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The Heal Skill[1] is a mechanic that appears in Sonic Battle. It is a category of skill-based moves that the playable characters use to regain HP after taking damage.


Heal Skills are techniques that can increase a user's HP after they have taken damage. Each individual Heal Skill is performed in its own unique way.

In addition to restoring HP, the Heal Skills will also increase the Ichikoro Gauge, which once full, allows the player to knock-out any opponent in one hit with a Special Move (provided that the said opponent is not blocking against that specific Special Moves).

While all Heal Skills are the same in function, each one has its own strengths and weaknesses that are determined by two attributes: speed and power. The speed statistic determines how fast the playable character's HP is recovered, and the power statistic determines how fast the Ichikoro Gauge fills up.

To perform a character's Heal Skill in gameplay, the player has to hold down Lgba.png.

List of Heal Skills


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