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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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Quotation1 As the Eggman Empire started tightening its grip up here, we all agreed to come back and fight for the Northern Tundra... Together! Quotation2
— Guntiver the Arctic Wolf, Sonic the Hedgehog #215

Guntiver the Arctic Wolf is a character who appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is a mobian Arctic wolf and the leader of the Arctic Freedom Fighters.


Guntiver is a mobian Arctic wolf with maroon-colored fur. He has yellow fur on his chest, muzzle, and scapha. He adorns a green jacket with green shoes, along with yellow socks. He also wears brown gloves with yellow end-markings. Guntiver has blue eyes.


As An Activist

Originally a part of an activist group (and the founder of said group) during the First Robotnik War, Guntiver and his friends–Augustus the Polar Bear, Sealia Seal, Flip Penguin, and Erma Ermine–had traveled south from the Northern Tundra to help out others in the area.[1] However, due to Dr. Robotnik's tyranny, Guntiver and his group remained trapped in a cave in Northamer.[2]

They eventually came across the Knothole Freedom Fighters, whom were trying to endure the harsh weather after Robotnik unleashed the Weather Annihilator. Guntiver explained who his team were and how they artificially made the cave warmer via stolen technology courtesy from Robotnik. The Knothole Freedom Fighters had refused to give up to Robotnik's plan, but the weather gave them a disadvantage. Guntiver then volunteered his team and himself to help the Freedom Fighters, albeit he admitted that they weren't "skilled fighters" themselves.[2]

Guntiver scaring Snively

Guntiver attacking Snively, from Sonic the Hedgehog #26.

As they prepared to strike back, the Freedom Fighters fell victim to Snively's freeze-ray, but thanks to Guntiver and his team, the Freedom Fighters were saved and had put an end to Robotnik's plan to freeze Mobius. Shortly afterwards, Guntiver and his team decided to use a vehicle previously used by Snively during the cold battle to drive back home. Before departing, he thanked the Freedom Fighters for their help on giving them courage to face any troubles.[2]

Becoming A Freedom Fighter

After their mission with the Freedom Fighters, Guntiver had pushed the team to be more organized and proactive like the Knothole Freedom Fighters, but some of the members were adamant about the idea and briefly disbanded for some time.[1] When Rotor Walrus had returned to the Northern Tundra to visit his family, he spent months there before the Walrus Herd suddenly became hypnotized once more and drove Rotor away from the main land, forcing him to go underwater via the Bathysphere. When the Bathysphere failed and sunk, Guntiver and his team had rescued him and confirmed that Robotnik (now under the name "Dr. Eggman") has returned, beginning the Second Robotnik War. This confirmation had resulted in Guntiver and his friends to put aside their differences and become the Arctic Freedom Fighters.[3]

During the Xorda Attack on Mobius, Guntiver and the Arctic Freedom Fighters would travel to the Southern Tundra and unite together with other heroes and villains alike to destroy the Quantum Dial before it devoured the entire planet. Fortunately, thanks to Sonic the Hedgehog, the super weapon was destroyed, but the effects had sent Sonic to the other side of space.[4]

Cold Hard Clash

In 3237, a full year after the Xorda invasion, Guntiver had sent a transmission to Rotor at New Mobotropolis. He elaborated that the Walrus Herd were being used as slave labor to build a refueling station and requested help to anyone receiving the message. Since Rotor was inactive in the field after the Destruction of Knothole, Sonic had decided to travel to the Northern Tundra himself to help out the heroes up north. Sonic arrived there shortly, greeting Guntiver outside. The two headed inside the Arctic Freedom Fighters base and Sonic was greeted by the others before being told about the heroes' plan to stop the Walrus Herd, along with the local Dark Egg Legion. Sonic and the Arctic Freedom Fighters then approached outside of the Psionic Emitter with the thousands of hypnotized-walruses, waiting to attack any oppressors.[5] The heroes then split up into two teams: Guntiver, along with Sonic and Erma would fight the Walrus Herd above while Flip, Augustus, and Sealia would handle Akhlut and his forces underwater. However, both teams were outnumbered and nearly beaten, had Rotor (with his nanite-powered suit) and Silver the Hedgehog not intervened and reverted the effects of the Psionic Emitter. The Walrus Herd were no longer in the possession of the Eggman Empire and Akhlut's forces fled due to the powerful effects of Silver's telekinesis.[5]

Death Egg Foray

Guntiver spying on the Death Egg

Guntiver and Team Fighters spying on the Death Egg, from Sonic the Hedgehog #247.

Weeks after Operation: Clean Sweep, Team Fighters–Sonic, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Amy Rose–had traveled back from Albion to the Northern Tundra once more, following Eggman in his Death Egg Mark 2. Thanks to Guntiver, the team was told that Eggman arrived days earlier and refueled his battleship, but had kept to himself and had not invaded or made any sudden movements. The heroes then gathered together to raid the bunker near the Death Egg to save Sally, who had been roboticized into Mecha Sally. However, as they were fighting against Egg SWATs, Silver had arrived to help Team Fighters about his confirmation that Sally is the traitor he's been looking for and that he requests to help alongside the heroes to stop the traitor, not destroy her like he originally intended to do. Guntiver had explained shortly after Silver's inclusion in the raid that there are underwater tunnels that lead straight into the Death Egg. Due to Silver's lighting from his telekinesis, Akhlut and his forces had ambushed the heroes and gave them a difficult time entering in without being caught. Unfortunately, Akhlut had sent a distress signal to the Death Egg, which alarmed Eggman of the presence of the heroes. Guntiver then followed Team Fighters and the Arctic Freedom Fighters inside the Death Egg, fighting against Egg SWATs shortly before the second Genesis Wave had activated.[6]


Guntiver and Erma staredown

Guntiver and Erma showing some conflict between the two, from Sonic the Hedgehog #215.

Guntiver is the leader of the Arctic Freedom Fighters for the sake of the fact that he was the one who made the initial push to be more proactive.[1] Originally, he was hesitant on joining the fight against Robotnik due to his lack of courage (along with his original-activist ways), but it took a mission with the Knothole Freedom Fighters to inspire the wolf to stand up and fight for freedom.[2] Guntiver is now level-headed and is a little more aggressive due to Eggman's presence within their homeland.[1] Although he did have some conflicts with his teammates, he seems to have the most trouble with Erma, who, upon one comment about "some members wanting to be more proactive," the two stared each other down aggressively.[5]

Powers and abilities

Guntiver is quick and agile[1] and is shown to have basic combat skills, such as using his claws to dig through Egg SWATs.[6]


  • Guntiver is one of the few wolves to exist within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave timeline that was not associated with the Wolf Pack, with the only other wolf character with this unique feature being Shift E. Wolf.


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