The Gymnastic Bar is a gimmick that appears in Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic Advance 3. They are spinning wheels that the playable characters can use to be thrown through the air.


Gymnastic Bars are small red wheels attached to two spinning bars. They are always found floating in mid-air in one place.


When a playable character makes contact with a Gymnastic Bar, he/she will grab onto one of the bars which will then start spinning around to the left in one place, with the playable character doing endlessly flips on it in the meanwhile. The player is able to let go of the Gymnastic bar by pressing GameboyA.png, which will launch the playable character in the chosen direction.

By timing it right when letting go of the Gymnastic Bars, the player can utilize them to reach higher pathways in the stages, though the direction of the Gymnastic Bars' spin can affect when and in which direction the player is thrown. Additionally, the Gymnastic Bars preserve the momentum in Boost Mode without breaking it.

Several Gymnastic Bars are set above bottomless pits on lower pathways of the stages, where the player has to time his/her jump at the right time to cross them safely.

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