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Let's celebrate Halloween by grabbing as much candy as we can!

Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Runners

Halloween is a Special Stage in Sonic Runners first introduced during the "Halloween Event" and was only available during 23 October - 1 November 2015. Having been constructed and decorated by Animals in preparation of a Halloween party, Dr. Eggman utilized it to unleash another evil scheme, but was stopped by Team Sonic, Rouge, and Omega, allowing the party to happen after all.


Taking place at night time, the stage is Halloween in theme and decorated with orange and purple ground-textures. Huge jack-o'-lanterns can be seen in the background, laying a gloomy, purplish light over the woods.

The terrain is mostly based on Sky Road given the stone and leaf-plants are the same.


Being a special event, the stage is suitable for all ability types of characters, featuring the same obstacles and enemies encountered in Windy Hill, Sky Road, and Lava Mountain.


Candy is scattered all around the stage and can also fall out from the Egg Mobile by attacking Dr. Eggman multiple times. Some of the candy, however, was made in one of Dr. Eggman's factories and got handed out to Animals, Boos, and King Boom Boo himself in order to control their minds, making them his slaves.

One piece of candy is worth a point in the event's leaderboard while a pumpkin full of candy is worth ten points. Using Boo as a Buddy doubled the number of candy collected, and the Halloween Chao had the ability to turn all crystals on the screen into candy when aquiring a specific combo.



Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Strange Parade" Tomoya Ohtani 3:41

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