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A Hero Type classification of a Speed Type.

The Hero Type is a character type that appears in Sonic Runners and Sonic Runners Adventure. As its name implies, Hero Type characters are affiliated with Team Heroes.

Game appearances

Sonic Runners series

Sonic Runners

In Sonic Runners, Hero Types are the earliest playable characters in the game, and the only ones who are unlocked via playing Story Mode. Hero Type characters in this game receive a 50% distance bonus in gameplay, while variants receive a 75% distance bonus.

Sonic Runners Adventure

In Sonic Runners Adventure, Hero Types are again the earliest playable characters in the game. Like before, they are also only unlocked by playing through the story. Hero Type characters in this game can trigger the Magnet and Invincibility Booster item for a limited time after collecting 300 Rings.

List of Hero Type characters


  • The Hero Type is derived from Team Sonic (also known as "Team Heroes"), with all three characters of this type being the same as the members of the aforementioned team.
  • Unlike the Dark Type and Rose Type, which are also based on their respective counterparts from Sonic Heroes, the Hero Type does not have any major or significant change in their member or ability formations, with their affiliation in general remaining the same as in Sonic Heroes.
  • The Hero Type has the most playable characters in Sonic Runners, variants included.

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