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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Hideaway is a settlement that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs. It is a secret village located somewhere in Deerwood Forest and serve as both a refuged from the Mercian villagers escaping the Eggman Empire and the based of operations for the Mercian Freedom Fighters


Located somewhere in the middle of the Deerwood Forest, Hideaway holds the Mercian villagers and the Mercian Freedom Fighters. All of the houses are connected via bridges and are high on trees, where villains won't reach the hideaway houses.


Sometime after Rob o' the Hedge left the Hideaway to protect his family (Mari-An and his son, Jon), Mighty and Ray came to Hideaway after hearing news about Mighty's sister was confirmed alive. Bow Sparrow and the Mercian Freedom FightersAlan Quail, Thorn the Lop, Munch Rat, and Friar Buck – came to help Mighty and Ray only to find that the two have defeated G.O.O.N.'s. Bow let Mighty and Ray stay at Hideaway, but the night ended up being a set-up, as Merican Dark Egg Legion soldiers came and began setting Deerwood Forest on fire in search for Hideaway. Mighty, Ray, and the Mercian Freedom Fighters, however help the villagers by defeating the soldiers. Bow then told the two heroes to leave to Snottingham Castle while they took care of the Mercian Dark Egg Legion goons, and Mighty and Ray left with a thank you.

Soon, the ChaotixVector, Espio, and Charmy–had entered Deerwood only to be ambushed by Mercian Dark Egg Legion soldiers. However, the Mercian Freedom Fighters came and help the Chaotix, both by defeating the Mercian Dark Egg Legion. Bow offered Hideaway to the Chaotix, whom accepted it. There, the Chaotix were told where Mighty and Ray went off to, before both groups assembled a plan to sneak into Lord Hood's Fortress to rescue the Mercian villagers and Mighty and Ray, if it turned out they were captured. (SU #46)

After freeing the prisoners and getting information to Mighty and Ray's whereabouts, the Chaotix and the Mercian Freedom Fighters escaped from Lord Mordred Hood and his minions and brought the Mercian villagers back to Hideaway via Warp Ring. The Chaotix they stayed at Hideaway one more time before leaving to Sand Blast City the next day.

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