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Happyland Amusement Park

Happyland Amusement Park was a park run by Renfield T. Rodent located on the Floating Island. The amusement park was shown to have a roller coaster, a ferris wheel, a house of mirrors, and various other attractions for amusement. It even had a "Test Your Skill" booth with a Sonic doll as a prize.


Renfield T. Rodent's Schemes

Renfield T. Rodent ran the amusement park and invited Knuckles and the Knothole Freedom Fighters to it. Renfield, with the aid of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, trapped the Knothole Freedom Fighters in the House of Mirrors, within the mirrors themselves. Instead of being trapped in the mirrors, Knuckles' chaos-based powers were robbed from him. Robotnik allowed Knuckles to leave, wanting him to feel helpless without his powers. Knuckles fled and later met up with the rest of the Chaotix members, including Heavy and Bomb. They then liberated the Freedom Fighters, and making short work on the repaired Metal Sonic robot. Robotnik ditched Renfield and allowed him to be captured by Knuckles while he escaped alone. Later on, Renfield reopened the park to the public. (KCX)

The Chaotix once again ran into Renfield when Charmy Bee's friend, Mello, died of food poisoning from the theme park's "secret sauce" placed on the food, which was supposed to make those who ate it addicted and thus constantly returning to Happy Land. Downtown Ebony Hare found out about Renfield's plans and forced his way into controlling Renfield's business, just as the Chaotix and Knuckles had entered the amusement park. Ebony Hare was arrested but Renfield was allowed to operate his amusement park without the toxic secret sauce, which was confiscated by Constable Remington. (KtE: #13, #14, #15)

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