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Sonic Underground
Harmony or Something (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "Harmony or Something".

[The Sonic Underground theme song plays]
Aleena (narrating): My children were training, learning to master their powers, in spite of Robotnik's efforts to capture them.
Robotnik: You've lost the hedgehogs! You destroyed my command ship! I'm done with you! Take them to the roboticizer room.
Sleet and Dingo: [gasps]
Sleet: Wait, Your Excellency! I have something you must see! The hedgehogs!
Dingo: Yeah, the hedgehogs! We saw 'em!
Robotnik: Wait! This had better be good.
Sleet: I recovered this from the ship! It shows-
Robotnik: Silence! [plays the disc and watches the hedgehogs training] They're training! The Oracle is up to this. All right - since I am such a benevolent ruler, I will give you one last chance.
Sleet: [kisses] Thank you, Your Excellency! [kisses] Thank you, thank you! [kisses]
Robotnik: Eww, stop that! Now, get up and pay attention!
Sleet: Oh, yes, Your Wonderfulness!
Robotnik: Search the northern plains. Find the Oracle's cave, then report back to me. Now leave!
Sleet: Yes, sir! We will not fail you, sir!
Robotnik: Ready a ship. It's time to hunt down the Resistance. [snickers]
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: Aarrgh!
Sonia: I can barely see!
Manic: Good, then maybe the dragon can't see either.
Sonic and Sonia: [gasps]
Manic: Huh? Nope, looks like it's not gonna be a problem for him.
Sonic: No biggie! I can handle him.
Sonia: Sonic Hedgehog, remember: we work together!
Sonic: Hey, sis, no problemo! I learned my lesson. [gets his guitar out] Let's see if we can get these puppies to work.
Sonia: Remember: they only become weapons if we're in harmony!
Manic: Yo, I'm feelin' righteously harmonious. How about a little drum roll?
Sonic: Oh, man, all this concentrating makes my head hurt!
Sonia: Sonic?
Sonic: Okay, okay. Hit it, sis!
Sonia: Wow...
Sonic: All right! Rock 'n' roll!
Manic: Crashin'! [his drums crack the ground open] Whoa, gotta love this!
Sonic: Yo, Manic! What's the matter with you? What good's an earthquake when that thing's flying?
Sonia: Well, so much for harmony.
Sonic: Oh boy, I blew it! Sorry, Manic.
Manic: It's okay, just get us into the castle really quick!
Sonic: Whoa, scratch one escape route! At least we got him back.
Sonia: Hmm... he doesn't land. He just hovers! And when Manic shot that shaft of rock up at it, did you see the way it veered away?
Manic: And that would mean...?
Sonic: Duck!
Sonia: I think it's an air elemental.
Sonic: Yeah, that'd be my guess(!) What the heck is that?!
Sonia: It's a creature of the air. If it touches the earth, it will be destroyed!
Sonic: Where do you get this stuff?
Sonia: We like to call it "school"!
Sonic: Heh. Oh yeah! That.
Sonia: Do you think you can push a plate of earth up to hit the dragon?
Manic: I can try.
Sonic: Well here's your chance. Incoming!
Manic: Wow!
Sonic: That pretty much sums it up.
Manic: What now?
Sonic and Manic: [gasps]
Sonic: Oh no, we gotta get outta here! [warps away] Oh, no!
Sonia: Aahhh! [warps back to the temple] Phew!
Thelonious: [chuckles] Young Manic, you were disappointed because the others had wonderful powers, while yours seemed small.
Manic: Yeah, I guess so.
Thelonious: Yours is the most powerful gift of all! But it must be used carefully.
Sonic: Way past cool! Manic the Earthshaker!
Thelonious: But remember: control of the earth can set off forces beyond your control. You must be careful. [groans]
Sonia: Thelonious, what is it?
Thelonious: Many souls in Robotropolis have been lost.
Sonic: Yo, Big T, what do you mean?
Thelonious: Look!
Sonic: That's Trevor, a bud of mine in the Resistance! We gotta go back! We gotta!
Thelonious: Please reconsider. Your training is incomplete, young friends. You are not ready to leave.
Sonic: Sorry, Big T. Gotta do it.
Sonia: Sonic, can we talk about this?
Sonic: Okay, let's talk. Look guys, you can stay, but-
Sonia: Sonic Hedgehog, you may be the most impatient, aggravating, annoying, impulsive...!
Sonic: Gee, I wish I time for this flattery, but-
Sonia: ...but I have also learned that you have the biggest heart in the world. If you truly believe this is the right thing to do... I'm with you.
Manic: Yeah, me too man!
Sonic: Sonia, sis, bro... you guys are the best! Now let's go kick some Robotnik butt!
Sonic and Manic: All right! Yeah!
Sonia: Yeah! Yeah!
Thelonious: It appears that your minds are made up.
Sonic: Hey, this is somethin' we have to do!
Thelonious: And so you shall.
Sonia: Must be the maid's day off.
Sonic: Too bad we didn't set down in Robotnik's headquarters. Now we gotta find a way in!
Manic: Gotcha covered, man! What you need is the Mouse Patrol.
Sonic: Huh...?
Manic: There's a special passageway here. Mouse Patrol is the first job the Thieves' Guild assigns to kids. Stealin' food and stuff from Robotnik.
Sonia: I think it's disgusting. Teaching kids to steal!
Sonic: Could we debate this later? Let's not forget about Trevor.
Bartleby: But how would I know where Sonia is, sir?
Robotnik: Because she's your fiancée!
Bartleby: Sir, you can hardly hold me responsible for her actions! And I think my yearly contributions to your cause prove my loyalty.
Sonia: That old Bartleby always walks the fine line.
Sonic: What d'ya see in that guy?! Barf!
Sonia: Huh?
Bartleby: Why, isn't that...?
Robotnik: Hm, I see you recognize the latest addition to my staff.
Sonia: [gasps] Lady Windermere!
Robotnik: She opposed me. That's in such poor taste. [grabs a drink] Ahh! [sips] Don't you agree, Bartleby?
Bartleby: Uhh... yes sir, I do.
Robotnik: Yes... well, you may go now, Bartleby. [sips] [activates a monitor] Interrogation status?
Computer: Subject approaching beta open brain status. All information in his mind shall be available in 23.5 minutes.
Robotnik: Excellent! Contact me when he's ready. I'll be in the hangar.
Sonia: [gasps]
Sonic: Where you goin'?
Sonia: To find Lady Windermere!
Sonic: It's too late, Sonia.
Manic: Once it happens, there's no bringin' 'em back.
Sleet: Launch surveillance bots! How are we supposed to find anything here? It all looks the same... white!
Dingo: Not on this one!
Sleet: Huh?!
Computer: Heat source detected. Heat source detected.
Sleet: Lock co-ordinates. All units in stealth mode!
Dingo: Are we there yet?
Sleet: In your case... no.
Sonic: Come on, come on! I'm waitiiing!
Sonia: Hang on! I'm not used to this system.
Sonic: Exactly what are we doing here?
Manic: This stuff could come in handy!
Sonic: What'd I tell you about stealing? And besides, what if you set off the alarm?
Sonia: I got it!
Sonic and Sonia: [gasps]
Sonia: Trevor's in level 4. Right here!
Sonic: Great! Let's go- huh?
Sleet: Sleet reporting, sir.
Robotnik: Go ahead.
Sleet: We found the Oracle's cave. Transmitting surveillance video, now!
Robotnik: Make sure he doesn't detect you. I'm deploying forces!
Sleet: As you wish, sir.
Sonic: Now we've gotta get Trevor, then warn the Oracle.
Manic: Whoa dude, stop! It's SWATbot City out there! I vote we take the Thieves' Highway again.
Robotnik: Excellent, excellent-uh! Soon I'll be rid of the blasted Oracle and those obnoxious hedgehogs!
Computer: Intruder alert. Level 4, Section C.
Robotnik: SWATbots converge on the area! Get me those hedgehogs!
Trevor: He's gonna seal every entrance!
Manic: So why don't we just go out an exit? Uh-huh?
Sonic: Haha, good one!
Sonia: Oh, wonderful(!) We're ten seconds away from being roboticized, and you two are cracking jokes!
Sonic: Yeah, she's right. Besides, we gotta find a way to get to the Oracle, too.
Sonia: Hmmm... we could always fly out.
Manic: Oh, now who's trying to be funny?
Sonia: I'm not trying to be funny! I'm talking about stealing a ship!
Manic: Huh? Uh, stealing? Yeah, uh, wouldn't that be wrong?
Sonia: Point made. We'll borrow a ship. Now let's get out of here!
Trevor: I'll steal a small ship and lead them away, while you join the main force.
Sonic: Sounds like a plan to me! Be careful, Trevor.
Sonia: I don't have a clue!
Manic: That's Robotnik's security panel. Only way past is with a frequency harmonizer. [reaches into his bag] Oh, look what I borrowed from Robotnik! A frequency harmonizer! Handy, huh? [laughs]
Sonic: All right, all right, just use it! [Manic inserts the device and the ship's hatch opens] [gasps]
Sonic: What's taking Trevor so long? [a ship flies past] Finally! [takes off] Outta here!
Manic: Oh, man! Talk about hidin' in plain sight!
Sonic: Way, WAY past cool!
Sonia: I just hope Trevor is all right.
Robotnik: Where is it?
SWATbot: Stolen craft has grounded, sir. Closing in.
Robotnik: Show me!
SWATbot: Ship abandoned, sir.
Robotnik: NOOOO!
Trevor: Good luck, hedgehogs!
Manic: So how do we find the Oracle's cave?
Sonia: Guess you didn't think about that, did you Mr. Impulsive?
Sonic: Hey, get off my case! It's not like you had some great masterplan.
Robotnik: Right here, in the palm of my hand, and they got away! How did they do it?!
SWATbot: Unauthorized ship approaching attack squadron.
Robotnik: Ship? Whose ship?
SWATbot: It is from our fleet, sir.
Robotnik: Who's flying it? Activate ship surveillance! [sees the hedgehogs on a monitor] Oh, this is too good!
Sonic: Yeah, we've gotta find the Oracle's cave.
Manic: How about we just follow Robotnik's ships?
Sonia: Oh, now there's an idea. And how do you propose that we do that? [Manic points to one of Robotnik's ships] Oh!
Sonic: Hey, this thing's not workin'!
Robotnik: [laughs] Ah, hedgehogs! I thought you might want to know that your ship's self-destruct mechanism has been activated!
Sonia: That's not a good thing, is it?
Robotnik: And I'm afraid I had to seal the hatches. [laughs evilly]
Manic: [strains] Yo, he has full control of the ship!
Computer: Self-destruct in T minus fifteen... Fourteen... Thirteen...
Sonic: [gasps]
Computer: Twelve...
Sonic: Manic, tell me you can get us outta here!
Computer: Eleven... Ten...
Manic: Well, I was gonna take the master override key, but...
Computer: Nine...
Manic: You told me it was no time to be stealin' stuff.
Sonic: Are you nuts? Why'd ya listen to me?!
Computer: Eight... Seven... Six...
Manic: I didn't. [laughs]
Computer: Five... Four... Three... Two...
Manic: Jump!
Computer: One...
Sonia: Nice work, Manic! Now what do we do?
Sonic: Hey, it's just snow! It won't hurt a bit! I hope...
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: Aaahh! Whooaaa! [lands in snow] Oof! [groans]
Sonia: Well, that was pretty painless(!) Ohh...
Manic: Oh boy, company!
Sonic: Outta here!
Sonia: Sonic, slow down! We don't know what's inside the cave.
Sonic: Hey, when it comes to speed, you just gotta trust me.
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: Whoooaaaa!
Sleet: That was them! The hedgehogs! Mobilize the SWATbots! We've got them trapped!
Manic: Don't move.
Sonia: We are so in trouble! Nice break, Sonic(!)
Sonic: Hey, I got us away from those ships.
Sonia: And this is soooo much better(!)
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: Whooaaa! [hits the cave wall] Oof!
Sonic: Hey, now we just climb out!
Sonia: Sonic, no! It might-
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: Whoooaaaa!
Sonia: Great, now look what you've done!
Sonic: Hey, get off my case!
Manic: Yo, stop it!
Sonia: Well, if you thought before you acted-
Sonic: Listen, princess...!
Manic: Look!
Sonic and Sonia: Huh?
Aleena (vision): My children!
Sonia: Mother!
Aleena (vision): I only have a moment, so listen carefully. Remember your training. You must work together. If you commit to each other and our cause, then you will always be able to use your medallions. The Oracle is in grave danger, and without him the Resistance will fall. You must resolve your differences and help him. I know you can do it. I love you!
Sonic: You're okay, sis.
Sonia: [gasps] So are you!
["We're All In This Together" plays]
Sonic: Time to fly, guys!
Sleet: Well, well, the hedgehogs! And unarmed! Perhaps you should surrender, don't you think?
Sonic: Think again!
Dingo: Nice shot, Sonia!
Sleet: GET THEM!
Sonic: The ships! We gotta stop them!
Manic: Stand behind me!
Sonia: Careful, Manic! Focus.
Sonic: You can do it, bro!
Manic: Gotta project it outward. Here goes...
Sleet: Oh, those cursed hedgehogs! [gets in his ship] That's it! I don't care if Robotnik wants them captured. I am going to bury them! Time for the mega laser!
Sonic: Look!
Manic: Hang on!
Sonic and Sonia: Uhh!
Sonic: I'm impressed!
Sleet: What's that?
Sleet and Dingo: Aargh!
Sonic: All right! Yeah!
Sonia: Yay, all right, we did it!
Oracle: You have bonded as family, young hedgehogs.
Sonic: Yeah, and...?
Oracle: [chuckles] And now, you have earned the ability to use your powers whenever you wish.
Sonia: That's great, but will we ever defeat Robotnik?
Oracle: Your spirit and devotion to your cause will determine the outcome.
Manic: Does he ever just walk away?
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: [laughs]
Sonic: Time to blow this icicle stand!
Aleena: Robotnik couldn't have destroyed you.
Oracle: But your children didn't know that. And through their willingness to help others, they have gained their powers.
Aleena: And so it begins.
[The credits roll]