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Head Games

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"Head Games" is the seventeenth episode of the Sonic Underground television series. It first aired on 3 March 1999 in France and on 21 September 1999 in the United States. It was included in Volume 1 and Sonic to the Rescue.


As Sonic begins to chow chili dogs for a snack, he finds a message in the sack from his mother urging him to head to Speedster Island. When he, Manic and Sonia arrive, what they encounter is an ancient sanctuary that is about to be overrun by Robotnik and sold off bit by bit. The hedgehogs must persuade Bartleby to end his deal to build a resort on the beautiful island and save the people of the village from becoming slaves of Dr. Robotnik.


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Réserve surnaturelle Surnatural reserve
Spanish Juego de astucia Sly Game
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