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Sonic X
H2 Whoa (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "H2 Whoa".

[Scene: Earth - Station Square - Chris' lab]

[Lindsey, Chuck, Danny, Frances, and Helen are standing before Chris' abandoned portal.]
Lindsey: Christopher went to Sonic's world! Well, we have to bring him back! Right now!
Frances: I don't think we should try to operate his machine, Mrs. Thorndyke.
Danny: Only Chris understands how it works.
Chuck: I can't risk tampering with it, Lindsey. If I damaged it in any way, Chris might be trapped in Sonic's world forever.
Lindsey: [Frustrated] But we can't just leave him there!
[Nelson shows up and places his hand on Lindsey's shoulder.]
Nelson: We have to trust our son.
Lindsey: But...
Nelson: Chris knows how to take care of himself, and you know it's never wise to underestimate a Thorndyke.
[Lindsey cries into Nelson's shoulder. Chuck nods as Helen rolls forward in her wheelchair.]
Helen: I'm sure Chris will try to communicate with us, Mrs. Thorndyke. We'll stay here at the lab and let you know right away if we hear from him.
Nelson: Thank you, Helen. Please do.

[The opening theme plays]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

[The Blue Typhoon is cruising through deep space. Everyone is gathered on the bridge.]
Cream: You detected one of the Chaos Emeralds?
Amy: Are you sure about this, Knuckles?
Knuckles: Yes. There's no doubt about it. I was in the engine room a few minutes ago when I saw the Master Emerald reacting to something.
[A shot of the glowing Master Emerald is shown.]
Knuckles: It must have been an Emerald!
Amy: [To Tails] Check for a planet nearby.
Tails: Let's see...
[He pulls up a map which appears in the midst of the group. Chris points to a spot on the map.]
Chris: There's one.
Cosmo: That's Planet Secco.
[Sonic is reading a book titled "CosmoNav", which is a guide to the planets.]
Sonic: And according to my galactic guide book, it's dry as a bone.
Amy: Tails, we're gonna land on Planet Secco and find that Emerald! Let's go!
Tails: I'm supposed to give the orders...
Amy: Just do it.

[Scene Change: Outside]

[As the Blue Typhoon flies towards Secco, the Master Emerald glows intensely. Soon the ship enters Secco's atmosphere.]
Chris: According to the scope, there's a lot of water on this world.
Sonic: Oh no. We can't land here.
[They break through the cloud layer.]
Sonic: There's gotta be some kind of mistake!
Tails: Tough luck, Sonic. [Chuckles]
[The Typhoon extends it stabilizer fins and descends toward the watery surface below.]
Tails: Splashdown!
[Soon, the Typhoon lands on the surface of the water, and everyone climbs into small one-seater submarines that are set up on the runway. As Tails is about to climb into his shuttle, Sonic frantically holds up the book to him.]
Sonic: You must have made a wrong turn, Tails! The guidebook says this planet's dry.
Tails: Don't blame me, Sonic.
[He climbs into his submarine.]
Tails: Sounds like your galactic guidebook's seriously out of date.
Sonic: There's way too much water here! I hate water...
Chris: [Off-screen] Don't sweat it, Sonic.
[Sonic looks up to see Chris welding two of the submarines together.]
Chris: I have a way for you to stay dry even when you're underwater. You're not afraid of submarines, are you?
[Sonic sweat-drops]
Tails: Launch the subs!
[The subs move forward and fall into the water, and Sonic cringes as he enters the water.]
Chris: [To himself] Uh-oh. Sonic's looking pretty seasick. [Beams] Lucky for me we're riding in separate compartments.
[Suddenly he sees a group of fish swimming directly towards his submarine.]
Chris: Whaah! Oh no!
[Chris steers the sub away from the fish, but doing so sends him into an uncontrollable spiral.]

[Scene Change: The Shore]

[The submarines are now beached, and Knuckles, Amy, Cream, and Cosmo are standing together.]
Amy: Are you sure the Chaos Emerald's somewhere nearby?
Knuckles: I couldn't be surer.
Cosmo: What makes you so certain we'll find it here, Knuckles?
Knuckles: Because I've got a natural knack for finding things.
Cosmo: ...Oh.
[Knuckles pulls out his Shovel Claws.]
Knuckles: I'll show ya.
[He promptly begins digging on the beach in search of the Chaos Emerald. Cream pulls out a small rake and bucket.]
Cream: Why don't we dig for the Chaos Emerald too?
[Cosmo also pulls a small rake from the bucket.]
Cosmo: Ah!
[Soon Cream and Cosmo are hard at work. But all they unearth are some seashells. Amy taps her head, then puts her hands on her hips.]
Amy: This is gonna be a long day.
[She walks away]
Cosmo: You don't think Sonic and Chris have run into some kind of trouble, have you?
Cream: Wouldn't be surprised.

[Scene Change: Chris and Sonic's submarine]

[Meanwhile, Chris' and Sonic's sub finally emerges. The pilots open their hatches, and Sonic pants.]
Chris: Sorry... [Looks around] Where are we?
[Chris looks ahead, and sees an island.]
Chris: Hey, look!
[There is a large tower on said island. Chris helps Sonic out of the sub and onto the beach.]
Chris: Sonic, come on. You're safe now.
[Several fish-like Metarex appear in front of them. They are known as Metarex Gillmans.]
Sonic: They're Metarex!
Chris: Yeah, and whoever sent 'em here designed them especially for the water!
Sonic: Right. I bet their boss stole the Planet Egg and turned this place into a water world.
[Chris lets go of Sonic.]
Sonic: I knew there was somethin' fishy goin' on.
[As the Metarex Gillmans bear down on the duo, Sonic tosses some aside and punches and kicks others.]
Sonic: Run while you have the chance!
Chris: I'm not afraid! I've got a black belt in karate now!
Sonic: You know karate?
[Even the Metarex Gillmans look confused. Chris moves his hands in karate-like positions.]
Chris: [Confidently] Tanaka gave me martial arts lessons. I'll chop through these fishy freaks and turn 'em into sushi!
[He approaches the Metarex Gillmans and punches one of them. It isn't even fazed. Chris attempts to kick the Metarex Gillman, but his leg doesn't quite reach. Sonic kicks it with ease.]
Sonic: Quit kiddin' around, Chris!
[Chris is being chased by two Metarex Gillmans]
Chris: I'm not a kid!
[Sonic continues fighting the Metarex Gillmans.]
Sonic: Get goin'! I'll take care of 'em!
Chris: Don't you want me to help you?!
[Sonic casually holds back a Metarex Gillman.]
Sonic: That's OK. Leave the fightin' to the experts, Chris.
[He throws away the Metarex Gillman as Chris keeps running.]
Chris: [To himself] No wonder Sonic doesn't believe me. I have the skills of an eighteen-year-old, the strength of a twelve-year-old! Maybe I can stop these things with a surprise counter-attack!
[He stops and successfully manages to punch a Metarex Gillman. But he does no damage, and his hand begins to swell.]
Chris: Aahh!
[He holds his injured hand, and the Metarex Gillmans take this as their opportunity to strike. Sonic pushes Chris into the water just as they strike. He immediately spins into a ball and launches them all away.]
Sonic: Get help!
[A Metarex Gillman starts to climb out of the water behind Sonic as Chris makes it back to the submarine.]
Chris: But Sonic...
Sonic: Get in that sub and get goin'!
Chris: Look behind you!
[Standing right behind Sonic is a giant Metarex - Gillman's Boss. It roars. Before Sonic knows it, Gillman's Boss picks him up and throws him out into the water. He surfaces and begins panicking.]
Chris: Just don't panic!
[A large device emerges from the tower and aims itself at Sonic. It fires a tethered net which ensnares the hedgehog.]
Chris: They got him...
[The tethered net quickly withdraws, hoisting Sonic into the air.]
Chris: Just hold on, Sonic! I'm comin' for ya!
[A fresh troop of Metarex Gillmans leap into the water.]
Sonic: Go before the Metarex get you!
Chris: I won't leave you!
[The Metarex Gillmans close in on Chris.]
Sonic: You have to! If they catch you, neither one of us will survive!
[Chris watches the Metarex Gillmans approach.]
Chris: Alright, I'll go.
[Chris closes the hatch just as three of them leap onto his submarine. He drives away, shaking them off.]
Chris: [To himself] You hang in there, Sonic.
[Sonic watches as Chris submerges.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Hangar]

[Chris is climbing into one of the spaceships. Tails is standing nearby.]
Tails: Sonic was captured?
Chris: Yeah, but I'm going back to rescue him.
Tails: By yourself?! There's no way, Chris!
Chris: Trust me. I know what I'm doing, Tails.
[Chris climbs inside the craft.]
Tails: No you don't!
Chris: I do!
[Tails takes a few steps forward]
Tails: But what's your plan, Chris?
Chris: I'll fly back to where Sonic is and I-- Uh... I don't know.
Tails: We can save Sonic if we use teamwork. There's no reason for you to go in all alone, okay?
Chris: OK.
[Chris climbs out of the spaceship as Tails' communicator buzzes. He answers it.]
Tails: [On communicator] This is the Blue Typhoon. Over.

[Scene Change: An underground chamber]

[Amy is in an underground room on the island. There are mysterious people near her.]
Amy: [On communicator] It's Amy. I'm calling from under the island.
Tails: [Over communicator] I have some bad news about Sonic.
Amy: [On communicator] He got captured.
Tails: [Over communicator] How'd you find that out?
Amy: [On communicator] I just made a whole bunch of new friends. They saw the Metarex capturing Sonic.
Chris: [Over communicator] We gotta go rescue 'em, Amy!
Amy: [On communicator] I'll take care of it, Chris. These folks will show me where Sonic's being held. When he sees me coming, his heart will start pounding faster than my hammer!
[She brings out her hammer.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Hangar]

Amy: [Over communicator] "Thanks for saving me, Amy." "My pleasure, Sonic." "Amy, you're the most beautiful girl in the universe." "Oh Sonic, really?" "Now I see what a fool I've been for waiting so long, Amy! Will you marry me?" "Oh, Sonic! Of course I will!"
[Tails and Chris cringe.]
Chris: [On communicator] Excuse me?
Amy: [Over communicator] Is that you, Sonic?
Chris: [On communicator, exasperated] No, it's me, Chris! We have to rescue Sonic right away, Amy!
Amy: [Over communicator] What do you mean, "we"?! I don't need a chaperone!
[Chris backs off a little.]
Chris: O-Okay.
Amy: [Over communicator] Tails, I'll need some time to set Sonic free. Pick us up in the X-Tornado in an hour. Got it?
Tails: [On communicator] Sure, Amy.
[Tails closes the communicator.]
Chris: Need any help getting the X-Tornado ready?
[Chris wipes himself, and realizes he is dirty.]
Tails: I don't think so, Chris. Why don't you go take a rest. You might want to wash up a bit, too.
[Chris is seen taking a shower. He is left to his thoughts as he dries his hair. Later on, Chris is seen lying in bed.]
Chris: I learned so much in the past six years.
[A shot of Chris and Danny studying is shown. Then a shot of Tanaka teaching Chris karate is shown.]
Chris: [As narrator] I got self-confidence when Tanaka taught me self-defense.
[A shot of Chris flying a plane, and Chuck sitting behind him, is shown.]
Chris: Grandpa gave me flying lessons, and helped me get my pilot's license.
[Another shot shows Chris working at a restaurant.]
Chris: I even got a part-time job after school so I could get work experience.
[Chris is now lying in bed.]
Chris: [To himself] But now it's like I'm back where I was six years ago.
[there is a flashback of Sonic earlier that day.]
Sonic: [Flashback] Leave the fightin' to the experts, Chris.
Chris: [To himself] Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to come after all. [Closes eyes]
[As Chris drifts off to sleep, a shot of Sonic fighting and dodging missiles is shown.]
Chris: [As Narrator] Sonic and the others don't need my help.
[Shots of Knuckles attacking Chaos, Amy attempting to break out of Pumpty, and Tails pulling a lever are shown.]
Chris: [As Narrator] They all have incredible powers. Every time we get into trouble, one of them jumps into action and saves the day... and I just stand there watching.
[A shot of Cream and Cheese fighting Emerl is shown.]
Chris: [To himself] I want to help, but what can I do? Even Cream and Cheese can do more than I can.
[Chris rolls over and opens his eyes.]
Chris: [To himself] I may as well face it -- I'm totally useless, and I should've stayed home.
[In a flashback, Chris watches as a gust of wind knocks a photo of him and his Mobian friends, cracking the glass. Chris picks up the photo.]
Chris: [Flashback] I'm coming...
Chris: [To himself] But something told me that Sonic was in danger. That's why I had to come here. I had to.

[Scene Change: A roadside cafe - flashback]

[Chris and Helen are sitting together. Chris is working on a blueprint.]
Helen: Are those your new designs, Chris?
Chris: Well, they're... just some ideas.
Helen: Let me see.
[Chris hands Helen the blueprint. It appears to be for a ring barrier and a shoe resembling Sonic's shoes.]
Helen: Hm... interesting. ...What's this?
Chris: It doesn't have a name yet, but if it works, it could help Sonic get energy wherever he needs it out in space.
Helen: And this?
Chris: Those are speed shoes. The soles are made from a special compound that helps the shoe grip the ground while at the same time producing--
[Helen giggles]
Chris: Maybe they're all silly.
Helen: I think they're all wonderful.
Chris: You do. [Chuckles]
Helen: [Nods] I do.

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Chris' room]

[Chris bolts up in bed.]
Chris: I have learned a lot in six years, and Sonic does need me. I can help him.
[He gets out of bed, puts his shoes on, and sits down at his computer.]

[Scene Change: The Metarex Base - Outside]

[As two Metarex Gillmans patrol the outside of the base, Amy spies on them. Several Secco inhabitants are standing behind her, along with the Secco Elder.]
Secco Elder: This is the only entrance. I'm afraid it will be impossible to reach your friend.
Amy: I'll get in.
Secco Elder: How can you?
Amy: I'll use a little friendly persuasion.
Secco Elder: I warn you -- those guards are vicious.
Amy: So am I.
[Brandishing her hammer, she charges headlong towards the Metarex Gillmans.]

[Scene Change: The Metarex Base - Inside]

[Sonic is tied to the line of a giant fishing pole which is being managed by Gillman's Boss, who is taunting him by raising and lowering him above a giant aquarium. A giant shark leaps out of the water and tries to eat Sonic, but the hedgehog swings himself out of the way.]
Sonic: Hey, pal. If you're hungry, let's order a pizza!
Amy: [Off-screen] Sonic!
[Amy is seen running up the stairs inside the base, hammering several Metarex Gillmans out of the way.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon]

[Tails pulls open a hatch, revealing a chute that leads from the bridge to the hangar. He descends the chute and lands inside the X-Tornado, which has just been positioned underneath the chute.]
Tails: Okay, guys. I'm coming to get ya.
[An elevator moves the X-Tornado forwards, then up a shaft that leads to the runway. One by one, the palm trees lining the runway fold back.]
Tails: Begin launch sequence!
[A mechanism grips the front wheel of the X-Tornado.]
Tails: Catapult ready... Launch!
[As the X-Tornado's engines ignite, the catapult propels the X-Tornado forwards, allowing it to take off very quickly.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Chris' room.]

[As the X-Tornado passes by Chris' window, Chris looks up for a moment before continuing to write.]

[Scene Change: The Metarex Base - Inside]

[Amy hammers down the door to the room Sonic is being held captured. She pants a little before noticing Sonic.]
Amy: There's my sweetie!
[Amy runs towards Sonic, who sweat-drops and begins swinging himself back and forth. Amy leaps out to hug Sonic, but misses and falls into the aquarium.]
Amy: [Angrily] You're supposed to catch me!
Sonic: Oh, sorry... Amy, look out.
[A shark pops up behind Amy, who hammers it without looking. She then leaps out of the aquarium and lands next to Gillman's Boss before hammering the Metarex away from the fishing pole.]
Amy: Come on! We got a plane to catch!
[Amy rips the fishing pole from its post and runs down the stairs, causing the still tied Sonic to bounce down the stairs behind her. As they continue to descend the spiraling staircase, they notice the Metarex Gillmans surrounding them, forcing Amy to stop.]
Tails: Amy!
[Amy hammers a hole in the wall then leaps through and towards the water with Sonic in tow. She lands on top of the passing X-Tornado.]
Tails: I'm heading back to the Blue Typhoon!
Amy: Roger!
[Sonic is being pulled through the air by the X-Tornado's speed.]
Sonic: Now that I'm free, how about untying me?
[As they fly away, the tower fires several flipper-shaped missiles at them. However, Tails is able to dodge them.]
Tails: [Taunting] Missed me!
Amy: Oh!
[Both Tails and Amy look back to see that Sonic is no longer on the line.]
Tails: Sonic!
[Sonic, still bound, is free-falling towards the ocean.]
Sonic: Next time you want to rescue me, don't!
[A jet swoops in nearby. It is piloted by Chris.]
Chris: Hey, Sonic!
Sonic: That's Chris!
Chris: Try these!
[Chris fires a glowing pink object towards Sonic. It collides with his shoes, transforming them. Then Sonic lands in the ocean. The X-Tornado turns round.]
Tails: Where is he?
[When the giant water plume clears, Sonic is seen hovering above the surface of the water. His arms are now unbound. This shocks Tails and Amy.]
Amy: How's he doing that?
[The X-Tornado and Chris spaceship are now flying side-by-side.]
Sonic: Thanks for the lift, pal!
Tails: [To Amy] They're Hover Shoes, Amy! Now that's an inventive invention!
Chris: Thanks, Tails.
Amy: Guys, look! More Metarex on the way!
[Gillman's Boss and a huge troop of Metarex Gillmans are approaching Sonic over the water. Sonic uses his new hover shoes to skate towards them.]
Sonic: Now that I can stay dry, those fish heads are washed up!
[Sonic expertly knocks away rows of Metarex Gillmans, but their boss fires an array of missiles at him. They explode around him, and he is able to hover on the resulting wave. Gillman's Boss fires lasers out of its mouth, and also attacks with flipper missiles, which Sonic dodges. He blows through the missiles, then directly targets Gillman's Boss. Once hit, the giant Metarex explodes. The others look down as Sonic smirks.]
Sonic: Couldn't have done it without ya, Chris!
[Chris nods. Amy spots something below.]
Amy: The Planet Egg!
[An intensely bright glow can be seen in the water. It sinks into the water, and the entire planet Secco is enveloped in the light.]
Tails: Mission accomplished!
[As a result of the Planet Egg's restoration, the water begins to recede.]
Secco Natives: (Oh, we have our land back!) (I can't believe it!) (Amazing!)
[The Secco inhabitants watch as the receding water reveals a futuristic city.]
Secco Elder: Our planet's returning to normal.

[Scene Change: The island]

[Cosmo has been sleeping on one of the sand dunes until now.]
Cosmo: I must have fallen asleep.
[Cream and Cheese are behind her. They are both surprised to see that the water has receded. Cream and Cheese notice something glowing in the distance.]
Cheese: Chao chao chao chao!
Cream: Cheese, what's the-- You found it!
[They race towards the object.]
Cosmo: Wait up!
[Soon, both of them are standing over the glowing object - the blue Chaos Emerald. Knuckles joins them in a moment. Once they have landed, Sonic is feeling the solid ground under his feet. He is now wearing his normal shoes, and is holding a canister containing his hover shoes.]
Sonic: This feels fantastic! Back on solid ground! [laughs] These shoes are great! Hold on to 'em for me, will ya?
[He tosses the canister to Chris.]
Chris: If you like the shoes, I got some other stuff you can try.
Sonic: Will do!
[Chris returns the thumbs-up with a wink.]
Sonic: Come on; I'll race you back to the blue Typhoon!
[Everyone looks on as Sonic traverses the rocky desert atmosphere of Planet Secco. The episode ends and the credits roll.]