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Sonic Underground
Healer (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "Healer".

[The Sonic Underground theme song plays]
Aleena (narrating): As the fight against Robotnik's tyranny continued, my children used their many skills and powers to further our cause.
Sonic: Move over! I can't see!
Sonia: Ouch! Your elbow's in my side.
Manic: Shhh! SWATbot comin'.
Sonic and Sonia: [gasps]
SWATbot: Worker!
Sonic: Yo, trouble! Get ready.
Manic: Yes, Guardian.
SWATbot: You overlooked that can.
Manic: Yes, Guardian.
Sonia: Blech!
Sonic: Thank you, Manic(!)
Manic: Hey, man! A bot's gotta do what a bot's gotta do.
Sonic: I'll get you for that!
Manic: Gimme a second, here. [fiddles a lockpick around in a socket] Now we'll see how well Cyrus's deactivation codes work. [taps in the correct code] Granted!
Sonic: Can we get outta here now?
Manic: Not yet. [wheels the cart a little further] Now!
Sonia: Who came up with this stupid janitor cart idea?
Sonic: Uh, that would be... you!
Sonia: Next time I come up with an idea like this, lock me up until it passes.
Manic: Uh, you guys wanna hurry it up?
Sonic: Robotnik's gonna freak if he finds out we're diverting his supply ships!
Sonia: If these things work the way Cyrus says they will, we're going to feed a lot of Freedom Fighters! Next ship, Manic!
Bartleby: What have we here? Oh goody, a holographic cube! Maybe it's an invitation! [places the cube in a hologram player] [gasps]
Titus (hologram): Greetings. I'm here to invite you to witness a miracle. My incredible invention which I simply call "The De-Roboticizer".
Bartleby: Good heavens! [the machine flashes brightly] Huh?
Titus (hologram): You may witness a live demonstration at Countess Katrina's estate.
Bartleby: Astounding!
Titus (hologram): You may witness a live demonstration at Countess Katrina's estate.
Dingo: A de-robotomatizer? Is that good?
Robotnik: Impossible!
Sleet: No, you melonhead! It is bad. Very bad!
Robotnik: Hmmm... a De-Roboticizer...
Sleet: I knew you would want to know about it.
Robotnik: Go to that demonstration and find out what's going on.
Sleet: Yes, sir! I will, sir!
Robotnik: Freeze frame! [the screen pauses] What's a janitor bot doing in the cargo ship hangar? Hmm, must be a malfunction. Check it out, Sleet!
Manic: Last one!
Sonic: Good! I'm about to pass out from these fumes.
Manic: Uh-oh, trouble! Sleet and Dingo at nine o'clock!
Sleet: Hey, you!
Manic: I'll handle this. Meet you back at the main air vent. [pushes the cart away and grabs Sleet] Yes, sir. Shall we dance?
Sleet: Hey! Release me, you stupid hunk of metal!
Dingo: [laughs]
Sonia: [gasps] Oh my gosh! Lady Windermere! Oh, I miss her so much...
Sonic: She's one of them now, Sonia. You can't help her.
Sleet: Put me down, you bag of bolts! I'll convert you to a can opener!
Manic: Care to cut in?
Dingo: Er... okay!
Sleet: No, no, no, put me down!
Manic: I'm bushed!
Sonic: Yuck! It's for you, Sonia.
Bartleby: Sonia, too bad you're not there. I have great news for you! The days of the roboticizer are over!
Sonia: Ahh!
Sonia: Just think, if this works, we could help Lady Windermere!
Sonic: Yeah, well I'll believe it when I see it.
Sonia: What a good idea!
Bartleby: Allow me to introduce... Titus!
Sonic: Oh, yeah! That's what I call a scientist.
Sonia: Sonic Hedgehog, you behave yourself! [turns to Titus] Sorry. Very nice to meet you.
Titus: Oh, your life force is strong!
Manic: Oh, this oughta be good!
Titus: Princess Sonia... Bartleby has told me all about you. But he never told me you were so beautiful!
Sonic: Yeah, yeah, whatever! Look, guy. We wanna see the De-Roboticizer!
Titus: Oh, I'm afraid that's not possible.
Sonic: Why not?
Titus: I will demonstrate my De-Roboticizer at tonight's gathering. I'm afraid you'll have to wait until then.
Sonic: Why not sooner?
Sonia: Sonic, would you lighten up?
Titus: Quite all right. I think our skeptical friend will have his questions answered tonight.
Bartleby: Oh, Sonic, you will be there this evening?
Sonic: Wouldn't miss it! [catches Manic stealing artifacts] Put 'em back!
Manic: What? Okay...
Sonic: I'm waitiiing!
Bartleby: Good heavens! Is there a problem?
Sonic: Not anymore. Outta here!
Sonic: Cyrus, my main man! What's this?
Cyrus: Open it when you play. I think you'll like it. Everyone's been waiting.
Sonia: It's what we live for, Cyrus!
["We're The Sonic Underground" plays]
Cyrus: This abandoned skyscraper is directly in the path of Robotnik's cargo ships.
Sonic: Aw, you gotta love this stuff!
Cyrus: Every week we'll redirect the ships into this building, and unload a portion of the food and supplies. And if we're careful, Robotnik will never know we're plugging to his supply line!
Manic: So from now on, dinner's on Robotnik!
Cyrus: One thing, though. When the supply ships come through, we're gonna need a diversion.
Sonic: No problemo, Cy! Diversion's my middle name.
[crowd commotion]
Sleet: The hedgehogs! Well, this just gets better and better!
Dingo: Ooh, Sonia!
Sleet: Don't start!
Dingo: Er, what's this?
Sleet: Ever hear of the fly on the wall? Well, that's you!
Dingo: Hey!
Sleet: Get in there so I can hear what's going on.
Dingo: Errg, okay!
Titus: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight you will witness a revolution in technology.
Sonic: Yeah, sure(!)
Sonia: Shhh!
Dingo: Sonia!
Titus: My invention can de-roboticize those who have fallen under the evil influence of the dreaded Doctor Robotnik.
Sonic: [gasps]
[excited commotion and robotic growling]
Titus: In moments, he will return to his original state. Watch... and believe!
Sonic: Oh yeah, nice light show(!)
Sonia: Behave!
Bartleby: Really!
Sonic: Okay, really nice light show!
Titus: And now... behold!
[loud and amazed commotion]
Accomplice: Oh! I... I can't believe it! It's a miracle! Ahh... how can I ever thank you?
Titus: Go home to your family and spread the word.
Accomplice: Thank you, my friend! Thank you!
Bartleby: I'd say that went well. Wouldn't you?
Sonia: Sonic?
Sonic: I gotta see this thing for myself!
Sleet: This guy is too much! Dingo?
Dingo: Er, yeah?
Sleet: Get closer to the inventor.
Dingo: Okay! We're on our way.
Titus: I'm sorry, but that's private.
Sonic: What? Hey, I got a friend in the Resistance who'd love to see how this thing works!
Titus: Impossible. I've worked too hard on this technology to give it away.
Sonic: So just helpin' people doesn't do it for you, huh?
Sonia: Sonic, if this works, he deserves to make money!
Titus: You must understand. I use the money for research. Why, just recently I invented an enhancement to this machine.
Manic: Oh yeah? What's that?
Titus: I can now prevent robotization.
Robotnik: What is it?
Sleet: You should hear this, sir.
Sonic: I don't get it!
Titus: With a few small changes, this machine will protect you from ever being roboticized.
Sonia: Like an immunizer!
Robotnik: Immunizer? It can't be. Sleet! Order the attack!
Sleet: Oh yes, sir! My pleasure, sir!
SWATbot: Orders.
Sleet: Attack the mansion. Let no one escape!
SWATbot: Affirmative. Commencing attack.
[crowd yells and panics]
Sonia: Bartleby and Titus! Sonic!
Sonic: Gotcha covered!
Dingo: Sleet, they're getting away!
Sonic: How does that strike ya, bot-butts? [blows up a ship with his guitar] Clear! Let's haul some serious haunch!
Robotnik: G'oh! You let them all get away?! You incompetent!
Sleet: But sir, wait, listen! I can find them! Dingo is with them.
Robotnik: Bring me that inventor! AND THE HEDGEHOGS!
Sonic: This whole thing feels mondo ugly.
Manic: Looked pretty good to me, Sonic.
Sonic: Yeah, well, I wanna talk to that de-roboticized dude. How'd Titus hook up with him anyway? Oh, man! I hate havin' to think!
Manic: Do what you gotta do, but Sonia's bought into this big time!
Sonic: I know, so don't tell her!
Sonia: You'll be safe here.
Bartleby: That was terrifying!
Sonic: Hey, Bartlebutt, come on! I'll give you a lift home.
Sonia: Oh, good! Thanks, Sonic. Meet you back at the safe house.
Bartleby: By the way, please - don't go so fast this time!
Sonic: No problemo! We'll take it reeeeaaal slow... NOT!
Bartleby: Waaaaaaaah!
Manic: Yo, what's up, Sonia?
Sonia: Just a moment. Titus? I have some money stashed aside. Would you immunize me?
Manic: Sonia, are you sure about-
Sonia: Absolutely! I'm going to rescue Lady Windermere whether Sonic likes it or not!
Manic: Maybe we should talk about this first.
Sonia: This way, even if I'm captured, I can't be roboticized! Will you do it? Will ya?!
Titus: I just need a few hours to refit my machine.
Sonia: I'll get the money and be back.
Titus: [chuckles] A fool and their money. Well, better make the adjustments. Maybe blue light instead of the rainbow. [Dingo flies around him] Little pest! [tries to squish him] Nuh!
Dingo: [snarls]
Titus: [gasps]
Dingo: Er... that's not very nice!
Sleet: Hello. There's someone who wants to meet you!
Robotnik: A hoax. Just lights and smoke, no electronics at all!
Titus: Just as I told you, I'm sorry, I'll never-
Robotnik: Nothing to apologize for, my friend!
Sleet: Here it is, sir.
Titus: Fr-friend?
Robotnik: Oh, yes! And you'll remain my friend, if you co-operate.
Titus: I'll do anything!
Robotnik: Good! Because I think your immunizer would make a marvelous roboticizer, don't you? [laughs]
Accomplice: What's that?
Sonic: Yo, bud! Pull over!
Accomplice: And we were making a little money off the aristocracy. It's not like we're hurting anybody!
Sonic: Yeah, sure(!) [an alarm rings] Get that, but don't try anything!
Accomplice: Titus, what's up?
Titus: Ran into a little problem. Robotnik grabbed me.
Accomplice: What?!
Titus: It's okay. I made a deal. He's gonna let me off if I roboticize one of the hedgehogs. Soon as it's done, I'm gone.
Accomplice: Hey, wait a minute! Fleecin' the aristocrats for cash is one thing, but-
Titus: Just meet me in Tyran, like we planned.
Sonic: If anything happens to my family, I'll find you!
Manic: You sure you wanna do this?
Sonia: No doubts. Let's go!
Cyrus: Come in, hedgehogs! It's Cyrus!
Robotnik: As soon as she is roboticized, all units sweep in. I want the other hedgehogs!
Sonia: Can we get started?
Titus: Uh, yeah. Sure. Um, just stand right there.
Sonia: [groans]
Titus: I can't do it! No! [barges onto the machine] Uhh! Argh!
Sonic: Sonia!
Sonia: Over here!
Sonic: You okay?
Sonia: I'm fine, but-
Titus: Priority one: hedgehogs.
Manic and Sonia: [gasps]
Sonic: Huh?
Titus: Hedgehog alert. Hedgehog alert.
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: Huh?
Sonic: Robotnik trap! You up for a spin, Sonia?
Manic: You guys spin on the north side, I got the south.
Sonic: Deal!
Titus: Hedgehog.
Manic: Hey!
Sonic: Manic!
Titus: Priority one: Hedgehog.
Sonia: Hiiii-yah!
Manic: Thanks, Sonia.
Sonia: Let's get out of here!
Robotnik: NO! I hate those hedgehogs! HATE THEM!
Sonic: [yawns] What a workout last night!
Sonia: You're telling me? Uh, guys, I'm sorry about going overboard like that.
Manic: Hey, we all go off sometimes. Heck, Sonic lives there!
Sonic: Hey!
Cyrus: Hi, hedgehogs! Just wanted to say: great job last night!
Sonic and Sonia: Huh?
Sonic: How'd ya know?
Cyrus: Ha, are you kidding? It was a great diversion! We emptied the cargo ships without a hitch!
Sonia: Oh yeah! The diversion for the cargo ships...
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: [laughs]
[The credits roll]

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