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For the level in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, see Village. For the location in another dimension, see Hedgehog Village (alternate dimension).

Hedgehog Village,[1] formerly known as Badgerville,[1] Eggman City[1] and the Unnamed Village,[2][3] is a location that appears in the Sonic Boom franchise. Founded by Jebediah Badger,[1] it is the main settlement on Seaside Island, and most of the local residents either live in or around it.[5] The Village itself is powered by a source of clean electricity known as the Meroke Crystal.[6]

The Village is frequently attacked by Dr. Eggman (who wants to turn it into his personal amusement park[1][4]) and his robot minions as the starting point on Eggman's road towards global conquest. As such, the Village is under the constant threat of certain doom.[7] Every time a danger has surfaced though, Team Sonic has come to save the Village.

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  • The residents in Hedgehog Village pay taxes.[13]
  • For safety reasons, Hedgehog Village has a ban for flammable frozen treats.[13]
  • Hedgehog Village has been saved from Dr. Eggman by Team Sonic over one million times.[14]
  • Hedgehog Village has a tax on chili dogs.[15]
  • Before Sonic destroyed it, Hedgehog Village's main tourist attraction was a giant ball of twine.[1][16]
  • Hedgehog Village was named after Amy Rose the Hedgehog rather than Sonic the Hedgehog.[1]
  • The residents of Hedgehog Village hate the library because it is quiet and they prefer TV over reading.[1][17]
  • Many of the villagers in Hedgehog Village do not own a car.[2][18]
  • Hedgehog Village appears to be a centerpoint for all the conflicts on Seaside Island, as neighboring villages remain virtually untouched by attacks from villainous robots.[19]
  • In Hedgehog Village, a person will get quarantined when they are diagnosed with fleas.[20]


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