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This article is about the item from Tails Adventure. For the weapon commonly used by Amy Rose, see Piko Piko Hammer.

The Hammer (ピッコンハンマー Pikkonhanmā?, lit. "Pikkon Hammer") is an item in Tails Adventure.


The Hammer is a small, one-handed hammer with a yellow handle, topped with a blue cylindrical head with two larger yellow cylinders on either end.


The Hammer can be found in the Volcanic Tunnel.


The Hammer is used a short-ranged melee weapon, as opposed to the long-ranged Regular Bomb. When used, Tails will swing the Hammer in front of him, damaging any enemies in front of the player, the player can also use the Hammer to destroy stone walls and similar obstacles. The Hammer can also be used mid-air, allowing the players to defeat enemies above them.


  • This is the first instance of a Sonic character using a hammer as weapon. This concept was later developed with Amy Rose and the Piko Piko Hammer.