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Hidden Island 3

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Hidden Island 3 is one of the sixteen Hidden Islands in Sonic Rush Adventure. Blue and Iron Materials can be earned by completing this stage. Hidden Island 3 can only be unlocked by locating it on the game's Sea Chart.


Hidden Island 3 is a lush tropical isle with fertile brown soil, grassy cliffs and palm trees. In the background, a view of the sea with small tropical islands and white clouds in the horizon can be seen.


Hidden Island 3 is located directly northeast from Haunted Ship.


In their search for clues on how to access Pirates' Island, Sonic, Tails, Blaze and Marine came to Hidden Island 3. There, the quartet found a marker with a symbol on it that tells how to unlock the door to Pirates' Island.


Like most other Hidden Islands, Hidden Island 3 is a short stage which can be finished in less than a minute. However, it does not focus on a certain gameplay style or gimmick, nor does it have any enemies. A number of standard gimmicks appear in this stage, including Grind Rails, Bungee Ropes, Winding Ropes, Dash Rings and a single Rainbow Ring.


At the beginning, the player must run down the path to a Grind Rail that leads across a bottomless pit to another landmass. Follow the path the characters land on and ride the gimmicks to another Grind Rail, which leads over another bottomless pit and to another landmass. Follow the path here and ride the gimmicks once more until the characters land on another Grind Rail, which then leads to the Treasure Chest.



Hidden Island - Sonic Rush Adventure OST

Hidden Island - Sonic Rush Adventure OST

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