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The Heat Barrier[1] is a shield-based Item Box power-up that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. When obtained, it grants the player both offensive and defensive capabilities.


The Item Boxes containing the Heat Barrier feature a flaming red shield on their screen.


When Shadow is surrounded by the Heat Barrier, the player is able to damage every possible enemy simply by moving towards them.

Like other shield type power-ups, when Shadow is equipped with a Heat Barrier, it will protect the player from one hit worth of damage. However, after blocking a damaging blow, the Heat Barrier will disappear and the player is usually sent flying slightly backwards. The Heat Barrier is also unable to protect the player from falling into bottomless pits.


  • The Heat Barrier is very similar to the Flame Shield in terms of appearance, but it doesn't share any abilities or traits that the Flame Shield has.


  1. Shadow the Hedgehog (Nintendo GameCube) United States instruction booklet, pg. 21.

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