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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (film series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Hawaii is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog film series produced by Paramount Pictures and its spin-offs. It is a state in the United States, consisting of an archipelago of islands located in the Pacific Ocean. A popular vacation destination, Hawaii features various tourist attractions, luxury hotels, and tropical beaches.


Film series

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

With Rachel and her fiancé Randall having arranged for their wedding to be held in Hawaii, Tom and Maddie would travel to Hawaii through a Ring provided by Sonic in order to attend the event. Some time after arriving there, Tom would check up on Sonic, who was staying home, before trying to befriend Randall. After a brief joke from Randall, he and Tom managed to get along. After that, Tom and Rachel decided to bury the hatchet between them, although Rachel threatened Tom not to mess anything up. Later, Tom lost a volleyball match to Randall's squad, but they remained on good terms. When Jojo then came over to Tom to show him that she had been selected to be the wedding's ringbearer, Tom played a brief prank on her by temporarily snatching Rachel's wedding ring. Afterwards, Maddie would assure Tom that Sonic would find his way when Tom wanted Sonic to find a squad like Randall's.

As Rachel and Randall's wedding went underway, Tom would receive phone calls from Sonic, interrupting the ceremony. When Tom finally decided to answer however, he learned that Sonic was currently trying to escape an avalanche in Siberia and that he needed him to open a Ring portal in his location. When Tom failed to open said portal however, Tom noticed that he had gotten Rachel's wedding ring mixed up with Sonic's Ring, which Randall was about to put on Rachel's finger. Intruding on the ceremony, Tom retrieved the Ring from Randall by force and opened it, leaving it for Sonic to make it through the portal with an unconscious Tails and a wave of snow. After Sonic had explained that Dr. Robotnik was back and searching for the Master Emerald however, he and Tails got captured by G.U.N. agents. Appearing on the scene as well, Commander Walters explained the situation to the guests and revealed Randall to be a G.U.N. agent as well, infuriating Rachel as she learned that her wedding was a set up for Operation: Catfish. Afterwards, Sonic, Tails, and Tom, who got apprehended as well, were escorted to the holding area in a hotel. Maddie tried warning Walters of Robotnik's return and that they needed Sonic to stop him, but Walters chose to have G.U.N. handle that themselves.

When Jojo brought Tails' backpack of gadgets to Maddie and Rachel, the pair decided to resolve this situation themselves. After making it past some patrolling agents, Maddie went after Sonic, Tails, and Tom to free them while Rachel confronted Randall and Walters. While Maddie successfully freed Sonic, Tails and Tom, Rachel made Walters surrender and reconciled with Randall, who admitted that his love for her was real. As Sonic, Tom, and Maddie tended to Tails though, they saw a green light pillar emerge in the horizon, which signified that Robotnik had found the Master Emerald. Deciding to fix this mess alone, Sonic left Hawaii, running hundreds of miles across the Pacific Ocean in order to reach the location of the Master Emerald. Meanwhile, Tails woke up, but was too weak to follow. As Tails told them of the threat Sonic was up against, Tom and Maddie got a restrained Walters to listen to them.


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