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For the skill, see Heav Attack.

The Heavy Attack[1] is a mechanic that appears in Sonic Battle. It is a category of skill-based moves that the playable characters use to determine their attack for blowing opponents away.


Heavy Attacks are techniques that determine the move the playable character will use when landing a heavy-hit move on an opponent. Each individual Heavy Attack is performed in its own unique way.

In addition to inflicting damage, using the Heavy Attack successfully on an opponent will result in said opponents being blown away from the user and being damaged effectively.

While all Heavy Attacks are the same in function, each one has its own strengths and weaknesses that are determined by two attributes: speed and power.

To perform a character's Heavy Attack in gameplay, the player has to press either forward, left or right on Controlpadds.png and GameboyB.png at the same time (the direction chosen when pressing Controlpadds.png determines the direction the victim is blown away in). Alternatively, the player can press GameboyB.png four times in succession to blow the opponent away in the direction the attacker is facing (which is often always forward/away from the user in front). Also, should the playable character successfully blow an opponent away with the Heavy Attack, the playable character can chase after them with a fast jump by pressing Controlpadds.png in the direction the opponent was knocked away in. During this case, the player can bang an opponent on to the ground with a Pursuit Attack if they time it correctly.

List of Heavy Attacks

Name Number Icon Skill Points to enable
C. Double Stab 177 SonicBattle Sprite Card177.gif 25
C. Nightmare 072 SonicBattle Sprite Card072.gif 20
Chao Tornado 135 Chao Tornado.PNG 15
Charlie Kick 093 Charlie kick.png 15
Electric Shock 156 SonicBattle Sprite Card156.gif 20
Girl Crush 114 Girl Crush.png 20
Heav Attack 198 Heavy Attack.png N/A
Magic Hook 030 SonicBattle Sprite Card030.gif 20
Megaton Hook 051 SonicBattle Sprite Card051.gif 15
Sonic Flare 009 SonicBattle Sprite Card009.gif 15
Ult. Heav Attack 219 Ult Heav attack.png 30


  1. Sonic Battle (Game Boy Advance) United States instruction booklet, pg. 18.

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