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Hidden Island 5

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Hidden Island 5 is one of the sixteen Hidden Islands in Sonic Rush Adventure. Blue and Iron Materials can be earned by completing this stage. Hidden Island 5 can only be unlocked by locating it on the game's Sea Chart.


Hidden Island 5 is a lush tropical isle with fertile brown soil, grassy cliffs and palm trees. In the background, a view of the sea with small tropical islands and white clouds in the horizon can be seen.


Hidden Island 5 is located south of Haunted Ship.


Searching for the means to access Pirates' Island, Sonic, Tails, Blaze and Marine docked at Hidden Island 5. There, they found a marker with a symbol on it that tells how to unlock the door to Pirates' Island.


Like most other Hidden Islands, Hidden Island 5 is a short stage which can be finished in less than a minute. The only gimmicks here are the Bungee Rope and Spring, while the gameplay has emphasis on tricky ascend and descend. As hazards, Sky Moons are placed so they can intercept the characters while they are ascending/descending, which is when the characters are most vulnerable.


At the beginning, the player must reach the Bungee Rope at the end of the path to reach the platform above. The player then has to repeat this process on the platforms above until the characters reach the top. There, the player must drop down on the right from the top, but watch out for the Sky Moons obscuring the midair path in two sections. Once at the bottom, the Treasure Chest will be to the right.


Hidden Island - Sonic Rush Adventure OST

Hidden Island - Sonic Rush Adventure OST

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