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Hidden Base

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Hidden Base is the tenth stage of the hero story in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, and is playable as Miles "Tails" Prower. It is a level set during the day time with different routes to that of Dr. Eggman's second stage, Sand Ocean.


The stage takes large inspiration from the pyramids of Egypt. The stage is infiltrated with G.U.N. robots, especially the Hawk series. The Stage is also is infiltrated with Badniks.


After receiving the information of Eggman's plans, leaving Central City, and joining up with Knuckles the Echidna, Knuckles leads Sonic, Tails, and Amy to Dr. Eggman's pyramid base, where he saw Rouge enter and assumed Eggman was also within. At this, Tails volunteers to find the entrance to the base.


Hidden Base features shifting sands that will make the player lose a life if they fall in.


Level Up Item

The Level Up Item for this stage is the Mystic Melody which is easily noticed, although Tails first needs the Bazooka to obtain it.


Collect 100 Rings

This mission can be quite difficult, particularly if the player is trying to score an A rank. They must move as quickly as they can while being careful not to run into any swooping enemies. The enemy on the path leading to the first checkpoint can be especially tricky. The player must lock onto him and move left to dodge his fire. The player should stay along the main path in this stage, but be sure to grab the item boxes in the alcove to the right just before the third point marker.

Find the lost Chao

The ancient ruin is along the main path after the third checkpoint marker, and is almost impossible to miss. Playing the Mystic Melody near it opens the adjacent door. The player must walk in and hover to one of the platforms below, locking onto enemies as they go. They must then walk through the doorway and hover over to the pulley. Grabbing the pulley will take the player up in front of a high platform where the small Chao is waiting.

Reach the goal within 3:00

Completing this mission can be fairly difficult, but there are a couple of simple shortcuts that can shave substantial seconds off the player's time.

  • When the player gets near the shifting sands sections, there are several breakable doors that lead to shortcuts above them.
  • The player must avoid slowing down for enemies or picking up rings to complete in time.

Clear Hard mode

The most difficult aspect of this mission is the increase in enemies swooping down from above. They also fire much more rapidly than before. As for the structural changes, there are some pulleys that are missing in this mode and are replaced by other types of pulleys. Additionally, some of the platforms located above the shifting sands now rotate, forcing the player to wait for them and jump onto and off of the platforms as quickly as possible.

Chao Container locations

  1. When exiting the hallway with lots of doors, G.U.N. robots will come out of said doors. The player must destroy the robots and enter the next small room. There, they should destroy the door on the right to find the first Chao Container.
  2. Before hitting the second Point Marker, the player should drop down on the road below and go then backward to find the second Chao Container.


Big the Cat sighting

Sonic2app 2017-02-13 20-58-00-736

Big the Cat sitting on the scaffolding.

At the beginning of Hidden Base, the player should be able to see two statues covered in scaffolding. Big can be seen sitting on the right statue's scaffolding.


  • Wild Canyon's beginning cutscene takes place near the end of this stage.
  • The green light from the Level Up Item can be seen from a much further distance than the containers in front of it. This may have been intended as a trap for players who are not aware of the requirement of the Bazooka to reach it.
  • This is the only stage in Sonic Adventure 2 to have exactly two Chao Containers.


Name Artist Length Music Track
Chasing Drive ...for Kart Jun Senoue 3:35
Down in the base


Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Hidden Base Mission 1 A Rank

Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Hidden Base Mission 1 A Rank

Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Hidden Base Mission 2 A Rank

Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Hidden Base Mission 2 A Rank

Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Hidden Base Mission 3 A Rank

Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Hidden Base Mission 3 A Rank

Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Hidden Base Mission 4 A Rank

Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Hidden Base Mission 4 A Rank

Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Hidden Base Mission 5 A Rank

Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Hidden Base Mission 5 A Rank

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