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Sonic Boom
Hedgehog Day

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"Hedgehog Day" is the twentieth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 18 February 2015 in France and on 4 April 2015 in the United States.


After an explosion at his evil lair sends him into a time loop, Eggman relives the same day over and over. He must convince Sonic and the gang to help him fix this time anomaly.



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At his lair, Dr. Eggman awakens from his slumber. Orbot enters the doctor's bedroom with breakfast, stating that Eggman's new weapon will definitely defeat Sonic today. After Cubot confirms that the preparations are complete, Eggman enters the weapon, called the Egg Tank. He observes Team Sonic's movements, which show them getting ready to watch a movie outside Sonic's Shack, and then departs to engage them. Later, as the heroes enjoy a film starring Comedy Chimp, the Egg Tank finally appears with a Crab Bot vanguard, prompting a fight to break out. Sonic and his friends have little trouble with the robots, and Tails converts his movie projector into a weapon that uses the film's audio as destructive soundwaves. After the destruction of several Crab Bots, Eggman fires a plasma ball called his "Super Weapon" at Sonic; the shot pursues him until Amy deflects it with her hammer. Anticipating this, Eggman counters it with a laser shot from his "Super Duper Weapon", but just as the two energy blasts collide, a thundercloud sends a lightning bolt in between them, causing a blinding explosion of light.

Back at his lair, Eggman wakes up from his slumber but is puzzled upon seeing Orbot behave identically from the day before. Regardless, he attacks Team Sonic with the Egg Tank again, but the fight ends with an explosion of light like before, and Eggman mysteriously returns to his bedroom in the morning. Orbot enters the room in exactly the same way as before, making Eggman realize that he is experiencing the same day over and over. This time around, he analyzes the situation in his laboratory and eventually discovers that the collision between his laser, his plasma ball, and stray lightning bolt created a fusion reaction that trapped him in a time loop. Eggman believes that simply not fighting Sonic will prevent the time loop from occurring, until he is inexplicably subjected to one and back in bed. Eggman then sees this predicament as an opportunity to hone his Egg Tank scheme into a success. After a few tries, Eggman finally perfects his plan: he forces Sonic and Tails to pick a silent movie from the rental store to render Tails' movie projector weapon useless, preventing him from stopping a Crab Bot from disarming Amy; as Sonic is distracted by this, Eggman fires his plasma ball, which traps Sonic in an energy sphere. Eggman celebrates after finally besting Sonic, until the time loops occurs again, and the whole day is reset.

At his wit's end, Eggman tries to solve the time loop, while doing a few things he normally would not do, like eat junk food and cut his mustache, knowing any changes he makes will only be reset. When he cannot solve the problem, Eggman turns to Sonic and Tails for help; the duo are skeptical until Eggman predicts two upcoming events, and forces them to help by revealing their movie's ending. At Meh Burger, Eggman discusses how the time abnormally he caused endlessly repeats itself by recharging itself after exploding and then starting over, when Tails comes to a solution. Unfortunately, Eggman must redo the day and convince Tails two more times before he can hear it. Tails' idea is to contain the reaction when it explodes by using a super-dense container, so Eggman spends one day creating one in his lab. He spends another day when Sonic suggests Knuckles can carry the container to the beach as it is too heavy to him to move. When Knuckles is brought to the lab, he winds up stalling for time, forcing Eggman into at least three more loops. He then has Amy make Knuckles explain, and he confesses that he fears having his tooth pulled by the dentist tomorrow; Amy tries to console Knuckles, but Sticks solves this by pulling out his tooth herself, which convinces him to comply and contain the reaction.

Eveentually, Eggman wakes up from bed, and upon hearing Orbot making a different breakfast, is overjoyed that he succeed in breaking the time loop. He hugs Orbot, but upon doing so is exposed to a flash of light; fortunately, it was just Cubot taking a picture of the moment.


  • In the Meh Burger scene, Mike the Ox's attire, horns, and ears are all colored grey (this coloring error also occurred in "The Sidekick").
  • When the Crab Bot pulls Amy's hammer out of her hands, for one frame, one of Amy's legs passes through her skirt.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 刺猬日 Hedgehog Day
Finnish Päiväni siilinä My day as hedgehog
French Un jour sans fin A Neverending Day
German Tag ohne Ende Day without end
Hungarian A nagy nap The Big Day
Italian Una giornata infinita An endless day
Japanese 時間のループ Time Loop
Korean 시간의 쳇바퀴 The Wheel of Time
Persian روز خارپشت Hedgehog Day
Polish Dzień jeża Hedgehog day
Portuguese (Brazil) O Dia do Ouriço The Hedgehog Day
Portuguese (Portugal) Um Dia Espinhoso A Thorny Day
Romanian Ziua ariciului Hedgehog Day
Russian День ежа Hedgehog day
Spanish (Latin America) Día del Erizo Hedgehog Day
Spanish (Spain) El Día del Erizo The Hedgehog Day
Turkish Kirpi Günü Hedgehog Day
Ukrainian (Pixel TV) День їжака Day of the Hedgehog
Ukrainian (PlusPlus)


  • The title and plot of this episode is a parody of the movie Groundhog Day.
  • One of the posters at the movie store shows a picture of the Moon with a capsule in its eye. This references an iconic shot in the 1902 French silent film A Trip to the Moon.
  • Coincidentally, Sega nicknamed 2 February 1994 "Hedgehog Day" after the day Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was released in the United States.
  • The DVD set Sonic Boom: Hedgehog Day borrows this episode's title.
  • This episode marks the first time a Badnik has used Amy's Hammer, and the overall third time a robot has used it (the first two being Orbot and Cubot in Sonic Boom #3).
  • The pair of scissors Eggman used to cut his own mustache off is the same one Sonic threatened to use to clip Eggman's mustache off (unaware that Eggman would get confused upon returning to his body but also aware that he had swapped bodies with Eggman) in "The Meteor".
  • This episode marks the first time Knuckles' Communicator is seen in the Sonic Boom television series.


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