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"Harmonic Sonic" is the eighth episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite airing as the eighth episode of the series during the show's original run, it was initially produced as the ninth episode of the series. It first aired on 6 November 1993.







The episode begins with Dr. Robotnik sending a rocket loaded with a crew of specially-designed robots into space. The rocket is taking the robots to the Sky Spy, which is one of Dr. Robotnik's newest creations. While passing through the atmosphere however, one of the rocket boosters falls off the rocket and crashes into the Great Forest near Knothole Village, awakening Sonic and the other Knothole Freedom Fighters. The heroes go to the crash site and examine the rocket. There, Rotor pulls Tails away from the rocket when the fox cub tries to touch it, telling him that it is still hot. Sally soon after recognizes the rocket booster, and Sonic guesses correctly that it belongs to Robotnik. Soon after, Tails notices a distant drone fly through the sky for a moment before disappearing, which Bunnie assumes is a satellite. Sally, however, does not believe it to be a satellite, as it is too close to the ground, but rather, a spy ship.

Back in Knothole, Rotor is taking a look at the space station through his telescope. Noticing all the sensors onboard the space station, Rotor confirms that it is a spy ship. After taking a look at the Sky Spy himself, Sonic decides to trash it. However, Antoine wonders how they are going to do it. Sally claims that they can pick up its signals with her radio, and Sonic realizes that they can make use of the rocket booster. Back at the rocket booster, Rotor connects the rocket booster to a treadmill. Sonic then pulls out a Power Ring and begins accelerating on the treadmill, powering up the rocket booster. Meanwhile in Robotropolis, Snively informs Dr. Robotnik that the Sky Spy has detected electromagnetic radiation in the Great Forest. Robotnik thus orders a Stealthbot to be deployed to investigate the situation.

Back in Knothole, Sally and Antoine are intercepting radio signals from the Sky Spy on Sally's computer. Antoine tries to take note of the communication they hear, but the signal is scrambled and so is the speech they hear. Sally thus has the messages pass through Nicole so she can decrypt them. It is then confirmed via the radio signals that the Sky Spy is spying on the Great Forest and is currently guiding a Stealthbot towards Knothole Village. This makes Sally sound the alarm. Soon after, all the Freedom Fighters have gathered, and Sally informs them of the situation. Sonic and Rotor decide to take care of it. Soon after, Sonic is again running on the treadmill. This time however, his running is feeding energy to two poles with satellite disk antennas, which are producing an energy field between some poles. Meanwhile, Rotor watches the approaching Stealthbot through some binoculars which Sonic snatches from him so he can see the Stealthbot too. As the Stealthbot begins approaching and firing its lasers at Sonic and Rotor, Rotor activates his invention and paralyzes the Stealthbot with energy waves coming from the satellite disks. Sonic and Rotor then flee the site while the Stealthbot crashes through the poles and bounces across the water surface of the nearby lake, before sinking into the lake. With the Stealthbot destroyed, Sonic and Rotor return to the rocket booster and prepare it for flight. At Sonic's command, Tails boots up the rocket booster while Antoine and Bunnie hoist the rocket up with a rope. As the rocket booster gets into position, Sally asks Nicole to display the appropriate engine start angle. After Nicole shows a hologram of the appropriate angle, Sally tells Bunnie and Antoine to keep the rocket booster in that position. After Antoine ties the rope to a tree and Bunnie gives clearance, Sally wishes Sonic and Rotor, who have boarded the rocket booster, good luck.

Together with Tails, Sally begins the countdown for the rocket booster to take off. Upon hitting zero, Sally presses a button on her remote and ignites the rocket booster, which promptly takes off. After breaking through the trees of the forest, Sonic and Rotor take flight and head into space. On the way through the atmosphere, the heroes are enthralled by the sight of the retreating Mobius, since the destruction Robotnik is wrecking across the planet is not visible from this distance. Soon after, however, Sonic and Rotor encounter trouble as they find the air completely polluted and obscured by the smog emitted from the Sky Spy. Rotor tries to stabilize their landing course, only for the both of them to discover that there is no place to land.

As they fly towards the Sky Spy, Sonic instructs Rotor to land in one of the hollows. As Rotor tries directing the rocket booster however, it comes to a hard landing on the Sky Spy and starts sliding across the surface of the space station. Eventually, it slams straight through the station door. Recovering from the crash, Sonic and Rotor exit the rocket booster and enter the Sky Spy, hoping that nobody noticed their arrival. After a moment however, they agree that they could not have been that lucky and that they would soon come across some robots. While looking for the main sensors, a robot jumps out of the shadows and in front of Sonic and Rotor, with the former finding it uglier than Swat-Bots. Rotor, meanwhile, recognizes it as a Surveillance Bot, a robot with a camera that transmits what it sees back to Robotnik. Back in Robotropolis, Robotnik is alerted to the Surveillance Bot's video feed and cannot believe that Sonic has managed to get onboard the Sky Spy. Sonic, on the other hand, tells the robot and Robotnik that he is going to destroy the Sky Spy, before running away with Rotor. In response, Robotnik orders Snively to alert the Sky Spy crew. One of the robots onboard the Sky Spy hears Snively's message and starts operating the control center with its many tentacles, setting off the alarm in the process. Sonic and Rotor continue to secretly creep through the space station, but are eventually caught by a slimy green robot with tentacles. Sonic, however, manages to run around the walls of the room and tie up the robot with its own tentacles. He then frees himself before going after Rotor, who is caught in the robot's other tentacle, and frees him too. As Rotor is freed, the two Freedom Fighters begin to fall down, but they manage to grab a bar in mid-drop and swing themselves to safety. Rotor is shaking all around from the stunt they just pulled, but pretends to not be afraid.

Continuing to explore the Sky Spy, Sonic and Rotor discover the space station's tavern. Sonic decides to go inside it and get information about the sensors. However, Rotor reminds him that he cannot just waltz in there. Coming up with an idea, Sonic makes a disguise out of nearby buckets and other robot parts lying around. Inside the tavern, robots sit at the tables, either playing games or hearing the robotic band play music. Eventually, Sonic enters the tavern while playing a makeshift guitar. He then walks up to the stage while avoiding a chair being thrown at him. He decides to join the band on the stage, but one of the band robots (the one with two saxophones) warns him that he better be good. During his subsequent performance, Sonic kicks an orange robot. By the time Sonic is finished, the robots throw insults and drinks at him, which hit the orange robot when Sonic ducks. The robot playing the saxophones then tells Sonic that he is terrible, prompting Sonic to throw an insult back at the robot. Because of this, the robot tries to attack him, but Sonic turns around and makes the robot fall by hitting its legs with his guitar. As the robot gets back on its feet, its saxophones are revealed to have been bent out of shape. Sonic, however, tells the robot that it looks better now.

Furious, the robot asks Sonic where he is assigned, to which Sonic tells it that he is dealing with the spy sensors. This makes the robot call Sonic a "Brain Bot" and tell him that this tavern does not serve Brain Bots. Sonic promptly accuses the robot of having no brain at all, as it will not be able to answer a simple question. When the robot accepts the challenge, Sonic asks it of the location of the spy sensors. The robot answers the question without problems, and Sonic admits that it has a least "half a brain". After that, however, the robot blows Sonic's bucket helmet off with its saxophones, revealing Sonic's true identity. It tries to catch Sonic, but Sonic escapes from the stage. However, he is quickly surrounded by robots. Fortunately, Sonic distracts them with some banter and quickly runs through them. After escaping the tavern, Sonic takes Rotor with him and hides.

Soon after, the two heroes arrive at the tower on which the sensors are mounted. Sonic and Rotor proceed down to the tower via a rope connecting to it, but they soon find a purple robot with pincers patrolling the tower. Sonic proceeds to sneak behind the purple robot, who does not notice that Sonic is following it. Soon after, Rotor jumps out in front of the purple robot, prompting the purple robot to start attacking him. Sonic, however, comes up from behind and distracts the purple robot. Then, with the help of Rotor, he made the purple robot grab onto nearby railings before locking its pincers in place, keeping it trapped. With that done, Sonic and Rotor proceed to the tower with the sensor. There, Rotor tells Sonic to disconnect the main sensor. Doing as he is told, Sonic removes the main relay from the satellite dish and throws it into one of the shafts, causing a short circuit that covers the entire Sky Spy. Noticing this, Robotnik loses his temper and orders Snively to stop Sonic and to recall the Stealthbot searching the Great Forest.

Back in Knothole, Sally and Antoine hear Snively's recall order over the radio. Sally thus checks the telescope and sees that the Sky Spy is history. As Antoine notes that the situation is looking extremely dangerous though, Sally hopes that Sonic and Rotor are heading home.

Back on the Sky Spy, Sonic and Rotor have found a Hover Unit to return to Mobius in. Although Rotor is not entirely sure of how to pilot it, he manages to get it to take off. Sonic quickly gets himself buckled up, but soon grows bored with the slow speed. Noting that there must be turbo burners somewhere, Rotor opens up a panel with several switches, and Sonic tells him to flip them all. After flipping a few of the switches, Rotor gets the Hover Unit going at turbo speed, and the two of them fly back to Mobius. Soon after, the two of them begin to approach Knothole Village, where they are spotted by Sally and Tails. However, Sonic and Rotor barely manage to land, as they crash into a tree. As the two heroes leave the Hover Unit, Sally asks them if they are okay. After Sonic confirms this, Sally reveals that they have a new problem: the Sky Spy is looking shaky. After Sonic watches the station through the telescope, Sonic realizes that the Sky Spy is going to crash and that it could seriously damage Mobius. Seeing that they have to lead the Sky Spy away from Knothole, Sally suggests to Rotor that they can use his Super Magnet.

Sonic and Rotor promptly set up the Super Magnet in the wastelands. After Sonic sees the Sky Spy begin its descent through his binoculars, Rotor turns on his invention. As they had hoped, the Super Magnet begins pulling the Sky Spy towards it, and as the Sky Spy begins to approach, Sonic takes Rotor away from the space station's crash site. Back in Robotropolis, Robotnik and Cluck are furious. Robotnik then swears vengeance and threatens Snively to remember it.

Back in Knothole Village, the Knothole Freedom Fighters have gathered again. There, Sally tells everybody about the heroic deeds of Sonic and Rotor. The Freedom Fighters subsequently cheer for them in their honor. As everyone begins to wonder where Rotor is however, Rotor appears with a new invention: a machine for fixing hedgehog quills, since Sonic's had gotten fizzled from all the electricity. Sonic subsequently puts on the machine's quill-styling helmet and begins to run on the machine's treadmill. However, something goes wrong, and Sonic quills are styled into a Mohawk. Looking at himself in a mirror, Sonic gives off a scream.


  • In the scene where Antoine and Bunnie are hoisting the rocket booster in a rope, the colors on Antoine's eyes are miscolored. His sclera are the same color of his fur instead of white, his pupils are white instead of black and the highlight in his pupils is black instead of white, making it look like his eyes are smaller than usual.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Croatian Harmonični Sonic Harmonic Sonic
Czech Fešák Soník Handsome Sonic
French Sonarmonic Sonarmonic
German Astloch in Gefahr
Sonic im Weltall
Knothole in Danger
Sonic in Space
Korean 고조파 소닉 (부제: 소닉과 로터의 우주여행) Harmonic Sonic (Subtitle: Sonic and Rotor's Space Travel)
Latin American Aventura en el espacio Adventure in space
Russian Гармонический Соник Harmonic Sonic
Spanish Sonic y La Nave Espía Sonic and the Spy Ship
Ukrainian Сонік – гармонік Sonik - Harmonic