Heart Effect[1] is a move used by Rouge the Bat in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. When using this technique, Rouge distracts her opponents by infatuating them.


When performing Heart Effect, Rouge blows a stream of pink transparent hearts in front of her, causing those caught in them to be utterly infatuated with her, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. This is illustrated by the victim gaining pink hearts for eyes. In gameplay, this move causes Egg Pawns wielding shields which block any attack to drop their guard, enabling the player to destroy them. While having a wide range, Heart Effect only last for five-six seconds. Its effects can be extended by using it repeatedly on a target though.

This move can only be used in the Challenge Act Rouge: The Temptress by pressing PSTriangleButton/XboxY. However, Heart Effect cannot make enemies move from their spot and the player has to aim it by facing their target.


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