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The High Council of Echidnaopolis (often simply referred to as the High Council) was the primary political governing body of Echidnaopolis and the affairs of Angel Island after the city returned to Mobius Prime. Since Echidnaopolis' destruction at the hands of the Eggman Empire-backed Dingo Regime, the High Council ceased to exist, its members likely killed during the Dingo occupation or sent to Albion with the few surviving Echidnas.


Decisions Regarding the White Comet

The Dark Legion Crisis

Dealing with the Dingoes


The Reunification



The High Council of Echidnaopolis has a three tier structure. At the top is the Mitre class, the spiritual guides of the people. Below them is the High Councilor, and below he or she are the Councillors, who are elected by the citizens. (StH: #108, KtE: #22, #23, #24)

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