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Sonic X
Heads Up, Tails! (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Heads Up, Tails!".

Narrator: Last time on Sonic X, after a high-flying battle, Tails transformed the X-Tornado into Battle Armor Mode, and headed straight for the Egg Carrier with Sonic and Knuckles in tow to rescue Amy from the clutches of Eggman.
[Tails, Sonic, and Knuckles are in the X-Tornado, which has converted to Battle Suit Mode. They are up against the Egg Carrier, which has converted to Battle Mode and is firing lasers and missiles at them.]
Tails: Hang on!
[Tails dodges a trio of missiles. A shield extends out of the X-Tornado's right hand to block the lasers, while a sword protrudes from the left hand to slice the missiles in half.]
Tails: Almost there...
[They approach the Egg Carrier.]
Sonic: Let's bring it in for a nice smooth landing, Tails!
[Tails becomes panicked.]
Tails: Aah! Oh no!
Sonic: What is it?
Tails: You'll have to settle for nice and bumpy! We don't have any wheels!
[Sonic and Knuckles look at each other.]
Knuckles and Sonic: What?!
[The X-Tornado crashes on the Egg Carrier's deck.]

[The opening theme plays]

[Scene: The Egg Carrier - Deck]

[Everyone has recovered from the crash.]
Knuckles: Let's go!
Tails: Right! [Chuckles]
[Knuckles and Tails move out. Sonic runs ahead of them.]
Sonic: Later guys!

[Scene Change: The Egg Carrier - Cockpit]

Dr. Eggman: Quick! Launch attack!
Decoe: Yes, sir!
Bocoe: Yes, sir!

[Scene Change: The Egg Carrier - Deck]

[Tails looks up in surprise as several missiles are fired at Sonic, but the hedgehog is able to dodge them all.]
Knuckles: He's turning back!
[Sonic stops in front of Tails.]
Sonic: Tails. You okay?
Tails: Uh-huh!
[He removes his bandages.]
Sonic: Come on!
[Another missile almost hits Sonic. It creates a hole in the floor.]
Knuckles: I'll meet up with you later. Now's my chance to search for the rest of that Master Emerald!
[Knuckles leaps through the hole.]
Tails: But Knuckles!
Sonic: Don't sweat it, Tails. You and I can look for Amy. Let's go before they launch another attack.
[He flies after Sonic.]

[Scene Change: The Egg Carrier - Inside]

Decoe: We missed them, Doctor!
Bocoe: Now what?
Dr. Eggman: They won't get far.
[Gamma, who is standing nearby, is still plagued with visions of Lily when Eggman calls him.]
Dr. Eggman: [Over radio] Oh Gamma~? Report to the control deck immediately. I have a job for you.

[Scene Change: Egg Carrier]

[Amy and Lily stop running once they hear the intercom.]
Amy: Now if only we can find a way out.
[Suddenly Bocoe and Decoe appear in front of Amy.]
Bocoe: We got you!
Decoe: Yeah!
[Amy brings out her hammer.]
Amy: I don't think so!
[The hench-bots sweatdrop.]
Bocoe: Please, calm down!
Amy: Back off!
[She raises her hammer above her head, but a laughing Eggman grabs it.]
Dr. Eggman: Going so soon?
Sonic: [Off-screen] Oh Eggman? Don't you think you oughta pick on somebody your own size?
[Everyone looks up to see Sonic and Tails above them. Amy is delighted.]
Amy: You did come... [Angrily] Get out of my way!
[With renewed determination, she hammers Eggman and his hench-bots away, then slams her hammer onto the wall, causing Sonic and Tails to fall onto Eggman.]
Sonic: We gotcha. Give up?
Dr. Eggman: I guess so...
[Decoe extends a claw to capture Lily.]
Amy: No! Lily!
Sonic: Let her go, Decoe!
[As Amy tries to retrieve Lily, Eggman gets up and approaches Lily.]
Dr. Eggman: Boys, keep your eyes on the birdie.
Decoe and Bocoe: [Beaming] Yes, Doctor!
[Eggman pushes Amy away.]
Dr. Eggman: Now then...
[He removes Lily's collar.]
Dr. Eggman: Let's have it. You won't be needing this. Nice birdie...
[Eggman opens the collar, revealing the blue Chaos Emerald, which lands on his hand.]
Tails: Look! It's a Chaos Emerald!
Amy: [Gasps]
Dr. Eggman: Lucky me. Give back the bird.
[Decoe moves the claw in Amy's direction, and she retrieves Lily.]
Amy: Lily.
[She cuddles the Flicky.]
Amy: You're safe.
[Gamma enters.]
Gamma: Did you call, Dr. Eggman? What is your wish?
Amy: It's you.
Dr. Eggman: How about a bit of target practice?
Gamma: Yes, Doctor.
[Amy stands up.]
Amy: No!
Dr. Eggman: Aim for the blue one.
Sonic: You gotta catch me first.
[Decoe and Bocoe cheer.]
Decoe and Bocoe: Yay! This should be fun!
Sonic: [To Gamma] Go for it!
Gamma: Ready... Aim...
Amy: Don't shoot, robot! It's Eggman that's making him act this way.
Sonic: Huh?
Amy: He's really nice.
[Gamma points its gun at Sonic and opens fire. Sonic dodges.]
Amy: Robot!
[Gamma activates its jetpack and continues its attack. The resulting explosions rock the ship.]

[Scene Change: The Egg Carrier - Hallway]

Chris: What's going on?
Big: Beats me.

[Scene Change: The Egg Carrier - Deck]

Amy: Please! Stop shooting!
[But Gamma does not stop. Instead, its assault begins ripping chunks of the ship apart.]
Amy: No!
[Sonic uses the chunk of the ship to block Gamma's lasers, then kicks it at Gamma. As Sonic lands, he kicks another chunk at Gamma. Gamma lands hard in the ground. He charges foward for the finish, but then stops in his tracks when he sees Amy standing in front of Gamma.]
Amy: Leave him alone, Sonic.
Sonic: This doesn't concern you, Amy. Stay out of the way.
Amy: You can't hurt him! He doesn't mean to be bad.
[Sonic is not impressed. Amy begins to get teary.]
Amy: He set us free.
[Finally, Sonic relents.]
Sonic: Okay, if you say so. A friend of yours is a friend of--
[Explosions rock the Egg Carrier.]
Tails: Hey! You guys! The ship! I have a feeling we're losing altitude!
Dr. Eggman: What is happening?
Decoe: I don't know, Doctor!
Bocoe: I think we're falling!
Dr. Eggman: Impossible!
[He runs inside the ship.]
Bocoe and Decoe: Wait for us!
[They follow Eggman]
Tails: Eggman's running away. Maybe we should follow him.
Sonic: No sweat; I'll take care of him. You find a way to get Amy and Lily off of this thing.
Amy: Mr. Robot, can you hear me? Are you okay?
Tails: Shouldn't we stick together?
Sonic: You don't have much time to lose, Tails. Hurry up.
Tails: But...
Sonic: Come on, Tails, old buddy. You're my right-hand man.
[Tails looks down briefly before nodding.]
Tails: Ah... Hm... Okay.
Sonic: Atta boy!
[He runs inside the ship]
Amy: He's really hurt.
Tails: Let's go, Amy!
Amy: We can't leave. ... Mr. Robot?
[Gamma's optical sensors blink to life, and he groans in pain.]
Amy: Hey, he's awake! ... Oh, thank goodness you're all right! You were knocked for quite a loop. I was afraid you might never wake up.
Gamma: You saved my life.
Amy: I was glad to do it. Just returning the favor.
[Tails' namesakes spin, and he picks up Amy.]
Amy: Goodbye again! Thank you for everything!
[Tails carries Amy away.]
Gamma: Thank... you...
[Gamma activates its jetpack and flies away.]

[Scene Change: Egg Carrier - Hallway]

[Chris and Big come across a door. The door opens.]
Big: That's him! That's Froggy!
[Froggy is trapped in a tiny cage containing a little water. The cage is on a small column, and all around it is an abyss.]
Chris: Let's hurry!
[Another explosion rocks the ship.]
Chris: Ah... What was that explosion?
[They notice the state of the area. The ship lists, causing the cage to slide and Froggy to panic.]
Big: Froggy can't get out!
Chris: Just stay calm.

[Scene Change: Station Square outskirts]

[Tails and Amy approach the ground. Chuck is waiting with the car.]
Chuck: Hey! ... Tails! Amy! Down here!
[Soon they are driving away.]
Chuck: It's a good thing I followed you.
[Tails looks up at the Egg Carrier.]
Tails: Sonic's still up there.

[Scene Change: The Egg Carrier - Hallway]

[Explosions rock the ship.]
Knuckles: [Off-screen] Ow! ... What the... ?
[Knuckles picks himself up after falling through a hole caused by damage to the ship. He picks up a bag he has been carrying.]
Knuckles: Now that I found the rest of the Master Emerald, I'm outta here!
[As he navigates the ship, which is listing to port, he sees the spirit of Tikal. Instantly a vision occurs.]

[Scene Change: Knuckles' vision]

Knuckles: Not again...
[He sees that there is fire everywhere.]
Knuckles: This is getting ridiculous.
[He runs up to the Master Emerald altar, where Tikal is lying on the ground. A few Chao are near her.]
Knuckles: Hey! Are you OK?
Tikal: I... I did my best to stop them... but Father and the others would not listen to me. I don't... know what to do...
[Her eyes close as tears well up in them while she weeps. Suddenly they hear the roar of a large, ferocious creature.]
Knuckles: Wha... What's that?
[Tikal looks up at the temple. Knuckles spots the Master Emerald on top of the altar.]
Knuckles: Who are you?
[Immediately Tikal gets up and starts running towards the Master Emerald. Knuckles gives chase.]
Knuckles: Hey! ... Come back!
[A light blinds him, and he is taken back to the present.]

[Scene Change: The Egg Carrier - Hallway]

Knuckles: What's happening? There must be some reason why I'm being shown these things.

[Scene Change: Egg Carrier]

[As the Egg Carrier drops below cloud level, Big runs around the room, panicking.]
Chris: Calm down, Big! Relax! Try not to panic!
[Soon Chris and Big drink drinks from a vending machine.]
Chris: Feeling better now?
Big: I think so...
Chris: Well, that's good.

[Scene Change: Egg Carrier - Froggy's room.]

[Chris is climbing out on Big's fishing pole which is extended toward Froggy.]
Big: Be careful!
[Chris nearly reaches the cage, but misses and nearly falls into the abyss.]
Chris: I-I almost fell! I don't know if I can hold on any longer! I'm sorry, Big; it's just no use. I can't reach him from here!
[Big appears to be struggling with the fishing pole.]
Big: Don't give up. Maybe it'll be easier if I hold you out a little bit more.
[But instead of heading back, Chris tries again. This time he reaches Froggy.]
Chris: Got him!
Big: All right! Hurry! Let's get out of here!

[Scene Change: Egg Carrier - Deck]

[Chris and Big with Froggy run out onto the deck, only to see Chaos 4 and Eggman in his Eggmobile.]
Chris: Oh no! ... It's Eggman!
[Eggman chuckles as Chaos menaces them. Eggman notices Froggy in Big's possession.]
Dr. Eggman: Well, well... Trying to get the jump on me, eh? [To Chaos] Chaos, this freaky Froggy has a most unusual tail, if you catch my meaning.
[Chaos growls savagely and steps foward.]
Chris: Quick, let's make a run for it!
Big: Argh!
[Chris and Big flee, but Chaos leaps in front of them to cut them off. Big runs into Chaos, causing him to drop Froggy.]
Chris: Put him down!
[Eggman has already picked up Froggy. He squeezes Froggy, causing him to cough up the Chaos Emerald. Eggman then adds the Chaos Emerald from Lily to his hand with a cloth and wipes the green Emerald clean.]
Dr. Eggman: And now, the amazing Eggman will do some magic. Two Emeralds! And now, to make them both disappear!
[He tosses both emeralds into Chaos, causing it to evolve into Chaos 6.]
Dr. Eggman: Now I know you had a big lunch today, Chaos, but I hope you saved room for some yummy dessert! Enjoy!
[Eggman floats above Chaos in the Eggmobile, and drops Froggy into Chaos.]
Chris: No!
Big: Hang on, Froggy, I'll save you!
[He charges towards Chaos.]
Chris: Stay back, Big!
[Big becomes stuck to Chaos.]
Chris: That'll work.
[He climbs onto Big in a effort to get to Froggy. He eventually reaches Froggy.]
Chris: I got you, Froggy.
Dr. Eggman: Well, Chaos?
[Chaos whips out its tail towards Chris and Big.]
Dr. Eggman: [Shrugs] Gotcha!
[Chaos absorbs Chris and Big. Froggy's tail disappears, causing it to grow on Chaos.]
Dr. Eggman: Heheh!
[Suddenly Sonic bursts out of a nearby wall.]
Dr. Eggman: It's Sonic!
Sonic: Holy cow! That's Chris in there! Hang on!
[Chaos extends several spines to attack Sonic with.]
Sonic: I'm coming, Chris!
[Sonic uses the spines to grind his way to Chaos' back. Chris weakly smiles. Sonic tries to reach for Chris through Chaos, but Chaos raises a part of itself to eject Sonic. Chris is shocked, and Eggman breathes a sigh of relief.]
Dr. Eggman: Now, Chaos! Let's whip that hedgehog into shape!
[Sonic gets up to dodge another tentacle. However, he gets knocked to the ground by another. Eggman laughs.]
Dr. Eggman: Tenderize him with your tendrils, Chaos!
Chris: [While inside Chaos] Sonic!
Sonic: Hold on, Chris. I'll get you out. Just hang tight.
[He looks up to see that Knuckles is holding up the tentacle.]
Sonic: Hey, Knuckles!
Knuckles: Don't worry. We'll get them out of here!
Sonic: Yeah? How?
Knuckles: I'll give ya a hint! [Chuckles]
[He holds up his fist.]
Sonic: Oh... Shovel Claw, huh?
Knuckles: You got a problem with that?
Sonic: Nope, no problem here, but if you get too close to that thing, it might suck that claw right in.
Knuckles: We gotta figure out some way to get through!
[Sonic gets up.]
Knuckles: There must be a weak spot hidden somewhere in that overgrown jellyfish!
[Sonic spots a brain-like core beneath Chaos' hide.]
Sonic: Hey, hold the phone there, buddy. Do you see what I see?
Knuckles: That's it!
[Sonic and Knuckles smile at each other. Knuckles destroys the tentacle before donning a Shovel Claw.]
Sonic: Ready, Knuckles?
Knuckles: Ready! Let's go!
[Knuckles leaps into the air...]
Knuckles: Now, Shovel Claw!
[...before slashing away Chaos' hide, exposing its core.]
Knuckles: Go for it!
[Sonic homing attacks the core, destroying Chaos 6 and causing it to explode into a watery mess. Eggman cries out. A soaking wet Chris is gasping for air, while Big holds Froggy.]
Big: Hey, Froggy?
[Knuckles picks up one of the Chaos Emeralds.]
Knuckles: There should be one more Emerald around here.
Sonic: Hey, Chris. You doin' OK?
Chris: [Nods] Mhm. Only problem is, how do we get off of this thing?
Sonic: We'll use the X-Tornado. Easy!
[Meanwhile, Eggman is making his getaway by using to oars to "row" through the air.]
Bocoe: Doctor, wait!
Decoe: You can't leave us here!
Sonic: Where do you think you're going?
Dr. Eggman: None of your business!
Decoe and Bocoe: Watch out, Doctor!
[Sonic grapples with the Eggmobile.]
Dr. Eggman: Let go of me, you hideous hedge-rat!
Chris: Sonic!
Knuckles: Don't worry. He can take care of himself.
[They see that Big and Froggy are already in the X-Tornado.]
Big: Sure is neat, huh, Froggy?
Knuckles: What's he doing?
Chris: Don't touch anything, Big!
Knuckles: What if he tries to fly that thing?
Chris: Big, wait for us!
[He presses a button that starts the X-Tornado's engines. Chris and Knuckles race towards it.]
Big: Uh-oh! I have a feeling we're in big trouble, Froggy!
Chris: Stay where you are!
Big: Too late!
[At the press of another button, the X-Tornado accelerates and begins to fall off the Egg Carrier.]
Knuckles: No!
Chris: Big, come baack!
Decoe: Where is everyone?
Bocoe: Search me.
Decoe: Oh well.
[Bocoe and Decoe leap off the Egg Carrier and activate parachutes.]
Bocoe: No use hanging around here.
Decoe: You can say that again.

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Garage]

[While the others are gathered in the lab, Amy is sitting on the stairs with Lily.]
Amy: I hope Sonic's okay. I wish we didn't have to leave him behind.
[Lily chirps.]
Amy: I know, you're sad too, Lily. That mean old Eggman took your Chaos Emerald away, didn't he?
[Lily opens the locket she is wearing, revealing a picture of herself with her family.]
Amy: Is that... your brother and sister?
[Lily chirps.]
Amy: Did Eggman catch them too?
[A now-teary Lily chirps.]
Amy: And when you were rescued, you had to leave them behind, didn't you?
[Lily chirps]
Amy: That's so sad... [Stands up] Lily, follow me!
[Lily chirps as Amy heads down the stairs.]
Amy: We're gonna find your brother and sister!
[Lily follows Amy.]

[Scene Change: Mystic Ruins]

[Sonic's head is stuck in the ground. He tries in vain to get it out. He then spins his legs, and frees himself, even if he takes out a few trees in the process. Sonic rubs his sore head.]
Sonic: Talk about a headache... Boy, that's the last time I hitch a ride with Eggman!
[He looks up and sees an old temple.]

[Scene Change: Earth]

Jerome: Who would have thought... Just a couple weeks ago, I was an adviser to the President. And now look at me...
[Jerome opens a dumpster and begins digging through it.]
Jerome: Digging through slimy dumpsters for my next meal. How low can I go?
[Eggman in the Eggmobile appears overhead.]
Jerome: Eggman!
Dr. Eggman: Who are you?
Jerome: You might not remember me, sir. I was an adviser to the President.
Dr. Eggman: Oh, is that so? And what are you doing these days besides not bathing?
Jerome: To tell you the truth, not much of anything. If you could help me out, I'd appreciate it.
Dr. Eggman: I have just the thing to put the spark in that hum-drum life of yours.
Jerome: I'll take it! I'll take it!
[Eggman drops something from the Eggmobile.]
Dr. Eggman: Here. Try this.
Jerome: Thank you! Thank you, sir! Thank you!
[Jerome inspects the object, which resembles a black cube.]
Dr. Eggman: The pleasure's mine.
[The box expands outwards until it becomes a giant missile that can be seen from wuite a distance away.]

[Scene Change: Station Square]

People: (Where'd it come from?) (Some kind of missile!)
Crew: Action!
Scarlet Garcia: This is Scarlet Garcia live from Station Square, where an unidentified missile has been discovered.
Dr. Eggman: It was sure nice knowing you all. Bye-bye!
[Eggman presses a button to launch the missile.]
Dr. Eggman: So long, Station Square! [Laughs]
[Tails flies after the missile as it courses over Station Square.]
Tails: What was that thing? ... Oh no!
Person: It's going to crash!
[The missile embeds itself into an overpass.]
People: (It came out of nowhere!) (That bridge could go any minute!)
[Tails lands nearby.]
Tails: It looks like no one was hurt.
[Bokkun shows up and hovers in front of the missile.]
Bokkun: Now listen up. I got a message, and it's from Eggman, so you both better listen good!
[He pulls out his TV which then activates.]
Dr. Eggman: Well, well... I hope you all enjoyed my surprise. I had a blast putting that together, and you'll have a blast in about two minutes, when my missile goes off.
[The people scream and run.]
Dr. Eggman: And now my trusty assistant Bokkun will begin the final countdown. Bokkun?
Bokkun: Uh... Countdown?
Dr. Eggman: Start counting.
Bokkun: Okay.
[The TV turns off. Bokkun starts counting.]
Bokkun: 120, 119...
Tails: If Sonic were here, he'd know what to do.
Sonic: [in Tails' thoughts] Hey, no sweat, pal!
Bokkun: ...113, 112, 111...
[The people who didn't flee look at Tails.]
Tails: What are you all looking at me for? There's nothing I can do about this. I wish... He said I should try... He said I could do anything I try.
[He musters up his courage.]
Tails: All right... I'll give it my best shot! Here goes!

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Chuck's lab]

[Chuck and the others are watching Tails on TV.]
Scarlet: It looks as though Tails is attempting to defuse the bomb.

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[With screwdriver and scissors in hand, Tails is attempting to defuse the bomb.]
Tails: If only I could figure out... which is the right wire... If I cut the wrong one, this thing will detonate. But I... I don't have much time.
[Bokkun is flying around and still counting.]
Bokkun: 83... 82... 81... 80...
Tails: Sonic...
[He has a flashback of the time he first met Sonic.]
Tails: Sonic's always been there for me. He's taught me so much. But maybe now it's time for me to stand on my own two feet.
[The flashback ends.]
Tails: I know a lot of techno stuff. I should be able to disarm this thing in no time.
[He gets to work.]
Tails: Now let's see... It can't be that one... Hmm... I got it!
[The bomb does nothing.]
Tails: I did it!
[He looks down to see everyone cheering for him.]
People: (All right!) (Thank you!)
Tails: Thanks, everyone!
[Bokkun taps him on the shoulder.]
Tails: What is it?
[Bokkun shakes Tails' hand.]
Tails: Thanks.
Bokkun: Yeah, well, you just wait 'til I tell Dr. Eggman! Hah!
[He flies away. Tails stares after him.]
Tails: I really did it, didn't I?

[Scene Change: Forest]

[The X-Tornado plummets to the ground and crashes into a forest. Big, Chris, and Knuckles are sprawled out on a beach.]
Chris: Everybody okay?
[Knuckles gets up and starts to leave.]
Chris: Where are you going, Knuckles?
Knuckles: I'm gonna find a way back to Angel Island. Good luck, Chris.
[Knuckles leaves. Big wakes up.]
Big: Hey, where are we?
Chris: In Mystic Ruin, I think.
[The X-Tornado falls out of the trees, scaring Chris and Big.]
Chris: Whoa, that was close!
Big: It almost crushed us.
Chris: Heheh, I guess we're just... lucky.
Big: Lucky...
[Froggy croaks.]
Chris: Hey look...
[He notices something shiny the X-Tornado has unearthed, and runs over.]
Chris: A Chaos Emerald! I think it's the seventh one.
[He runs in the direction Knuckles went in.]
Chris: Hey! Knuckles!
Big: See ya, buddy.
[Froggy croaks.]
Big: I'm sleepy. What do you say you and me go home, Froggy?
[Big wades across the lake. The episode ends.]