand.]

Grounder: Huh?

[Sonic now holds it in his left hand as he jumps onto Grounder and spins the other way to run towards the finish line.]

Grounder: Ugh!

[Sonic runs through the finish line, winning the race. Tails runs up to him.]

Tails: Way to go, Sonic!
Sonic: Hey, what gives?

[Sonic notices the bleachers are suddenly empty.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: Where'd everybody go?

[Grounder, who is now standing under the exit to the stadium, now waves his arms in the air.]

Grounder: Ha ha ha! Don't be a sore winner, but Dr. Robotnik took em' prisoner anyway!

[Grounder rolls out of the stadium.]

Sonic: Why, that rotten scrambled egghead! Nobody welshes on a bet with me!

[Sonic points to himself with his right thumb, then Tails ducks as Sonic runs out of the stadium and into the desert. The screen then transitions to a view of the sphinx under construction. Scratch watches as the monument workers prepare to lower the last piece, which resembles Robotnik's head, onto the sphinx.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: Pick up the slack, you slackers!

[Robotnik is now seen dressed as a pharoah, and resting in his bed as Coconuts fans him again.]

Robotnik: Imagine, my head, twenty stories tall! My Mama will be so proud!
Louis: What do you think the odds are of us ever getting out of this?
Sonic [heard offscreen]: Oh, I'd say even money or better!

[Lewis and the Sheep turn their heads toward Sonic.]

Lewis and Sheep: Yay!

[Sonic looks up at the sphinx.]

Sonic: In fact, I'd bet that egglomaniac Robotnik is about to crack!

[Sonic spins through the ropes holding the Sheep back, destroying it and setting them free.]

Sheep: Yay! Hooray!
Robotnik: What on Mobius is that about?

[Sonic looks up at the sphinx again.

Sonic: I think the monument could use a face lift!

[Sonic spins around Robotnik's head, which is now in place on the sphinx, then spins up to Robotnik and Coconuts, who both stare in shock at him. Sonic is holding a chisel in his right hand and a hammer in his left.]

Coconuts: Huh?
Robotnik: Oh!
Sonic: Now, that's a face!

[The sphinx now has Sonic's head on it, which turns to Sonic, Robotnik, and Coconuts, and winks its right eye at them. Robotnik is now on his knees]

Robotnik: No-ho! No! No-ho-ho-ho-ho!!

[As two sheep dance, Louis calls to Sonic, holding his left hand up to his mouth.]

Louis: Hey, Sonic, you think we could make good freedom fighters, too?
Sonic: I don't know. It's pretty risky business, and the stakes are pretty high!
Louis: What are the stakes?

[The Sheep in the Bowler Hat is now standing next to Sonic.]

Sonic: A Mobius free of Robotnik, of course!
Sheep in Bowler Hat: Yeah, now that's worth taking some risk for!
Sonic: You bet!

[Sonic points at the Sheep in the Bowler hat with his left index finger. The screen irises out on him, and he holds up his left thumb and winks his left eye. The screen fades to black, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Scratch and Grounder run up to a train bridge above a canyon.]

Scratch: Race you across! Ready, set...

[As Scratch gets into position, Grounder stares in shock.]

Grounder: Wait! Did you feel that?

[Grounder is now holding the end of a stethoscope in his right hand, which he puts on the track. He then gasps.]

Grounder: There's a train coming!
Scratch: Come on, you big coward, go!

[Scratch and Grounder run across the bridge, but when they get halfway across, they stop, stare in shock, and gasp. A steam engine approaches them from the other side, and they jump off the bridge before it runs them over.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: I'd call it a tie,

[Sonic is now seen standing in front of a crossing gate. He reaches behind his back with his left hand and pulls out his wallet, which has pictures of him and his friends in it.]

Sonic: But I'd hate to see any of my friends wiped out over some dumb dare!

[Sonic puts his wallet back behind his back, and points to his head with his right index finger.]

Sonic [to the viewers]: Play it safe, use your head, don't end up dead!