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For the berries in the Sonic Boom television series, see Gum tree berry.

Gum Tree Fruits, from Sonic the Comic #91. Art by Roberto Corona and Steve White.

The Gum Tree Fruits[1] are fruits that appear in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are corrosive fruits that grow in the Gum Tree Zone.


Gum Tree Fruit are round blue fruits that grow exclusively on special palm trees in the Gum Tree Zone. Their sacs are filled with a gum juice that is corrosive to metal, melting alloys as durable as Megatal very rapidly upon contact.[1]


While battling Vermin the Cybernik in the Gum Tree Zone, many of the Freedom Fighters struggled to defeat him due to his strong armor. However, using her knowledge of the Gum Tree Fruits, Amy Rose shot the fruit down, causing the acid inside to pour on Vermin, ruining his armor and forcing him to flee.[2][1]


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