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Sonic the Hedgehog
Harmonic Sonic (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Harmonic Sonic".

[Scene: Robotropolis.]

Computer: Five...Four...Three...Two...One...Ignition.
Snively: It's a go, Doctor. The spy ship is being boosted to flight altitude.
Robotnik: My Sky Spy, Snively. A magnificent sight don't you think?
Snivley: Affirmative, Sir. Magnificent.
Robotnik: If the hedgehog only knew what was in store for warms my metallic heart.

[Scene Change: Knothole Village.]

Sonic: What the heck was that?
[Random Freedom Fighters begin to mumble]
Rotor: Careful, Tails. Still hot.
Bunnie: What is that old thing?
Sally: It's a rocket booster.
Sonic: Definitely a Robuttnik war toy.
Sally: He's up to another one of his evil schemes.
Tails: Sally! Look up there!
Bunnie: Is that some kind of satellite or what?
Sally: Nah; it's too low for a satellite, Bunnie. I bet it's some kind of spy ship.

[Scene Change: Rotor's Workshop.]

Rotor: [Looks through a telescope.] Yeah. You were right on, Sally. It's loaded with all kinds of sensors. Definitely a spy ship.
Sonic: We're gonna have to trash it.
Antoine: But how? It is way up there and we are way down here.
Sally: I can pick up its signals on my CompuRadio.
Sonic: Maybe we can -do- something with the old rocket booster.

[Scene Change: Booster Crash Site.]

Sonic: I'm ready, Rote.
Rotor: Go for warp!
Sonic: Piece of cake. Juice time!
[Sonic runs super fast on the trendmill, powering up the rocket booster]
Sonic: We -are- cooking now, baby!
Rotor: Supercharge city, Sonic!
Sonic: Cool! Yeah, man. Vrrroooom! We're out of here.

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Command Center.]

Snivley: Sky spy sensors are sending new data, Sir. We've picked up some electromagnetic radiation coming from the Great Forest.
Robotnik: This may be it, Snively. Launch a Stealth Bot.
Snivley: Yes, Sir.
Robotnik: Now, we will find Knothole. Oh, this is good!

[Scene Change: CompuRadio.]

Radio: [scrambled robotic voice] Robotnik...Knothole
Sally: Listen. There.
Antoine: What kind of tongue is speaking those funny things, eh?
Sally: Nicole, apply voice descrambler.
Nicole: Descrambler online, Sally.
Sally: It says...Message from Sky Spy to Robotnik. Sensors probing for location of Knothole... Sky Spy! Robotnik -is- spying on us!
Antoine: [Gasps.]
Sally: Here's some more...Sky Spy sensors now guiding Stealth Bot into the Great Forest.

[Scene Change: Meeting Table in Knothole.]

Sally: I have bad news. Robotnik's spy sensors are zeroing in on Knothole. A Stealth Bot is on its way. Got any ideas?

[Scene Change: Outside Knothole.]

Rotor: Cool, Sonic. It's juiced. Here it comes. It's locked onto our energy field.
Sonic: Time to eat your lunch, Stealth Bot.
[A Stealth Bot fires at Sonic and Rotor, as Rotor activates the energy field]
Sonic: Let's juice, Rote.
[Sonic and Rotor escape from the Shield Bot as it crashed into the lake after getting hit]
Sonic: Way to go! Scratch one Stealth Bot.

[Scene Change: Booster Crash Site.]

Sonic: Ready to motor, Rotor?
Rotor: Let 'er rip.
Sonic: Hit it, Big Guy.
Tails: Cool.
Rotor: You guys ready to rock 'n' roll?
Bunnie: We're ready, sugar.
Rotor: Go for it!
Antoine: [Straining and mumbling.] I am thinking I will blow a casket...
Bunnie: [Straining] Oh, sugar, -I'm- the one who's gonna blow a casket.
Sally: Steady, guys!
[Sally contacts Nicole]
Sally: Nicole, bring up launch angle data for booster.
Nicole: Searching, Sally...program accessed.
Sally: Hold it there, guys.

[Antione ties the rope]

Bunnie: Got it, Sally!
Sally: Ready for launch, Sonic.
Sonic: Do it to it, Sal.
Tails & Sally: Five...Four...Three...Two...One.
Sally: Ignition!
Tails: Bye, Sonic! Bye, Rotor!
Sally: Good luck, guys.

[Scene Change: Booster Rocket.]

Sonic: Way, -way- past cool, Rote.
Rotor: We did it. Yes! Check it out, Sonic.
Sonic: Man, that -is- beautiful. From here you can't tell Robotnik is destroying everything.
Rotor: We'll get him, Sonic.
Sonic: Yeah. He's nothing but a nothing.
Rotor: Uh, oh. Problemo.
Sonic: Man, that junk heap is polluting the air big time. What's up?
Rotor: We're already there...
Sonic & ROTOR: ...and there's no place to land! [Scream]
Rotor: There's got to be -some- place to land.
Sonic: I see a place, Rote, cruise in for a closer look. Drop into that slot.

[Scene Change: Sky Spy.]

Rotor: Think anyone saw us?
Sonic: Like who? The joint looks deserted.
Rotor: Naw, we couldn't be -that- lucky.
Sonic: Yeah. Somewhere we'll run into butt bots, guaranteed.
[Someone is seen sneaking up to Sonic and Rotor]
Sonic: Whadya say, Rote? You think the main sensors are in there?
Rotor: We won't know until we get inside.
Sonic: Well let’s...
Sonic & ROTOR: Yikes!
Sonic: Man, and I thought the SWATbots were ugly!

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Command Center.]

Snivley: Doctor Robotnik, a video transmission from Sky Spy...
Robotnik: The hedgehog? How is that possible?

[Scene Change: Sky Spy.]

Rotor: It's a Surveillance Bot!
Sonic: Uh. Yeah? Yo, Robuttnik! This beach ball of yours is going down, man, hard and fast. Count on it.

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Command Center.]

Robotnik: The hedgehog won't last the night. Snively, alert Sky Spy of their presence.

[Scene Change: Sky Spy.]

Brain Bot: This is Sky Spy control.
Snivley: Freedom Fighters on board. Capture at will.
Brain Bot: Affirmative. Code Three alert.
Sonic: Sounds like the word is out on us, Rote. Huh?
[Sonic and Rotor look behind, as the monster's tentacles grabbed them and he frees Rotor]
Sonic: Hang in, Rote. I'm gonna teach this drooler some manners.
[Using his super speed, Sonic runs into the wall and ties up the monster with his own tentacles]
Sonic: You okay, Rote?
Rotor: Me? Didn't scare me a bit. [shakes his hand] Like a rock.
Sonic: Way cool. Let’s check out the town. Maybe we can find something there.
[Sonic and Rotor does their handshake]
Sonic: That's the place, Rote.
Rotor: The place for what?
Sonic: To get some info on the sensor.
Rotor: [sarcastic] Yeah, right. You're just going to stroll in there and ask.
Sonic: As Sal would say, 'I have a plan'.

[Scene Change: Sky Spy Bar.]

Sonic: [disguised as a robot] Mind if I sit in?
[A chair is thrown at Sonic, which he dodges]
Sonic: Don't mind if I do.
Sax Bot: You better be good, man, or you're tinfoil.
[The other robots play their musical instruments while Sonic plays his guitar. The audience boos at Sonic and one of the members throws a can at the robot near Sonic]
Sax Bot: Man! You are -terrible-...knotwurst!
Sonic: Yeah? Well you don't blow such a hot nose yourself.
[The Sax Bot comes at Sonic, but he hits him with his guitar]
Sonic: Oops. Gotta watch that first lunge, double dork.
[The Sax Bot gets up]
Sonic: Now -that's- cool! You look good dented.
Sax Bot: Where's your gig, man?
Sonic: Spy sensors.
Sax Bot: A Brain Bot, huh? We HATE Brain Bots here!
Sonic: Yeah, must be a bummer not to have a brain.
Sax Bot: I -have- a brain.
Sonic: Oh, yeah?
Sax Bot: Yeah!
Sonic: Bet you can't even answer a dumb question.
Sax Bot: Try me.
Sonic: Okay. Where are the spy sensors?
Sax Bot: Building 105. South tower.
Sonic: Cool. You -do- have -half- a brain.

[Sonic looses his disguise as the Sax Bot blows its horns in frustration]

Sax Bot: Hey! You're bogus, man!
[The Sax Bot tries to grab Sonic, but he escapes from him]
Sax Bot: He's a Freedom Fighter! Get him!
Sonic: You got -that- right, twin beaks!
[The other robots come towards Sonic]
Sonic: Yo! Hold it! Hold it! Know what your problem is?
[The robots stop]
Sonic: You're all ugly. Look, I'd like to hang and insult you some more, but I gotta juice. Adios!
Rotor: Whatcha find out?
Sonic: Tell ya on the way; we're gone.

[Scene Change: Sky Spy, Outside Building 105.]

Sonic: That's the spy sensor...building 105, south tower.
Rotor: That looks like the place. And here's our ride.
Sonic: Let's slide, Clyde.
Rotor: [distracting a 'bot that looks like a bug] Oops. Uh, hi. What's up?
Bug Bot: [Screeches.]
Sonic: Lock-up time, chrome-dome.
Rotor: Spring loaded. That should lock it up tight.
Sonic: [sarcastic, to Bug Bot] Need anything else? Pillow? Soft drink?

[Scene Change: Sky Spy, Top of South Tower.]

Sonic: Your call, Rote.
Rotor: We've got to disconnect that main sensor tube.
Sonic: Sensor tube? Oh, sensor tube. I knew that.
[Sonic runs around the sensor tube and takes off the main component from it]
Sonic: Bingo!
[Sonic runs back to Rotor]
Sonic: Whoa! That sucker is -hot-! Hoo-wee!
Rotor: Yes!
Sonic: Yes! Are we cool or what?

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Command Center.]

Robotnik: What is -this-, Snively?
Snivley: I suspect it's the hedgehog, Sir.
Robotnik: The hedgehog?
Snivley: [meekly] Yes, sir.
Robotnik: Then don't you think it would be wise for you to -stop- him?
Snivley: Yes, Sir. Very wise, Sir.
Robotnik: The Stealth Bot lost its tracking signal, Snively. Recall it.
Snivley: Will do, Sir. Stealth Bot 208...mission aborted.

[Scene Change: Knothole.]

Snivley: [heard via CompuRadio] Repeat. Mission aborted. Return to base. Return to base.
Sally: Yes. Yes! They did it. The spy sensor is history.
Antoine: [gasps] Sacre bleu. It look extremely dangerous...
Sally: It's some kind of high voltage chain-reaction. I hope they're heading home.

[Scene Change: Sky Spy.]

Rotor: There's our ride home, Sonic.
[Rotor opens the entrance to the Hover Unit]
Rotor: We'll just cruise back to Mobius in style.
Sonic: You're cool flying this thing, right Rote?
Rotor: Well, pretty cool.
Sonic: Let's juice. Way to motor, Rot-ski!
[The Hover Unit takes off]
Sonic: Yo, Rote; are we going any higher than two feet?
Rotor: It's got turbo burners somewhere...
Sonic: Whadya mean 'somewhere'? Flip 'em all!
Rotor: [click] Oops.
Sonic: Bingo, baby! Adios, spy butt!
[The Hover Unit escapes from the Sky Spy]
Sonic: There's Knothole. Drop the old bucket into the sling
Rotor: Easier said than done, Sonic.
Sonic: You can do it, Rote. Piece of cake.
Rotor: Okay. Here we go...

[Scene Change: Knothole.]

Tails: Wow-wee!
Sonic: Ugly, but cool.
Rotor: Very ugly.
Sally: Are you guys alright?
Sonic: Sure. No problemo, Sal. What’s up?
Sally: There's a new 'problemo'. Sky Spy is looking a little...shaky.

[Scene Change: CompuRadio & Telescope.]

Sonic: Whoa. You're right, Sal. Definitely shaky. The ol' Sky Spy could trash Mobius big time.
Sally: Somehow we have to guide it down somewhere away from Knothole. Rotor, what about your super magnet?

[Scene Change: Knothole, Top of a Cliff]

Sonic: The junk ball is about to cut loose, Rote. Get ready to juice it.
Rotor: Contact.
[Rotor presses the button, activating the Super Magnet]
Rotor: It's happening, Sonic. Big time! [scared] Let's haul some serious haunch!
Sonic: Rocket time!

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Command Center.]

Robotnik: Listen closely, Snively; it could be crucial to your health.
[Robotnik turns to Snivley]
Robotnik: The hedgehog and his band of fools will be eliminated! Do I make myself clear?
Snivley: Y-Yes, Sir. Very clear, Sir.

[Scene Change: Great Forest.]

Sally: By working together, we stopped Robotnik one more time.

[The crowd begins cheering]

Sally: We owe a special thanks to the courage and ingenuity of Sonic and Rotor.

[The crowd continues to cheer]

Random Freedom Fighter: Take -that- you sneaky Robotnik!
Crowd: Sonic! Rotor! Sonic! Rotor! Sonic! Rotor! Sonic! Rotor!
Sonic: Hey, Rote!
Sally: Where -is- Rotor?
Rotor: Sonic, check it out!
[Rotor shows up with his new invention]
Rotor: My latest invention...a nifty quill styler made especially for hedgehogs. You could use it, Sonic. All that electricity trashed your 'do. Give it a shot.
[Sonic puts on the machine's helmet, as Rotor activates the machine.]
Rotor: Hit it!
Sonic: Whoa!
[As Sonic runs on the treadmill, he is lifted into the air by the machine, and Rotor turns it off. Sonic pops out from the helmet, very dazed and extremely dizzy, and his quills are completely ruined]
Rotor: Uh, oh.
Sally: [sarcastic] Uh...nice quills.
Sonic: [Screams.]