Hammer Down[1] is a Power Formation maneuver used by Vector the Crocodile on Team Chaotix in Sonic Heroes. When performing this move, Vector drops down on opponents beneath him.


When performing the Hammer Down, Vector jumps into the air, where he puts his hands together into a collective fist above his head. As he then falls down, Vector thrusts his collective fist down on the opponent beneath him while putting his entire weight into the strike, hitting with enough force to smash through metal and create fiery shockwaves on the ground upon impact. While falling down, Vector gives off a green aura.

To perform the Hammer Down in gameplay, Team Chaotix must be in Power Formation with Vector as the leader. The player then has to press the action button (PSSquareButton/XboxX/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO) during the jump to execute the Hammer Down. Noticeably, Vector must not carry his teammates around in his mouth or he will perform the Jump Fireball. Also, after hitting a surface with the Hammer Down, Vector will bounce slightly back into the air. Also, the Hammer Down can be used repeatedly, either by pressing the attack button again when Vector bounces back into the air or automatically when damaging an opponent with the Hammer Down, but not destroying it. When used, the Hammer Down can by interrupted by either taking damage or using Bubblegum Descent during its execution.


  • This move is Team Chaotix's equivalent to Team Rose's Body Press.
  • This move is referenced in all three titles of the Mario & Sonic series as Vector's special shot for (Dream) Table Tennis or Dream Ice Hockey.
  • If the player switches to Espio while in mid-air as Vector performs the Hammer Down, this can make the team move at a quick speed upon landing.



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