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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
High Stakes Sonic

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"High Stakes Sonic" is the fifth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the fifth episode, it aired as the eleventh episode during the show's original run.




Sonic's Disguises

  • Maintenance worker
  • James Bond
  • Circus announcer


In a town, Smiley is using underhanded techniques to gain all the material assets of a group of Gambler Sheep. Once they have nothing left to lose, Smiley takes them as slaves to work on building Dr. Robotnik a sphinx in the desert.

Smiley has a cheating robot (or High Voltage Flimflammer as Sonic calls him) who plays a game with a pea under one of three nut shells. Sonic comes to help the sheep win. Sonic's eyes are fast enough to keep on the pea and he wins every time. The Flimflammer malfunctions and blows up. Sonic wins back all the sheep's things. In order to get them back, Smiley lures the sheep to Robotnik's Casino Night Zone. The sheep, having not learned their lesson, go to the Casino Night zone and gamble until they lose everything again.

Sonic and Tails go to the Casino Night Zone where Sonic disguises at a maintenance worker and resets the machines to make the sheep win. The Sheep get a lot of money. Sonic leaves Tails in the nursery with a pig lady while he runs off to take care of Scratch and Grounder.

While Tails is playing in the Nursery ball room, the Pig Lady reveals that she works for Robotnik and has Tails fall into a trap. Robotnik puts Tails in a cage. Tails gets mad and calls Robotnik a "Crum-bum," and when Robotnik comes close, Tails ties Robotniks' mustache to the bars of his cage. Robotnik eventually gets free.

Sonic returns to Casino Night Zone and cannot find Tails. Smiley tells him Tails is captured by Robotnik and to ensure his safety Sonic has to lose a race to Grounder.

At a large Stadium, Scratch announces the race and all the sheep bet on Sonic. Sonic sadly walks in the race, disappointing all the sheep. Bragging about his imminent victory, Grounder unwittingly blurts out to Sonic that Tails is in a cage underneath the stadium. Sonic tunnels underground and saves Tails, tunnels back up and wins the race, but Robotnik has already taken the sheep as his slaves. Sonic runs to the desert and sets Louis and the sheep free. He then re-designs Robotnik's sphinx to look like himself, after which the Sphinx looks at Robotnik and winks. This upsets Robotnik, making him cry.

The sheep then ask Sonic if they could be good freedom fighters to which he considers risky. The high stakes would be "Mobius free of Robotnik".

Sonic Sez

Scratch and Grounder race on a railroad track. Grounder is scared, but Scratch makes him race anyway. A train comes and almost hits them. Sonic comes and tells kids not to take stupid dares and not to die.

Scratch: "We'll race! On your mark, get set..."

Grounder: "Wait! Did you feel that? (feels the train track) There's a train coming!"

Scratch: "Come on, you big coward! Go! (they run on the train track, and are nearly run over by a train, but they manage to get off)

Sonic: "I call it a tie, but I hate to see any of my friends get wiped out on some dumb dare! Play it safe, use your head!"


  • When Sonic (disguised as a circus announcer) says "I can see that you are burdened by fleeting responsibilities!" while he takes Scratch and Grounder towards the giant slot machine, the audio quietens at mid-sentence.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese カジノナイト Casino Night
Spanish (Mexico) La apuesta de Sonic
Portuguese (Brazil) Altas Apostas do Sonic
Spanish (Spain) Sonic apuesta alto
Portuguese (Portugal) A Grande Parada


  • Casino Night Zone is based on the Zone of the same name from the game Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • Robotnik's slaves are set to build him a Robotnik-faced sphinx in a desert that resembles Ancient Mobigypt from the episode "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme", in which Robotnik declared himself Pharaoh and forced his subjects to build an identical sphinx. Also, Robotnik is seen to be wearing his Pharaoh outfit again in desert scenes. At the end of the episode, Sonic re-sculpts the Robotnik Sphinx to look like a Sonic Sphinx, just as he did at the end of "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme".
  • This is the second time a level from the video games was used in this show, the first time was Marble Zone in the episode "Subterranean Sonic".
  • In this episode, Sonic wears his circus costume which he used first in the episode "Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad"
  • As a maintenance worker, Sonic wears blue overalls and a red long sleeve shirt just like Mario.
  • In this episode, Sonic parodies James Bond's famous line "Name's Bond, James Bond".
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