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The Helmet (ヘルメット Herumetto?) is a item that appears in Tails Adventure.


The Helmet appears as a large, black dome with a small opening that allows Tails to see. Despite its name, the Helmet is not a piece of protective headgear and is instead a larger piece that covers Tails' whole body.


The Helmet is found in a small tunnel at Polly Mountain 1 which is only accessible with the Remote Robot.


To use the Helmet, the player needs to hold down Game Gear I Button.png. Doing so will cause Tails to pull out a black helmet and put it over his body. Whilst using the Helmet, the player is impervious to enemy attacks and other dangerous hazards. The Helmet can also be used in mid-air which will cause the player to drop down to the ground and crush any enemies underneath Tails. Alternatively, the player can destroy enemies with the Helmet by using it while standing directly next to them.