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The Hammer Parts[1] are collectibles that appear in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. They are parts for different variants of Amy's Hammer.


Surmised, the Hammer Parts look identical to the Amy's Hammer, but come in a different size.



A Hammer Part in an adventure level.

In the gameplay of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, there are a total of sixty Hammer Parts which are hidden in the adventure levels. Each level holds three Hammer Parts, each of which can be collected by opening an item capsule resembling a golden bubble with a Hammer Part inside it. These capsules break when touched and can be targeted with the Homing Attack.

When obtained, the Hammer Parts can be brought to Amy's House to be put on display in Amy's display case. For every tenth Hammer Part the player recovers, they will unlock a new skin for Amy's Hammer in gameplay which can be equipped in Amy's House.[1]

List of hammers

Icon Name Hammer Parts
BronzeHammerIcon Bronze Hammer 10
SilverHammerIcon Silver Hammer 20
GoldHammerIcon Gold Hammer 30
PlatinumHammerIcon Platinum Hammer 40
TitaniumHammerIcon Titanium Hammer 50
RagniumHammerIcon Ragnium Hammer 60

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