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For the story of the same name, see Sonic the Comic Issue 14.

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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Hero of the Year

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"Hero of the Year" is the sixtieth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the sixtieth episode, it aired as the sixty-fifth (and final) episode during the show's original run.







Wes Weasely gets his limousine hijacked by Scratch and Grounder, so he signals for Sonic's help. Sonic and Tails arrive to find Wes Weasely tied up. Sonic goes after Scratch and Grounder while Tails unties Wes Weasely. Insisting on showing his gratitude for Sonic, Wes Weasely tells Tails to gather all of Sonic's friends for a surprise testimonial dinner in Sonic's honor onboard Wes Weasely's personal ship.

Later, Wes Weasely is reporting to Dr. Robotnik that the limo diversion worked and that Tails is gathering all of Sonic's friends. Dr. Robotnik then gives Wes Weasely a contract offering him his own home-shopping channel with one-hundred percent of the profit, which gives Dr. Robotnik a plan.

Tails proceeds to gather Sonic's friends and everyone shows up to honor Sonic. Sonic arrives, but is suspicious of Wes Weasely. Breezie, Robotnik Jr., and  Sergeant Doberman all stand up to share memories of when Sonic saved them from their respective episodes, then comes Robot sharing his memory that is very tragic. Dr. Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder crash the gathering and make their move: they drop a cage on Sonic's friends, then lie to Sonic about surrendering himself instantly, before having him and his friends begin to sink inside the ship (which shocks all of Sonic's friends).

Dr. Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder place Sonic inside a sealed jail cell, which is then lowered to the bottom of the ocean. After Wes Weasely escapes in a lifeboat, Dr. Robotnik commands Scratch and Grounder to pull the cork, which makes the ship start to sink with Sonic's friends on board. He then hurries back to his lair, where he holds a testimonial banquet in his own honor.

At Robotnik's banquet, only Scratch, Grounder and himself are in attendance. They proceed to view clips of diabolical plans and destruction that Dr. Robotnik had caused in past episodes.

Wes Weasely is hard at work on his shopping channel, but soon finds out that he is not actually on the air and his contract was written in disappearing ink. Realizing that Robotnik betrayed him, Wes Weasely goes back to his yacht and frees Sonic from the bottom of the sea. Sonic runs up to the surface and manages to save all of his friends.

Sonic and Weasely decide to crash Robotnik's banquet by projecting a clip from the episode "The Robotnik Express", where Robotnik's Emporium of Devastation, Destruction and Demolition gets blown up and Robotnik himself gets blasted off on the front of his own train. Robotnik is angry and feels very embarrassed about this clip. Wes Weasely then makes a remote-controlled train burst through the wall and run down Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder. The train crashes out of the building with the three villains pinned to the front of it. Dr. Robotnik yells "I hate that hedgehog!". Back at the real banquet in Sonic's honor, Wes Weasely breaks the fourth wall by saying "I love that hedgehog.". Sonic's friends then say "We love that hedgehog!" and cheer for Sonic. He then takes a bow and gives the viewers a thumb up.

Sonic Says

Scratch and Grounder are getting drunk. Tails tells them that liquor is bad for them, and Sonic runs in and says that only "dumb bots" drink liquor. He then turns to the audience and informs kids about the dangers of alcohol.



  • When Tails goes to Robotnik Jr. and Breezie's house and Breezie starts talking, Robotnik Jr.'s nose appears pointy and is the same color as his skin. When he turns his head to look at Breezie, it is pink and round.
  • When Tails visits Robot, while he is talking and Robot is jumping for joy, a smudge on the ground to the right keeps appearing and disappearing.
  • For some reason, Roxy's hair is green instead of blonde. MacHopper has green-blue fur, a bluish nose and white irises instead of grayish fur, a black nose and yellow irises. He is also wearing a pink bandanna, blue jacket and grayish hat instead of a green bandanna, red jacket and red hat. Also, Sketch Lampoon's bill is orange instead of yellow.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Czech Hrdina roku Hero of the Year
French Le Héros de l'année Hero of the Year
German Party mit Überraschungen Party with surprises
Italian L'eroe dell'anno The Hero of the Year
Spanish (Spain) El héroe del año Hero of the Year
Spanish (Latin America) El héroe del año Hero of the Year


  • This one of the very few episodes where Sonic does not wear any disguises.
  • This episode is the first Sonic-related media to feature alcoholism, albeit speaking out against it.