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Hideki Naganuma (長沼 英樹 Naganuma Hideki?, born May 16, 1972 in Hokkaido prefecture, Japan) is a composer who formerly worked at Sega. He is well known for composing the music of Jet Set Radio and Sonic Rush.


Naganuma joined SEGA in 1998. Examples of games he has composed music for include Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz for Wii, Ollie King for arcades, Jet Set Radio for Dreamcast, and Jet Set Radio Future for the Xbox. In 2008 he left SEGA, but has since contributed some music to a few more SEGA games, such as Super Monkey Ball 3D.

He has also written music under the psuedonym skankfunk; works under this alias include supervision and two songs for the anime Air Gear and Super Monkey Ball 3D.



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