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High Hill Park is a track that appears in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle. It is unlocked in Tier 7, or upon reaching 3000 Trophies. It was added in promotion of the Sonic the Hedgehog film, along with Street Retreat and Suburban Speedway.


High Hill Park is a hard-difficulty track based in Golden Bay. Badniks from the film appear in the track.


In High Hill Park, the playable characters are stuck running down the level's road and can only move left and right between the road's four lanes (akin to the Quick Step). While running, the player can pick up Rings or power-ups from Item Boxes and utilize the gimmicks native to this track. Rings and Item Boxes in particular respawn almost immediately after a playable character picks them up from the track.

High Hill Park has many environmental obstacles which the player can either jump over, roll under or move around. Running into one of these obstacles will result in the player taking damage and lose ten of their Rings. Falling into bottomless pits on the other hand forces the player to restart from an earlier point on the track.


At the start of the track, the player will run up the track and then turn to the left befor turning to the right. There are as well many obstacles along the track from the very beginning. After the last turn, the player will run up an uphill road. Once at the top, the player will follow the road downhill, which has several sets of Dash Panels along it. Shortly thereafter, the road will bend to the right and continue upward and into a tunnel. Inside the tunnel is another hill and more Dash Panels. After exiting the tunnel, the player will follow a winding obstacle course before having to run up the last hill full of obstacles and Dash Panels to reach the finish line.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Escape from the City (Instrumental Ver.)" Jun Senoue 4:22

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