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Hercules is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is the son of Zeus who was sent to Greece in order to prove himself.


Hercules is a large, muscular man with black hair and peach skin. He wears a white piece of cloth that is wrapped around his body, purple pants, and dons silver wrist cuffs and golden boots. He temporarily gained extra weight when he fell into a depressive state.


Born as the son of Zeus, Hercules was gifted with superhuman strength. However, to live on Mount Olympus with his father, he had to prove himself in Greece. As such, Hercules set out to clear the twelve tasks by Eurytheus of Arcos. Two of these tasks involved direct battles with Medusa and the Hydra. When he was still not admitted into Olympus however, Hercules' confusion about what his final task was turned to depression, making him become a compulsive eater, which turned him into an obese shadow of his former self.[1]

One day, Hercules met Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary. Believing them to be demons, Hercules pounced, but quickly lost his breath. When he realized that they were women, he ordered these "wenches" to the kitchen to prepare a meal for him. Back in the city, he explained his situation to the girls. However, his meal was interrupted by the arrival of a minotaur challenging Hercules. While eager to prove himself, Hercules' clumsiness left him vulnerable, but was fortunately saved by Amy and Tekno. Afterwards, Hercules apologized to the girls for getting the wrong idea about them. This revelation prompted the appearance of Zeus, who confirmed that the thirteenth task was to see all people as equal, allowing Hercules to return to Olympus in perfect shape.[1]


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