The gumball[1] (アイテムボール[2] aitemu bōru?, lit. "item ball") is an object that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles. They are containers found in the Bonus Stages which contain different items or power-ups.


Gumballs are round containers in varying colors and marks on them based on the item or power-up they contain, much like the Monitors. Depending on the Bonus Stage, these objects either float in midair or drop down from above.

In Sonic the Hedgehog 3, gumballs appear inside the giant item machine in the Gumball Machine-type Bonus Stages. Here, the player can release them by rotating the crank on the machine once. Once released, the gumballs will fall down into oblivion unless the player touches them before that happens. In Sonic & Knuckles, gumballs also appear in the Glowing Spheres-type Bonus Stages. If the player touches a small lightning ball in these stages, it will transformed into a gumball that starts floating up. The player has to touch such gumballs again to get the power-up inside of them.

List of gumball items

Sprite Name Description
Empty Gumball Clear Gumball
(Clear Ball)
Empty gumballs which give nothing to the player.
Bumper Gumball Bumper Gumball
(Black Ball)
Though having little resemblance to the actual object, this gumball bounces the player off it upon contact. The player can use them to reach greater heights.
Ring Gumball Super Ring
(Ring Ball)
These grey gumballs with the yellow ring symbol on them grant 10 extra Rings. Sometimes, they may also grant 20, 40 or even 80 Rings.
One-UP Gumball 1-Up
(1-Up Ball)
These pink gumballs give extra lives to the player.
B Gumball Yellow Barrier Shield
(Thunder Ball)
These yellow gumballs contain Lightning Shields.
BI Gumball Orange Barrier Shield
(Flame Ball)
These orange gumballs contain Flame Shields.
BII Gumball Blue Barrier Shield
(Aqua Ball)
These blue gumballs contain Water Shields.
Rep Gumball Spring Barrier
(Catapult Ball)
Green gumballs with "REP" on them can replace the red Springs at the bottom. Since this only works in the Gumball Machine-type of Bonus Stages, this gumball variant does not appear in Sonic & Knuckles.


  • Gumballs (referred to as "item balls" in Japan) may have been based on the plastic capsules meant for dispensing small toys from Japanese automatic vending machines (自動販売機 jidō-hanbaiki?).[3] Furthermore, in the Japanese manual, the description for the "Clear Gumball" says it is “a ball with nothing in it”, indicating that they are item containers.[2] However, a common misconception caused by the localization team at Sega made them rename the objects as "gumballs" as a reference to the chewing gum often dispensed from western gumball machines.
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