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This location exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the level in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, see Village. For the location in another dimension, see Hedgehog Village (alternate dimension).

Hedgehog Village,[1] formerly known as Badgerville,[1] Eggman City[1] and the Unnamed Village,[2][3] is a location that appears in the Sonic Boom series. Founded by Jebediah Badger,[1] it is the main settlement on Seaside Island, and most of the local residents either live in or around it.[6] The village itself is powered by a source of clean electricity known as the Meroke Crystal.[7]

The village is frequently attacked by Dr. Eggman, who wants to turn it into his personal amusement park,[1][4] as the starting point on his road towards global conquest with the help of his robot minions. As such, the village is under the constant threat of certain doom.[8] Every time a danger has surfaced though, Team Sonic has come to save the village.


Hedgehog Village is a spacious village surrounded by high stone walls. It consists of several rustic wooden huts with thatched roofs, some of which are located within fenced courtyards with stairs leading up to them. There are also several buildings with tin roofs. Its focal point is the Village Center where most of the public buildings and meeting places are located.



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Team Sonic in the Unnamed Village in Bygone Island, from Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.

In Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, the village had several events going on at the same time. In addition to there being several construction projects going on around the village, the villagers were caught up in the election for the new mayor, even though Mayor Fink was running unopposed. In addition, Perci worked on preparing the village for Lyric the Last Ancient's forces, but could find no support among the villagers, who were more concerned with the aforementioned election.

When Team Sonic returned to the village, they would help out Mayor Fink by rebuilding the damaged parts of the village and help Perci activate ancient Monuments that would strengthen the village's defenses. At the same time, Team Sonic would pass through the village several times during their search for the Chaos Crystals, which lay in outposts on Bygone Island and around it.

After defeating Lyric, Team Sonic would gather with the other residents in village at night where they scrapped the remaining Destruction Troops. There, Cliff congratulated Sonic for a job well done, but Sonic insisted that they did it as a team. Afterward, everyone would watch a firework show above the village.

TV series


The village was founded by Jebediah Badger. Back then, the village was named "Badgerville," after its founder. However, Jebediah used his influence to gain power through corruption of the system. To this end, he forced people out of their homes to develop on their lands and expand his fortune. Eventually though, the villagers rebelled and chased Jebediah out of town. Despite this, Jebediah never relinquished his ownership of the village.[1]

After getting rid of Jebediah, the villagers destroyed all signs in Badgerville bearing his face and name, but they were too lazy to put up new ones. Over the next generations, the name of the village would be forgotten, leaving it informally known as the "Unnamed Village".[1][9]

Eventually, the village became the main target of Dr. Eggman's path of conquest. However, his thousands of attempts would be foiled each time by Team Sonic.[10]

Season one

The Village Center was once attacked by Fire Bot, but Team Sonic quickly destroyed it. Following that, Sonic took Sticks the Badger to the Village Center to find her a pet, where she took in a stray and disguising robot dog she named "Buster." Team Sonic's opinion about Buster only worsened after he ruined their lunch at Meh Burger and their attempt to stop Orbot and Cubot's burglary of the DangerCo Deadly Equipment Warehouse.[11] Not long after, the Village Center was bombarded by a meteor shower, until it was saved by Sticks. Not long after, the Awardy Awards were held in the Mayor's Mansion. There, Team Sonic stopped Eggman from claiming the Awardy Award by force.[12]

While having lunch at Meh Burger, Dr. Eggman met Dave the Intern, who impressed Eggman so much that he made him his intern. However, Dave returned to Meh Burger after Eggman fired him.[13] Eggman later came to the Village again to return an umbrella to Mike the Ox. Afterward, he and Willy Walrus tried to rob a helium warehouse, but in the end, Willy got caught by the cops. The next day, Orbot and Cubot came to the Village Center to find Eggman, where they were lead to believed Eggman had been arrested. After several attempts to raise bail money, Cubot had them break Willy out of jail, thinking he was Eggman. With intel from Willy, Orbot and Cubot sadly concluded at the warehouse that Eggman was dead, only to find him at the lair.[14] The Village Center was soon after attacked by Eggman and his Mega. However, Knuckles made Eggman withdraw when his current streak of bad luck made the Mega destroy itself when the echidna tried to join Eggman.[15]

Eggman and Soar at Meh Burger, from "Aim Low".

To restore Eggman's dwindling confidence, Soar the Eagle took the doctor to the Village Center where he had him get some small evil victories under his belt.[16] The Lightning Bolt Society later held a meeting with Tails at in their secret headquarters in the Unnamed Village where they planned to make Tails their leader after confusing him for a villain. However, the meeting disrupted by the arrival of Sonic, Amy, and Eggman. In the end, Sonic and Amy left with Tails while Eggman got swarmed by his unwanted fans in the Lightning Bolt Society.[17] Later, on the day after stopping Eggman and his Moth Bot's attack on the Village Center during the night, Sonic and Tails were informed that Eggman was suing Sonic for getting him injured in their battle. A trial was soon after held in City Hall until it was revealed that Eggman had been faking his injury to use the system against Sonic. This led to Eggman having his robots attack City Hall and Eggman and Team Sonic engaging each other in battle.[18] When taking Tails away from his plane, Team Sonic found Eggman selling tomato sauce in the Village Center. Though suspicious, Team Sonic let Eggman carry on when his sauce proved clean. Eggman's tomato soon after quickly gained popularity throughout the village. While Eggman's subsequent fame annoyed Sonic on his trips through the Village Center, Team Sonic discovered at Meh Burger that it was Eggman's sauce cans that were the threat, as they were actually small robots meant to take over Seaside Island by rewiring its electric appliances. After defending the village from the appliances, Team Sonic went to Eggman's lair and dropped Eggman's plan.[19] Another time, when Sonic was creating a horrible noise while running, the village's bystanders would hear the noise as he passed by.[20]

On a day where Sonic and Tails visited the Village Center to rent a film, a freak accident caused by Eggman created a time loop that made the day repeat itself endlessly. With only Eggman retaining awareness, the doctor eventually bought all the movies from the store in the village Center so the heroes could not use them against him later. When he realized that the time loop would only undo his work however, Eggman came to the Village Center several times to gradually get help from Team Sonic to break the loop.[21] It was not long after that a Granifer Giganticus attacked the Village Center, though it soon left to find a place to sleep.[22] Later on, when Team Sonic met Orbot and Cubot at Meh Burger, who convinced the heroes to let them stay with them as they had quit Eggman's services.[23]

Sonic cornered in the Village Center, from "Late Fees".

When Sonic had to deliver Amy's library book with a few minutes, he made several trips through the Village Center, but kept getting sidetracked. With his friends' aid, though, Sonic got the book back to the library in time.[24] Amy later wandered through the Village Center to Hidden Meadows as the rest of the team met up with her, and Sticks insisted teaching her the survival skills for the trip. Thinking he was better for that, Sonic bet with the girls that he could teach Knuckles better survival skills than Sticks could teach Amy, so they agreed to a race to Hidden Meadows. However, Sonic and Knuckles spent their preparation time messing around at Meh Burger.[25]

When Eggman swore off technology, the doctor had Orbot and Cubot drag him to the Village Center to look for non-tech tools, all while Team Sonic looked on. Learning in the hideout that Eggman's Lair was now inhabited, the Lightning Bolt Society took over Eggman's lair and sent Eggman's forces on random attacks in the Village Center. Team Sonic tried warding the robots off, but eventually turned to the lair where they and Eggman solved the issue.[26] Later fed up with Dave's sloppy service at Meh Burger, Amy opened Chez Amy in the Village Center to give the villagers a better restaurant. After several days of competition, Amy took in Dr. Eggman as her new partner, who blew up Meh Burger. However, when Amy hired Dave, Eggman destroyed Chez Amy too when Dave could not provide him with decent service. Team Sonic thus helped rebuild Meh Burger.[2]

Eggman taking over the Village Center, from "Blue With Envy".

Not long after, Swifty the Shrew came to village and captivated everyone with his "coolness," everyone except Sonic that is. Becoming rivals, Sonic and Swifty had a race through the village, with the loser getting banished. By cheating, Swifty won the race, thus getting Sonic got banished. Eggman then showed up and revealed Swifty was a robot in league with him. He then had his army of Swiftys tear the Village Center apart so he could convert the village into his own evil amusement park. However, Sonic soon returned to destroy the Swiftys and get rid of Eggman.[4] The Village Center later hosted the annual Chili Dog Cook-Off, the set which Team Sonic set up. However, the team noticed that some phony peppers for the competition were in circulation, which set Knuckles off to find a new one. When Knuckles did not show up to participate, though, Team Sonic went looking for him.[27]

While Knuckles served as deputy mayor, the village got entangled in the chaos caused by Knuckles' reckless approval of permits and laws. The chaos there was so great that the remainder of Team Sonic and Eggman teamed up to stop Knuckles. Eventually though, Mayor Fink returned to City Hall and reassumed control over the village[5] The Village Center later became a part of the set for a movie Eggman was shooting, which Team Sonic would notice while at Meh Burger. While initially refusing Eggman's offer to play himself in the movie, Sonic accepted it when Eggman got Dave to play him, and shot several scenes for Eggman in the Village Center.[28]

Sheep stampeding through the Village Center, from "Just a Guy".

The Village Center was later cast into an uproar when Sonic called Mike the Ox "just a guy" at Meh Burger, which the villagers took as Sonic being insensitive. This was only made worse when Sonic inadvertently got Mike's leg broken and helped him through the Village Center. Eventually having enough, Sonic gave up defending the village and went into retirement. However, when sheep stampeded through the Village Center, the latest in a string of shenanigans there caused by the Lightning Bolt Society, who advantage of Sonic's absence and Team Sonic being away on a trip, Sonic redeemed himself by not only saving the villagers, but also stopping an Eggman attack.[29] Then, when an alternate Knuckles showed up, he went to Meh Burger to seek aid from Dave, thinking he was a genius. The real Knuckles later went to the Village Center himself where Team Sonic noticed from him that their dimension was at risk of imploding from hosting two Knuckles, forcing them to sent the alternate one home.[30]

Following some failed attempts to destroy Team Sonic in the village, Dave encountered Eggman. After Eggman showed off his Electrocage, Dave accidentally knocked Eggman out, allowing him to hijack Eggman's robots. Dave tried using Octopus Bot to battle Sonic in the Village Center, but he could not steer it. As such, Sonic went to free Eggman from Dave's house to help him turn off Octopus Bot. Though Sonic stopped Dave, the latter ended up destroying his own house. Regardless, Dave still earned his mother's respect.[31] On the day of New Year's Eve, the Village Center hosted the Village's New Year party, which Team Sonic set up while warding off Eggman and his Ball Bots. During the party however, Eggman returned to slow down time long enough with his Slow Motion Machine for him to beat Sonic in something before the end of the year so he could keep his New Year's resolution. However, no one in the village believed Eggman's victory as it happened too fast to be seen.[32]

The Village Center hosting a Justin Beaver concert, from "Battle of the Boy Bands".

As news of Justin Beaver's fame reached the Village, the pop star came to the Village Center for a fan signing while his next concert was being set up here. Sensing something wrong about Justin's fans, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles pretended to be a boy band to infiltrate Justin's set, where they learned that Justin's fans had been brainwashed by Justin's music. At Justin's concert, the trio found the counter-frequency to Justin's music and played it as a rock ballet, freeing all the brainwashed victims.[33] The Village Center was later attacked by Eggman, who wanted a package from the post office, with Decimator Bot, but Team Sonic stopped his robot. Over the next period, Tails made several trips to the Village Center to earn the love of his crush Zooey, while Eggman tried getting his package. Seeing Tails' attempts in the meantime, Eggman gave the fox advice to go by. Once he got his package, Eggman had his robots attack the area, but Tails stopped them while earning Zooey's affection after saving her from Giant Robot.[34]

When Bro-Down Showdown was being held in the Village Center, several people met up for the auditions. After the most beneficial pairs were chosen, including Sonic and Eggman, the show went on until Obliterator Bot attacked. Despite it meaning his disqualification should he fight his partner's robot, Sonic helped Knuckles defeat Obliterator Bot, but lost the show's prize to the winners.[35] Later, Comedy Chimp came to the Village Center for a fan signing. Similarly, Knuckles, during his time of fame as "Trash Can Head Guy," would spent his time there enjoying the adoration from his fans. He also made a sponsorship deal with Meh Burger after rejecting an offer from Eggman Industries.[36]

Sonic clearing his name in the Village Center, from "It Wasn't Me, It Was the One-Armed Hedgehog".

Some angry villagers later gathered at the City Hall, believing Sonic had robbed them, where Knuckles promised to bring in Sonic. When Sonic and his allies returned to City Hall though, they proved to the villagers that Eggman was behind the thefts.[37] Team Sonic later met up at Meh Burger where Tails tried asking his friends about how to deal with Knuckles and the inventor-mania he was going through. When Knuckles then arrived to tell about the Robot Battle Royale, he provoked Tails into competing against him in the event.[38] Later, during a heatwave, the Village Center was attacked by super-charged Badniks which Team Sonic kept at bay while bystanders felt the effects. However, when the invading Badniks in the village started acting strange, Team Sonic went to check on Eggman.[39] Meh Burger later held a meeting for Fuzzy Puppies fans. There, Amy and Eggman bonded over their shared interest in the game. The pair had several subsequent meetings at Meh Burger where Amy taught Eggman how to play the game. The Village Center's City Hall soon after hosted Puppy Con. There, Eggman tried stealing a rare game piece but Amy stopped him.[40]

After Sonic's friends had been bested by Eggman in sperate confrontations, they would regroup with Sonic at Meh Burger. Finding it hilarious that his friend had lost to Eggman, Sonic soon left to deal with Eggman himself.[41] The Village Center was soon used Eggman to test his new Obliterator Bot until Team Sonic stopped it and got an award for it, although it lead to them getting a rule-strict image specialist who had them practice being role models at Meh Burger. The Village Center later was ravaged by Eggman when he tried to steal a trophy when the mayor would not give him one, until Team Sonic stopped him (once they got rid of their image specialist who held them back).[10] Another time, Team Sonic and Dave held a play named A Rose Without Thorns for Amy in the Village Center. While the play was a success, an freak storm made everyone leave during the reception.[42]

Knuckles about to fight Charlie in the Village Center, from "Counter Productive,"

Knuckles later came to the Village Center in his search for Charlie to make up for past mistakes. Finding Charlie, Knuckles followed him around throughout the village until he ruined his life. Charlie would thus bully Knuckles across the Village Center in his mech as revenge until Knuckles beat him in a fight, although Charlie got his life back on track in the process.[43] The Village Center soon after became the site of a large battle when Team Sonic got attacked by Team Eggman. As the heroes stood to win though, Shadow the Hedgehog came to defeat Sonic himself, but Sonic managed to win when Eggman distracted Shadow. With the villains beaten and Shadow having left, Team Sonic got some payback at Eggman.[44]

Season two

As Tommy Thunder promoted his next movie at Meh Burger, Team Sonic averted an Eggman attack. Inspired, Tommy worked to convince Sonic to let him observe his heroism for his next role, only to take credit for Team Sonic's capture of the Weasel Bandits. However, when the cowardly Tommy got Eggman to attack him, Sonic rescued him, but gave Tommy the credit so Tommy's fans would not be let down.[45] Eggman later announced in the Village Center that an asteroid would hit their planet and that he was selling spots in his bunker for the villagers to ride out the impending apocalypse in. Desperate, the villagers ignored Team Sonic's plan to stop the asteroid. When the asteroid later got shattered, meteorites would rain down on the Village Center, but Sonic managed to deflect them all with Amy's Hammer.[46]

Sticker as the Village Center's town crier, from "Nutwork".

When at Meh Burger to watch the news, which included the opening of a giant scissor factory in the village, Sticks' frustrations with the news fluff made her run around the Village Center to get the true news out. Getting her own TV news gig, Sticks did news reports in the Village Center until she realized she had sold herself out to the media. As Sticks started a village revolt to "fight the power," which Sonic calmed, she got the angry villagers to destroy Eggman's latest device before quitting the news media.[47] Later in the village, Sonic entered another plane of reality while testing Tails' Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier. As Team Sonic contacted Sonic there after he tried searching the area for his team on the other plane, Eggman and his Badniks ambushed the Village Center. However, Tails got Sonic home while his team provided cover, and together, the heroes drove Eggman away.[48]

On Career Day in the Village Center, Sonic met his biggest fan, Mark the Tapir, whom he introduced to his team over lunch at Meh Burger. It was later at the post office that Sonic let Mark become his assistant, unaware of Mark's fanatical motives.[49] Later at Meh Burger, Sonic and Tails told their team of their bet to see if the latter could catch the former. Knuckles was soon after caught in a trap Tails set for Sonic in the Village Center (Sonic tricked him to spring it for him), but was freed later by Tails. Talking their bet's punishment in the end, Tails would perform at Meh Burger Karaoke Night.[50]

The enslaved villagers in the Village Center, from "In the Midnight Hour".

While in the village, Sticks saw the ghostly Dreamcaster, but at Meh Burger the next day, her team did not believe her story. Seeking proof, Sticks caught the robot making hypnotizing TV broadcasts in the local studio. With her attempt to warn people ignored, Sticks was put in the village jail for vandalizing the studio, where she saw Dreamcaster's hypnotized victims build a world-controlling satellite for Eggman. However, Sticks would escape the jail, avoid Dreamcaster, and free her team, who helped foil Eggman's plot and free the villagers.[51] After successfully demonstrating his new Eggman defense in the village, Tails got a trophy as a reward. However, Eggman would tunnel under the defense and attack the Village Center. Exploiting the defense's flaws, Eggman dealt noticeable damage to the village before Team Sonic beat him, while Tails got scorned for his invention. Later, several dimwitted Tails clones visited the Village Center, whom Team Sonic would round up.[8]

After Team Sonic stopped Eggman, Orbot and Cubot's Egg Tank in the Village Center, a sour Eggman abandoned Orbot and Cubot here. Despite no one in the Village Center offering a ride, the duo got home, only to get sent back after rocks. Meanwhile, Amy inspired Orbot and Cubot to strike against Eggman's abuse. Eggman thus came to the village and hired new minions. Seeing this, Sonic and Amy launched a fruitless rescue mission. However, when Eggman tried making his new minions steal ice cream in the Village Center, where Sonic scared them off, he realized they were too disobedient and got his robots back.[52] As a crime wave hit the village, during which Team Sonic foiled Eggman's attack on the Fuzzy Puppy Warehouse, Mayor Fink would announce to the Village Center that a permit was now needed to commit villainy. City Hall thus hosted several exams for villains seeking the permit. After Orbot orchestrated a scheme in the Village Center, he would battle Team Sonic during an attack on City Hall as an independent villain. This ended when Orbot accidently destroyed the villain permits' records, allowing Eggman (who failed to get the permit) to return to villainy while Orbot was returned to Eggman's service.[53]

Knuckles trying to fit into his foster family, from "Knuck Knuck! Who's Here?".

Searching for a foster family, Knuckles visited the village many times to find someone to take him in. Meanwhile, Team Sonic would watch Knuckles' progress. Eventually, Knuckles was taken in by Charlie and Belinda, who got him to become their fellow villain. Charlie and Knuckles later attacked Team Sonic in the Village Center. However, Knuckles would switch sides to help his team beat Charlie, and would then realize that his friends was his real family.[54]

Getting corrupted by his own mech suit, Sonic would annoy others in the Village Center. After Sonic joined Eggman, the two came to the Village Center to strong-arm Mayor Fink for a ransom. Though Sonic returned prematurely for the ransom after shooting Eggman down in the Village Center, Team Sonic arrived and brought Sonic back to his senses after a brief battle.[55] It was later in the Village Center that Sonic got attacked by Eggman and FiendBot. However, Sonic demonstrated heroism during their fight that made the robot betray Eggman and drive him off so he could befriend Sonic. When Team Sonic returned to the Village Center with FiendBot, Eggman attacked them with his forces. During the fight, FiendBot helped fight Eggman's robots and took a laser blast for Sonic. Moved by this, Team Sonic drove Eggman off so they could save FiendBot.[56]

Froglodytes in the Village Center, from "Og Man Out".

Having arrived on the surface, Og would in his desperation for food and medical aid rob a few stores in the village, prompting Team Sonic to investigate. Not long after, others Froglodytes would invade the Village Center from underground to plunder and ravage the village. However, Team Sonic and Og forced the evil frogs back underground and sealed their access point.[57] To pay his new house's fees, Knuckles later came to the Village Center looking for jobs, eventually getting one at Diane Aardvark's ad agency and Meh Burger. However, this meant Knuckles was too busy to join his team's adventures around the village. Eventually, Knuckles tried seeing to all his duties at once when they culminated in the village. In the end, Knuckles lost both his jobs and had to face his team with his problems, who helped him get rid of his new house in the village.[58]

When the Village Center had a power outage, Team Sonic learned from Mayor Fink in City Hall that the village's Meroke Crystal had died out. While Team Sonic sought a replacement crystal, riots broke out in the Village Center. These riots ended when Team Sonic restored the Village's power with a new crystal.[7] The Village Center later hosted some town meetings which led to a referendum between Amy and Eggman's propositions for a new town name untainted by Jebediah Badger's name. Due to the reveal of Sticks' ties to Jebediah, the villagers would also scorn her. After some voting campaigns in the Village Center, villagers would vote in City Hall. Having used the referendum (which he won) to become Village leader however, Eggman prepared to demolish the village from the Village Center, with Team Sonic legally unable to stop him. Thanks to Amy and Sticks though, Team Sonic could remove Eggman from power and stop his plan. During this, Sticks restored her reputation, and gave the village a new name: Hedgehog Village, named after Amy Rose the Hedgehog.[1]

Team Sonic and Dave fly towards the Village Center, from "Robot Employees".

After a bad trip to Meh Burger, Eggman had his competent robot workers replace Meh Burger's staff. Dave tried defending his job by facing one of the robots in a contest in the Village Center, but lost and got fired. At the reopening of the improved Meh Burger (which the Lightning Bolt Society tried to ruin) however, Eggman caught the place and its visitors (most of Team Sonic included) in a force-field and sent the whole site towards space. Arrived too late to save her team, Sticks had Dave help her return Meh Burger and its visitors to the Village Center. Afterwards, Dave was made Meh Burger's manager.[59] Amy would later drop by the Village Center a few times with her new Bee Bot pet, Bea, which caused quite a buzz among the bystanders.[60]

When Beth the Shrew won the Science Fair Awards at City Hall, she was allowed to observe Tails' work. Eggman and Team Sonic later fought in the Village Center again, during which Beth took a bigger interest in Knuckles, making Tails jealous. Meanwhile, Mombot would arrange a meeting between Sonic and Eggman in the cinema. After Sonic told Tails at Meh Burger about his subsequent playdate with Eggman, Tails sought to get Beth back from Knuckles. Ultimately, the two would work together to make Beth notice them both, but they got so caught up in their showcasing in the village that Beth left them for Sticks.[61] Tails would not long after show evidence of Muckfoot's existence to the village, making him a local hero. The Village Center subsequently became the hub for Muckfoot Mania. It was also there that Sticks pulled Tails into an investigation that showed that Muckfoot was just a muddy Knuckles sleepwalking. Tails tried to announce this in the Village Center, but could not break it to the adoring villagers. However, after Barker caught Knuckles and posed him as Muckfoot in the Village Center as an attraction, Team Sonic freed Knuckles, and Tails admitted the truth to the Village Center. Unbeknownst to everyone, however, the real Muckfoot dropped by soon after.[62] Having stopped Eggman from attacking the Village again, Team Sonic would play around with their new pet in the Village Center. When their pet suddenly grew however, the team went to check on Tails' Build-it Box.[63]

Sonic surrounded by Badniks, from "Eggman's Brother".

When getting attacked in the Village Center by Eggman with Decimator Bot, Sonic beat his foes thanks to the help of Steve Eggman. Sonic later told his team at Meh Burger that he had let Steve join them. While the others were suspicious of Steve, they soon had to go on a mission. When Knuckles returned to the Village Center with his friends though, he went into exile when shopkeepers accused him of theft. After Team Sonic disbanded completely, Sonic tried to keep Eggman and Steve from attacking the Village Center alone, during which they revealed that Steve was an evil robot who staged Team Sonic's disbandment. However, Sonic's friends soon came to the rescue. Reunited, Team Sonic beat the villains and saved Hedgehog Village.[64] When Team Sonic then had lunch at Meh Burger, Tails talked with his team behind Sonic's back about a way to get Sonic out of his house after he had moved in with him. Eggman and Team Sonic soon fought in the Village Center again, but their fight was halted by the Endangered Species Coalition's Fastidious Beaver when a widabit appeared. It was then that several widabits ran through the Village Center, knocking Eggman away while Team Sonic protected the bystanders.[65]

When Team Sonic held a charity car wash in the Village Center, Eggman attacked them. Out of nowhere though, Mighton and Bolts appeared and helped Eggman beat Team Sonic. After Eggman left with his new allies, Team Sonic went to investigate the robot duo's origins.[9] Just a few hours afterward, Hedgehog Village got overrun by malware-infected robots. Amidst Team Sonic's attempt to stop this onslaught, Sonic and Tails, after reporting to the mayor, left Amy, Knuckles and Sticks to keep the infected robots in Hedgehog Village at bay while they left to stop the source of the malware signal.[66] Though Og would come to their aid, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks were slowly overwhelmed by the robots, so Knuckles convinced the villagers to help them. After the robots finally withdrew, the Village Center was left in a mess which Team Sonic was left to clean up.[67] During the cleanup though, Team Sonic noticed Eggman's robots fly over Hedgehog Village, towards Morristown. Believing trouble was afoot, Team Sonic hitched a ride on FriendBot when he was forced to join Eggman's robots.[68]

Team Sonic facing HugeBot, from "Flea-ing From Trouble".

After foiling Eggman's latest theft in the Village Center by defeating HugeBot, Team Sonic met at Meh Burger where they discovered that each of them had gotten fleas, which where actually tiny robots made by Eggman. This led to the team getting quarantined by the authorities when they tried to visit a public store, although they were soon released so they could stop Eggman after he attacked the Village Center. Sonic and Knuckles later made a misstop in the Village Center while trying to stop Eggman's fleas.[69] The Lightning Bolts also tried to attack the Village Center, but got stopped by Team Sonic. Deciding to become bowlers, the Lightning Bolts became famous after beating the Pin Dashers in the Village Center. While Team Sonic trained for a rematch, the Lightning Bolts received such frame and attention in the Village Center that their group broke up. Team Sonic soon re-gathered the Lightning Bolts in the Village Center (so they could have their rematch), but the team had to drop their plans to stop Eggman when his Mega attacked Hedgehog Village. Meanwhile, the Lightning Bolts reunited, albeit as the happy evildoers they used to be, and canceled Team Sonic's rematch.[70]

While Sonic and Knuckles goofed off in the Village Center, Tails came and revealed that their band had gotten a gig elsewhere, prompting them to set out on a road trip.[71] With the guys gone, Amy and Sticks spent the weekend in Hedgehog Village's spa after distracting Eggman with a Sonic decoy. Upon discovering their ruse however, Eggman tore through the Village Center until Amy and Sticks drove him off. Belinda, having spied on Amy at the spa, attacked the Village Center with Charlie's Mech Suit immediately after, but was stopped by Amy and Sticks too. The same evening, Amy and Sticks saw Eggman come through the Village Center with the Sonic decoy.[72] Eggman eventually visited the Mayor's Mansion a few times, first to discuss his trash collection, and then his government fees. Orbot and Cubot also came to the Village Center to advertise Eggman's new hotel, catching the interest of Team Sonic. At the end of these events, Eggman contacted Mayor Fink's office to negotiate his fees' nullification, but that issue ended up solving itself.[73]

The villagers laughing at Eggman, from "Mister Eggman".

When Eggman mentioned that he was no doctor while in the Village Center, Staci spread the word. With the villagers now seeing Eggman as a joke, they would mock the scientist and scoff his threats while he visited Meh Burger. Wanting a doctorate, Eggman attended Professor Kingsford's class at City Hall. During their education, Eggman and his class would hang around the Village Center and raid its shops, although Team Sonic would stop Eggman. In a final attempt to get his doctorate, Eggman stole his final exam's answers from City Hall. That act let Eggman pass his exam, and he received his doctorate at a ceremony in the Village Center.[74] Eggman later went to the library to research exorcism with his lackeys when he thought a ghost was after him. There, Sonic and Tails messed with Eggman until they felt guilty and decided to show him that he had nothing to fear. Acquiring Eggman's forces and lair soon after, Barker attacked Team Sonic in the Village Center with Eggman's robots, only to be forced to return Eggman's properties when the doctor infected them with a virus. Eggman then proceeded to fight Team Sonic.[75]

Sonic and a mech suit-wearing Charlie soon had a fight in the Village Center, which Sonic won. Having seen this fight with Orbot, Eggman was inspired to build a powerful MeBot. When the robot ended up being consuming too much power, Eggman went to Meh Burger to mope. There, he got advice from Amy, which made him converse with Charlie. When Charlie mentioned the Tummel Crystal, which was an ideal power source for mech suits, Eggman left to track it down.[76] hedgehog Village later got thrown into chaos when a crazy Cubot arrived with a rampant Anti Gravity Ray that picked up everyone and everything with anti-gravity. Eggman and Team Sonic tried separately to stop Cubot, although the former went to Meh Burger after concluding that Sonic could handle it. Once Cubot gained control over the Anti Gravity Ray though, he kidnapped the villagers and most of Team Sonic with his new powers and began taking them toward space to enlighten them. While Sonic and Tails got everyone back to the Village Center, it led to the Anti Gravity Ray creating gravity so intense that it began crushing everyone. Knuckles however, stopped the device.[77]

Team Sonic gathering signatures for their petition, from "Victory".

When City Hall closed the rec center, Team Sonic decided in the Village Center to file a petition against it. Although the team gathered support from those in Hedgehog Village, their petition proved futile when they brought it to the mayor's office. At the same time, Eggman came to the mayor's to buy the rec center so he could destroy it. Since only the winner of a sports game could get the rec center though, Team Sonic and Eggman arranged a sports match. When Eggman's team later beat them at practice, Sonic and Tails tried to wallow in the Village Center, only to get teased there by their opponents.[78] Sonic, Tails and Knuckles later accidentally tore through the Village Center with Knuckles' monster truck. It ended when Knuckles crashed into a tree, which fell on Lady Walrus, leading to Lady Walrus being left to recover in her house while Sonic, Tails and Knuckles babysat her baby, Chumley. After getting the hang on babysitting, the trio took Chumley to the Village Center and gave him a good time. When they lost Chumley though, the Village Center was the last place Sonic and co. looked for him before they called it quits and confronted Lady Walrus. Fortunately, Chumley showed up in time for the trio to return him to his mother.[79]

In an attempt to prove to Eggman that he could impersonate Sonic with his disguising ability, Morpho tried convincing the people at Meh Burger that he was the real Sonic, but blew his cover with his poor acting. Eggman spent the following time at Meh Burger working on Morpho's act until Team Sonic came and beat them both up.[80] Team Sonic later tried starting a car race in the Village Center, but the mayor forced them through eight months of permits that turned their race into an official event. On the day of this event, locals joined Team Sonic's auto race, including Eggman, with the Village Center holding the competition's start and finish line. When Eggman stood to win, he stopped in the Village Center to do a victory parade, only for Sonic to catch up to him and win the race. Afterward, the racers received their trophies.[81] Eggman later came to the Village Center in search for a FriendSpace pal, but had no luck finding one. After Sonic agreed to add Eggman on FriendSpace however, he would complain about Eggman's over-sharing to his team at Meh Burger. His notifications also distracted Sonic when he tried to foil Barker's next scam in the Village Center, prompting him to unfriend Eggman. In response, Eggman made Scrambler, a chatroom Sonic was excluded from, and spread the word about it in the Village Center, which got the whole place absorbed into the Scrambler lifestyle. When Eggman deleted Scramber however, the locals showed their contempt at him when he came to the Village Center.[82]

Sonic and Vector on a stakeout, from "Vector Detector".

After Amy's Hammer vanished, Team Sonic fought off Eggman when they met him in the Village Center and accused him of stealing the hammer. To find her hammer, Amy hired Vector the Crocodile, who, together with Sonic, visited the Village Center repeatedly to investigate leads. Thinking Justin Beaver was the thief at first, Sonic and Vector saw Justin had an alibi after intercepting him at the library. Concluding later that Wolf Sidekick was the thief, Vector found Amy's hammer in Comedy Chimp's studio, leading to Wolf's arrest. However, Vector sensed that someone had framed Wolf. With Sonic's aid, Vector discovered that the real thief was Dixon, whom the duo arrested at his house in Hedgehog Village.[83] When locals later came to Meh Burger to review the restaurant's new delivery service, Sonic ended up becoming Meh Burger's deliver boy. While working at Meh Burger, Sonic would deliver take-outs to Meh Burger's customers around Hedgehog Village in three minutes or less; if he took any longer, the orders would be free. Eggman made several attempts to get a free meal out of Sonic and humiliate him by delaying him with tricks and attacks in the Village Center, but none of them had any success. Eventually however, Sonic would quit his job.[84]

After Amy and Sticks got attacked in the Village Center by Bee Bots (which they trapped in a cave), Team Sonic met at Meh Burger. There, the team saw Tails had been merged with a Bee Bot, and tried to fix it. By the time they returned to the Village Center though, Tails chose to remain a cyborg. The next day in the Village Center though, Tails got consumed by his Bee Bot half and attacked his friends with Bee Bots. After falling back with his team, Sonic returned to the Village Center and lured Tails to his workshop where he was returned to normal.[85] In the library later on, Eggman found what he thought was a method to give himself superpowers. However, it instead turned him into a cuddly creature that ran around the Village Center until Cubot and Orbot got him home. On his next trip to the Village Center, Eggman morphed again in public, causing him great humiliation. Since he needed to stay calm to avoid morphing, Eggman went to anger management at City Hall and got his temper under control. When he had to morph again to save Beth though, Eggman came to the Village Center to find a way to get angry. When he finally succeeded, Sonic took the morphed Eggman to Beth.[86]

Sonic saving Cutebot, from "Return to Beyond the Valley of the Cubots".

After trying to buy a few things in the Village Center, D-Fekt came back to find a career that would give his life meaning, only to be met with failure. After finding his purpose though, D-Fekt came to the Village Center to take revenge on those who had innocently wronged him, putting him into conflict with Team Sonic. Amidst their fight, Eggman would arrive in MeBot and battle D-Fekt alone. Eggman even took the robot's girlfriend, Cutebot, hostage, but was defeated by D-Fekt when Sonic saved the hostage. Considering him and Team Sonic even for now, D-Fekt took his leave.[87]

The Village Center soon after hosted another Sonic-Eggman battle. With the village jeering at him upon his defeat, Eggman realized he had to improve his image. Inspired by the sale of the Tommy Thunder video game in the local store, Eggman tried to sell a game starring him in the Village Center, but had no success. Eggman thus began designing a new game featuring motion capture of Team Sonic that he got from the team after attacking them with his Badniks in the Village Center. Wanting to mo-cap Shadow for his game as well, Eggman tricked Shadow into attacking Team Sonic in the Village Center while he recorded him.[88] After Eggman left with his footage however, Shadow discovered that Eggman had manipulated him and went after him. Sonic, Shadow, Eggman and Metal Sonic soon after crossed into Hedgehog Village while fighting, with Team Sonic and Lord Eggman (Dr. Eggman's counterpart from another dimension) hot on their trail. When Shadow and Eggman got taken out, Team Sonic came to Sonic's aid and helped beat Metal. The victory was short-lived however, as Shadow then revealed to the team that he, in a desire for universal revenge, had trapped Eggman and Lord Eggman in a secret place while they fought Metal; since their dimension cannot handle hosting two Eggmen, this would cause an abnormality that would destroy the universe. Wasting no time, Team Sonic located the Eggmen and saved the universe.[89]

Archie Comics

Boom Shaka-laka

The Village Center, from Sonic Boom #5.

Having the urge to destroy a bridge, Dr. Eggman tried selling one in the Village Center so he would not lose money while Sonic the Hedgehog watched, but could not get the mistrusting villagers to buy it. Eggman tried showing goodwill to the villagers, but only got a beating from them. With Sonic mocking him, Eggman called in his Badniks, but Team Sonic took care of them. Eggman later returned to the Village Center to advertise his Eggtoberfest, but not before Mayor Fink had him go through some procedures.[90]

When the Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix was arranged, the starting line was set up in the Unnamed Village. There, the racers took off immediately after the flag marshal, Fastidious Beaver, gave the signal.[91] Eventually, the Grand Prix came to a conclusion when Sonic returned to the Unnamed Village and crossed the finish line before Eggman. Afterward, Team Sonic reunited to deliver a beat-down on Eggman and his Spider-Kart, which resulted in Eggman retreating.[92] Later on, Eggman tried combatting Sonic with his new MeBot in the Unnamed Village. However, Sonic easily defeat MeBot, prompting Eggman to retreat.[93]

Other game apperances

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

Main article: Village

The Village, from Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom.

In Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, Hedgehog Village, which is referred to as simply the Village, is one of the levels available in the game. However, it was removed in later updates to the game. In addition to the standard buildings for the village, some of its inhabitants also appear in the background.

Points of interest


  • The residents of Hedgehog Village pay taxes.[5]
  • For safety reasons, Hedgehog Village has a ban for flammable frozen treats.[5]
  • Hedgehog Village has been saved from Dr. Eggman by Team Sonic over one million times.[10]
  • Hedgehog Village has a tax on chili dogs.[55]
  • Before Sonic destroyed it, Hedgehog Village's main tourist attraction was a giant ball of twine.[1][16]
  • Hedgehog Village was named after Amy Rose the Hedgehog rather than Sonic the Hedgehog.[1]
  • The residents of Hedgehog Village hate the library because it is quiet and they prefer TV over reading.[1][94]
  • Most of the villagers in Hedgehog Village do not own a car.[2][95]
  • Hedgehog Village appears to be a center point for all conflict on Seaside Island, as neighboring villages remain virtually untouched by attacks from villainous robots.[66]
  • In Hedgehog Village, a person will get quarantined when they are diagnosed with fleas.[69]


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