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Gun ships[1] are obstacles that appear in Shadow the Hedgehog. The are vehicles utilized by the Black Arms for defending the Black Comet.


Designed to drive out all outsiders entering the Black Comet,[1] the gun ships are floating black and red spaceships capable of teleportation by morphing into a white blue light. They can also seemingly store an unlimited amount of Black Arms in them. They are also armed with weapons that can charge electricity and shoot it as a purple energy sphere.


In gameplay, gun ships appear in Final Haunt where they will release an endless supply of Black Arms enemies if there is a surface below it, with more coming out after the earlier ones are defeated. As such, these ships are an effective way of gaining easy hero points and filling the Hero Gauge.

Aside from deploying Black Arms or when it is above a bottomless pit, the gun ships can attack Shadow by shooting its energy sphere. At most times, the player can find a Cell Cannon near the area the gun ship is floating above, which is useful in destroying them. If a gun ship gets destroyed, it will leave a Big Barrel behind. The Gun ships are encountered only in the The Last Way and Final Haunt stages.



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