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Sonic the Hedgehog
Harmonic Sonic (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Harmonic Sonic".

[Scene: Robotropolis.]

Computer: Five...Four...Three...Two...One...Ignition.
Snively: It's a go, Doctor. The spy ship is being boosted to flight altitude.
Robotnik: My Sky Spy, Snively. A magnificent sight don't you think?
Snivley: Affirmative, Sir. Magnificent.
Robotnik: If the hedgehog only knew what was in store for warms my metallic heart.

[Scene Change: Knothole Village.]

Sonic: What the heck was that?
[Random Freedom Fighters begin to mumble]
Rotor: Careful, Tails. Still hot.
Bunnie: What is that old thing?
Sally: It's a rocket booster.
Sonic: Definitely a Robuttnik war toy.
Sally: He's up to another one of his evil schemes.
Tails: Sally! Look up there!
Bunnie: Is that some kind of satellite or what?
Sally: Nah; it's too low for a satellite, Bunnie. I bet it's some kind of spy ship.

[Scene Change: Rotor's Workshop.]

Rotor: [Looks through a telescope.] Yeah. You were right on, Sally. It's loaded with all kinds of sensors. Definitely a spy ship.
Sonic: We're gonna have to trash it.
Antoine: But how? It is way up there and we are way down here.
Sally: I can pick up its signals on my CompuRadio.
Sonic: Maybe we can -do- something with the old rocket booster.

[Scene Change: Booster Crash Site.]

Sonic: I'm ready, Rote.
Rotor: Go for warp!
Sonic: Piece of cake. Juice time!
[Sonic runs super fast on the trendmill, powering up the rocket booster]
Sonic: We -are- cooking now, baby!
Rotor: Supercharge city, Sonic!
Sonic: Cool! Yeah, man. Vrrroooom! We're out of here.

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Command Center.]

Snivley: Sky spy sensors are sending new data, Sir. We've picked up some electromagnetic radiation coming from the Great Forest.
Robotnik: This may be it, Snively. Launch a Stealth Bot.
Snivley: Yes, Sir.
Robotnik: Now, we will find Knothole. Oh, this is good!

[Scene Change: CompuRadio.]

Radio: [scrambled robotic voice] Robotnik...Knothole
Sally: Listen. There.
Antoine: What kind of tongue is speaking those funny things, eh?
Sally: Nicole, apply voice descrambler.
Nicole: Descrambler online, Sally.
Sally: It says...Message from Sky Spy to Robotnik. Sensors probing for location of Knothole... Sky Spy! Robotnik -is- spying on us!
Antoine: [Gasps.]
Sally: Here's some more...Sky Spy sensors now guiding Stealth Bot into the Great Forest.

[Scene Change: Meeting Table in Knothole.]

Sally: I have bad news. Robotnik's spy sensors are zeroing in on Knothole. A Stealth Bot is on its way. Got any ideas?

[Scene Change: Outside Knothole.]

Rotor: Cool, Sonic. It's juiced. Here it comes. It's locked onto our energy field.
Sonic: Time to eat your lunch, Stealth Bot.
[A Stealth Bot fires at Sonic and Rotor, as Rotor activates the energy field]
Sonic: Let's juice, Rote.
[Sonic and Rotor escape from the Shield Bot as it crashed into the lake after getting hit]
Sonic: Way to go! Scratch one Stealth Bot.

[Scene Change: Booster Crash Site.]

Sonic: Ready to motor, Rotor?
Rotor: Let 'er rip.
Sonic: Hit it, Big Guy.
Tails: Cool.
Rotor: You guys ready to rock 'n' roll?
Bunnie: We're ready, sugar.
Rotor: Go for it!
Antoine: [Straining and mumbling.] I am thinking I will blow a casket...
Bunnie: [Straining] Oh, sugar, -I'm- the one who's gonna blow a casket.
Sally: Steady, guys!
[Sally contacts Nicole]
Sally: Nicole, bring up launch angle data for booster.
Nicole: Searching, Sally...program accessed.
Sally: Hold it there, guys.

[Antione ties the rope]

Bunnie: Got it, Sally!
Sally: Ready for launch, Sonic.
Sonic: Do it to it, Sal.
Tails & Sally: Five...Four...Three...Two...One.
Sally: Ignition!
Tails: Bye, Sonic! Bye, Rotor!
Sally: Good luck, guys.

[Scene Change: Booster Rocket.]

Sonic: Way, -way- past cool, Rote.
Rotor: We did it. Yes! Check it out, Sonic.
Sonic: Man, that -is- beautiful. From here you can't tell Robotnik is destroying everything.
Rotor: We'll get him, Sonic.
Sonic: Yeah. He's nothing but a nothing.
Rotor: Uh, oh. Problemo.
Sonic: Man, that junk heap is polluting the air big time. What's up?
Rotor: We're already there...
Sonic & ROTOR: ...and there's no place to land! [Scream]
Rotor: There's got to be -some- place to land.
Sonic: I see a place, Rote, cruise in for a closer look. Drop into that slot.

[Scene Change: Sky Spy.]

Rotor: Think anyone saw us?
Sonic: Like who? The joint looks deserted.
Rotor: Naw, we couldn't be -that- lucky.
Sonic: Yeah. Somewhere we'll run into butt bots, guaranteed.
[Someone is seen sneaking up to Sonic and Rotor]
Sonic: Whadya say, Rote? You think the main sensors are in there?
Rotor: We won't know until we get inside.
Sonic: Well let’s...
Sonic & ROTOR: Yikes!
Sonic: Man, and I thought the SWATbots were ugly!

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Command Center.]

Snivley: Doctor Robotnik, a video transmission from Sky Spy...
Robotnik: The hedgehog? How is that possible?

[Scene Change: Sky Spy.]

Rotor: It's a Surveillance Bot!
Sonic: Uh. Yeah? Yo, Robuttnik! This beach ball of yours is going down, man, hard and fast. Count on it.

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Command Center.]

Robotnik: The hedgehog won't last the night. Snively, alert Sky Spy of their presence.

[Scene Change: Sky Spy.]

Brain Bot: This is Sky Spy control.
Snivley: Freedom Fighters on board. Capture at will.
Brain Bot: Affirmative. Code Three alert.
Sonic: Sounds like the word is out on us, Rote. Huh?
[Sonic and Rotor look behind, as the monster's tentacles grabbed them and he frees Rotor]
Sonic: Hang in, Rote. I'm gonna teach this drooler some manners.
[Using his super speed, Sonic runs into the wall and ties up the monster with his own tentacles]
Sonic: You okay, Rote?
Rotor: Me? Didn't scare me a bit. [shakes his hand] Like a rock.
Sonic: Way cool. Let’s check out the town. Maybe we can find something there.
[Sonic and Rotor does their handshake]
Sonic: That's the place, Rote.
Rotor: The place for what?
Sonic: To get some info on the sensor.
Rotor: [sarcastic] Yeah, right. You're just going to stroll in there and ask.
Sonic: As Sal would say, 'I have a plan'.

[Scene Change: Sky Spy Bar.]

Sonic: [disguised as a robot] Mind if I sit in?
[A chair is thrown at Sonic, which he dodges]
Sonic: Don't mind if I do.
Sax Bot: You better be good, man, or you're tinfoil.
[The other robots play their musical instruments while Sonic plays his guitar. The audience boos at Sonic and one of the members throws a can at the robot near Sonic]
Sax Bot: Man! You are -terrible-...knotwurst!
Sonic: Yeah? Well you don't blow such a hot nose yourself.
[The Sax Bot comes at Sonic, but he hits him with his guitar]
Sonic: Oops. Gotta watch that first lunge, double dork.
[The Sax Bot gets up]
Sonic: Now -that's- cool! You look good dented.
Sax Bot: Where's your gig, man?
Sonic: Spy sensors.
Sax Bot: A Brain Bot, huh? We HATE Brain Bots here!
Sonic: Yeah, must be a bummer not to have a brain.
Sax Bot: I -have- a brain.
Sonic: Oh, yeah?
Sax Bot: Yeah!
Sonic: Bet you can't even answer a dumb question.
Sax Bot: Try me.
Sonic: Okay. Where are the spy sensors?
Sax Bot: Building 105. South tower.
Sonic: Cool. You -do- have -half- a brain.

[Sonic looses his disguise as the Sax Bot blows its horns in frustration]

Sax Bot: Hey! You're bogus, man!
[The Sax Bot tries to grab Sonic, but he escapes from him]
Sax Bot: He's a Freedom Fighter! Get him!
Sonic: You got -that- right, twin beaks!
[The other robots come towards Sonic]
Sonic: Yo! Hold it! Hold it! Know what your problem is?
[The robots stop]
Sonic: You're all ugly. Look, I'd like to hang and insult you some more, but I gotta juice. Adios!
Rotor: Whatcha find out?
Sonic: Tell ya on the way; we're gone.

[Scene Change: Sky Spy, Outside Building 105.]

Sonic: That's the spy sensor...building 105, south tower.
Rotor: That looks like the place. And here's our ride.
Sonic: Let's slide, Clyde.
Rotor: [distracting a 'bot that looks like a bug] Oops. Uh, hi. What's up?
Bug Bot: [Screeches.]
Sonic: Lock-up time, chrome-dome.
Rotor: Spring loaded. That should lock it up tight.
Sonic: [sarcastic, to Bug Bot] Need anything else? Pillow? Soft drink?

[Scene Change: Sky Spy, Top of South Tower.]

Sonic: Your call, Rote.
Rotor: We've got to disconnect that main sensor tube.
Sonic: Sensor tube? Oh, sensor tube. I knew that.
[Sonic runs around the sensor tube and takes off the main component from it]
Sonic: Bingo!
[Sonic runs back to Rotor]
Sonic: Whoa! That sucker is -hot-! Hoo-wee!
Rotor: Yes!
Sonic: Yes! Are we cool or what?

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Command Center.]

Robotnik: What is -this-, Snively?
Snivley: I suspect it's the hedgehog, Sir.
Robotnik: The hedgehog?
Snivley: [meekly] Yes, sir.
Robotnik: Then don't you think it would be wise for you to -stop- him?
Snivley: Yes, Sir. Very wise, Sir.
Robotnik: The Stealth Bot lost its tracking signal, Snively. Recall it.
Snivley: Will do, Sir. Stealth Bot 208...mission aborted.

[Scene Change: Knothole.]

Snivley: [heard via CompuRadio] Repeat. Mission aborted. Return to base. Return to base.
Sally: Yes. Yes! They did it. The spy sensor is history.
Antoine: [gasps] Sacre bleu. It look extremely dangerous...
Sally: It's some kind of high voltage chain-reaction. I hope they're heading home.

[Scene Change: Sky Spy.]

Rotor: There's our ride home, Sonic.
[Rotor opens the entrance to the Hover Unit]
Rotor: We'll just cruise back to Mobius in style.
Sonic: You're cool flying this thing, right Rote?
Rotor: Well, pretty cool.
Sonic: Let's juice. Way to motor, Rot-ski!
[The Hover Unit takes off]
Sonic: Yo, Rote; are we going any higher than two feet?
Rotor: It's got turbo burners somewhere...
Sonic: Whadya mean 'somewhere'? Flip 'em all!
Rotor: [click] Oops.
Sonic: Bingo, baby! Adios, spy butt!
[The Hover Unit escapes from the Sky Spy]
Sonic: There's Knothole. Drop the old bucket into the sling
Rotor: Easier said than done, Sonic.
Sonic: You can do it, Rote. Piece of cake.
Rotor: Okay. Here we go...

[Scene Change: Knothole.]

Tails: Wow-wee!
Sonic: Ugly, but cool.
Rotor: Very ugly.
Sally: Are you guys alright?
Sonic: Sure. No problemo, Sal. What’s up?
Sally: There's a new 'problemo'. Sky Spy is looking a little...shaky.

[Scene Change: CompuRadio & Telescope.]

Sonic: Whoa. You're right, Sal. Definitely shaky. The ol' Sky Spy could trash Mobius big time.
Sally: Somehow we have to guide it down somewhere away from Knothole. Rotor, what about your super magnet?

[Scene Change: Knothole, Top of a Cliff]

Sonic: The junk ball is about to cut loose, Rote. Get ready to juice it.
Rotor: Contact.
[Rotor presses the button, activating the Super Magnet]
Rotor: It's happening, Sonic. Big time! [scared] Let's haul some serious haunch!
Sonic: Rocket time!

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Command Center.]

Robotnik: Listen closely, Snively; it could be crucial to your health.
[Robotnik turns to Snivley]
Robotnik: The hedgehog and his band of fools will be eliminated! Do I make myself clear?
Snivley: Y-Yes, Sir. Very clear, Sir.

[Scene Change: Great Forest.]

Sally: By working together, we stopped Robotnik one more time.

[The crowd begins cheering]

Sally: We owe a special thanks to the courage and ingenuity of Sonic and Rotor.

[The crowd continues to cheer]

Random Freedom Fighter: Take -that- you sneaky Robotnik!
Crowd: Sonic! Rotor! Sonic! Rotor! Sonic! Rotor! Sonic! Rotor!
Sonic: Hey, Rote!
Sally: Where -is- Rotor?
Rotor: Sonic, check it out!
[Rotor shows up with his new invention]
Rotor: My latest invention...a nifty quill styler made especially for hedgehogs. You could use it, Sonic. All that electricity trashed your 'do. Give it a shot.
[Sonic puts on the machine's helmet, as Rotor activates the machine. Sonic runs on the treadmill, as it fixes his quills, but messed them up]
Rotor: Hit it!
Sonic: Whoa!
Rotor: Uh, oh.
Sally: [sarcastic] Uh...nice quills.
Sonic: [Screams.]

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