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Press the Spin Jump button during a jump to slam straight downwards. Attack enemies beneath you, uncover tunnels, and knock hidden items out of trees.

— English instruction manual, Sonic Mania Plus.[1]

The Hammer Drop[1] (ハンマードロップ[2] Hanmā Doroppu?) is a move that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a technique used by Mighty the Armadillo where he makes a ground pound at high speed.


When performing the Hammer Drop, the user dives downwards with a burst of speed while Spin Jumping. During this, the user will lose most of their speed and leave afterimages of themself. When impacting the ground, the user will cause a shockwave.

In gameplay, the Hammer Drop can be used for several actions by Mighty. When he lands after performing a Hammer Drop, he can pierce through enemies and destroy those that are nearby. It can also make nearby floating Item Boxes fall to the ground, destroy crumbling platforms instantaneously, and open exclusive entrances. Depending on the Zone, the Hammer Drop can be used to pierce through surfaces in Flying Battery Zone that would normally require missiles or bombs to be destroyed; destroy wooden boxes, ice obstacles and the Shiversaw's saws in Press Garden Zone; and destroy the Beanstalks' heads in Stardust Speedway Zone Act 1. However, the Hammer Drop will be cancelled if Mighty lands on sharp obstacles, be spikes or buzzsaws, or on an oil-related surface (be either a slide or a sinking pool) in Oil Ocean Zone.

To perform the Hammer Drop in gameplay, the player must make the following control input:

PlayStation 4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch PC
Spin Jump > PSXButton.png/PSObutton.png Spin Jump > A button.png/B button.png Spin Jump > Switch a.png/Switch b.png


  • The Hammer Drop is similar to the Bound Jump.
  • In the internal files of the PC version of the game, the Hammer Drop is referred to as the "Drill Dive".

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