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The Gun Wing[1] (ガンウイング Gan'uingu?) is an enemy that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a robot deployed by the Guardian Units of Nations, and is a part of the Beetle series. It is essentially a modified version of the Gun Beetle.


The Gun Wing heavily resembles a Gun Beetle, though with a few differences. While it possesses the same main body, cap and gun attachment like the Gun Beetle, it has twin engines set on each side and wings set on each side of the engines.


A Gun Wing in Sand Ocean.

The Gun Wing attacks by firing projectiles while passing by in a fixed trajectory. When destroyed, the Gun Wings each grant the player 500 points. A key difference between the Gun Wing and the Gun Beetle is that the Gun Wing can move around inside stages, unlike the Gun Beetle which remains in one spot.

The Gun Wing can be found in the following stages:

Character Stage
Normal mode Hard mode
Tails Eternal Engine N/A
Dr. Eggman Sand Ocean N/A



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