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Harlan was a Mobian Echidna, the son of Moonwatcher and the fourth Guardian of Angel Island.


Life with the Brotherhood

He was one of the original four members of the the Brotherhood. Little is known of this Guardian's life, though he appears to have had a mystical connection to the Chaos Emerald of Angel Island approaching that of his great-grandson Mathias. His son Rembrandt was the Guardian who came up with the name for the Brotherhood. Harlan is known to have mourned deeply along with the other Brotherhood members following the death of Aaron. Harlan, along with Moonwatcher, felt that the new manner of training Jordan to become a Guardian was wrong and that they should all participate in his training, but Steppenwolf stepped in and pointed it out was better Jordan learned gradually before they increased his responsibilities.

After Death

Like his fellow deceased Guardians, Harlan appeared before Knuckles the Echidna after he was killed in a confrontation with Mammoth Mogul. There, Harlan explained the afterlife and the Chaos Force to the deceased Knuckles. He was also the one who realized the Chao were coming to get Knuckles instead of Steppenwolf.


  • Harlan seems to be the first Guardian to feature a unique marking on his forehead. Jordan and Mathias have a similar marking on their foreheads, and Sojourner appears to have some kind of metal plate where the marking would be.
  • Of all of the Guardians, Harlan's contributions and actions are the least known, with almost no information about him being divulged in the comics.

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