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Sonic Boom
Guilt Tripping (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode, "Guilt Tripping".

[Scene: Forest, day.]

[Sonic and Tails are racing on Tails' hoverboards.]
Tails: You may be faster on foot, but I invented these things!
[Tails does a flip and overtakes Sonic.]
Sonic: Not bad! My turn!
[Sonic overtakes Tails, smirks at him but then he hits a branch and two trees before falling down to the ground. Tails approaches him on his hoverboard as Sonic recovers from the fall.]
Tails: Wow! That was the coolest thing I've ever seen!
Sonic: Really?
Tails: You look cool even when you're making a complete fool of yourself!
[Sonic finds his hoverboard and is about to pick it up when he hears the Weasel Bandits.]
Weasel Bandits: All right, load 'em up! Hurry up and nobody gets hurt!
[Sonic and Tails watch as the Gogobas drop valuables into the Weasel Bandits' bags.]
Sonic: Whoa! We gotta stop those jerks!
[Sonic and Tails enter the village, Tails on his hoverboard.]
Sonic: What's going on here?
Gogoba Chief: Oh, these delightful young men were just ransacking our poor village [Puts a bag of money in a Weasel Bandit's bag] and taking all our possessions.
Gogoba: They probably need them more than we do, being bandits living on the land and all.
Weasel Bandit: Yeah, so back off, blue guy! This is what we do!
Sonic: Oh yeah, well this is what we do!
[Sonic Spin Dashes into the Weasel Bandits, leaving them stunned, then Tails passes Sonic a nearby vine attached to a tree and Sonic ties them up with it as Tails pulls on the vine.]
Weasel Bandit: Ugh! This isn't over!
[Tails releases his grip on the vine and the Weasel Bandits are catapulted into the sky.]
Weasel Bandit: [Shouting as they fly off] I spoke too soon!
Gogoba Chief: Thank you, strange travellers, you have saved us Gogobas from the from the scourage of the Weasel Bandits, and scattered our belongings carelessly across the dirt.
Tails: Sorry, I'll help pick 'em up.
Female Gogoba: Oh no, we wouldn't want to trouble you. I'll do it myself. It probably won't cause my chronic back pain to flare up too much. Oh! [Her back bone cracks] Ugh!
[Sonic and Tails look at each other awkwardly.]
Gogoba Chief: Oh don't worry about her, she'll pass out from the pain soon. In the meantime, the rest of us will throw our valiant heroes a victory feast.
[Two Gogobas bring a table full of food to Sonic and Tails. The camera shows the food on the table, which include fruits and roasted chicken.]
Sonic: Thanks, but we really gotta-
Gogoba Chief: It's okay, we know how busy you are. Within a few months, this will turn into compost, and we'll be able to grow new food to eat.
Sonic: Um, well I guess we could stay for a quick bite.
Gogoba Chief: Wonderful!
[The Gogoba Chief walks off, two Gogobas give Sonic and Tails chairs and Sonic and Tails sit down. Sonic and Tails look at each other before they start eating some fruit. They then find out that the Gogoba Chief and all the Gogobas are watching them.]
Sonic: Um, aren't you guys gonna eat?
Gogoba Chief: Oh, no. We'd much rather watch you enjoy your food.
Gogoba: That's the only nourishment we need. [Her stomach growls] That was a growl of joy.
Tails: These Gogobas are so nice!
Sonic: Yeah, so why do I feel so terrible?
Tails: We gotta get outta here.
[Three Gogobas walk in with more food. They stop walking as Sonic stands up and drops the fruit he was eating on the table.]
Sonic: That was really... delicious, we loved it, loved, loved, loved it, but we... should probably get going.
[The three Gogobas looked at Sonic sadly as Sonic waves them goodbye. Then Sonic turns his head to see the Gogoba Chief right in front of him and backs away in surprise.]
Gogoba Chief: Of course, of course! Why would you want to stay with us when we made you this incredible meal?
Tails: No, we do wanna stay, it's just that--
Gogoba: Wonderful! Allow us to prepare your accommodations.
[A few Gogobas prepare a big bed and throw Sonic and Tails onto it. They then proceed to fan Sonic and Tails. Sonic and Tails look at eacho other]
Gogoba Chief: Fetch our new friend the finest, softest blankets in the village!
[Two Gogobas lay a blanket in front of Sonic and Tails, and Sonic and Tails bow their heads a little to thank them.]
Tails: Maybe this won't be so bad! [He puts the blanket over his body]
Gogoba Chief: The children in the nursery can huddle together for warmth.
Sonic: [Annoyed] Aww... [He puts the blanket over his body]

[Scene Change: Gogoba Village, night.]

[Camera starts at the night sky, then pans down to the silent village. Sonic and Tails look around from their bed to make sure no Gogobas are awake.]
Sonic: [Whispering] Hey, [Nudges Tails] The Gogobas are finally gone! Let's sneak out of here.
[Sonic and Tails get out of their bed silently and start to creep out of the village, but they Gogoba Chief interrupts them.]
Gogoba Chief: Can we get you something?
Sonic: Whoa! Uh... Wh-where did you come from? We thought everyone was asleep.
Gogoba Chief: How could we sleep when we got guests to take care of?
[Fastidious Beaver suddenly appears in front of the camera]
Fastidious Beaver: Actually, it's "guests of whom to take care."
Gogoba: We can't sleep, [Thinks] of whom.
Tails: We really should be on our way.
Gogoba Chief: Go, go! We'll be fine.
Gogoba: Until the next inevitable bandit attack.
Gogoba Chief: It's okay, just promise someday you'll come back and visit.
Gogoba: The smoking crater where our village used to be.
[Sonic and Tails look at each other awkwardly before they start to leave the village.]
Gogoba: Wait! I got heirloom tomatos and some really nice pastrami! I'll pack ya sandwiches!
[The Gogoba Chief and Gogobas leave.]
Sonic: Tails, these guys are nuts!
Tails: We gotta get out of here!
Sonic: But how? We're stuck here as long as there is a threat from those bandits!
Tails: That's it! If we can create a defence system for the village, the Gogobas will be safe and we can leave!
Sonic: Yeah, but what if I'm right and they're just nuts?
Tails: That's a chance I'm willing to take.

[Scene Change: Gogoba Village, day.]

[Sonic and Tails prepare the defence system for the village. Sonic tightens ropes, Tails activates a lazer, both of them cover the ropes with leaves and Sonic pulls bamboo cages up trees using ropes attached to them like a pulley. After completing the defence system, they show it to the Gogobas.]
Sonic: Gogoba Village, allow us to present your new state of the art defence system!
Tails: You no long need us to protect you from invaders, and the best part is, it's totally fool-proof!
Sonic: Goodbye friends!
[Sonic and Tails wave goodbye and walk away from the village. As they are walking, they hear a siren, ropes pulling and cages hitting the ground. They turn around to see what happened, and find out the Gogobas have activated the defence system and are caught in it.]
Sonic: Aw, come on!
Tails: Seriously?
Gogoba Chief: I'm so sorry, I wish I had a better excuse, but it's hard to concentrate while all the blood is rushing to my head!
Gogoba: We'll just hang here until we go numb.
Gogoba: And our bodies will reflect our emotional state!
[Sonic and Tails walk along the village.]
Tails: We can totally fight Eggman or bandits, but... how do we fight guilt?
Sonic: With... more guilt! Follow my lead! [Grabs Tails' arm and runs]
[Sonic and Tails walk up to the Gogoba Chief.]
Sonic: Hey, uh, Chief! It's been great and all, but unfortunately, we have to go now.
Gogoba Chief: But we haven't finished stitching your friendship quilt!
[Sonic and Tails turn their head to see a Gogoba stitching a quilt with a rather badly drawn picture of Gogoba Chief and Gogobas holding hands with Sonic and Tails, dancing in a line, with the sun, some clouds, a few butterflies and flowers drawn around it. Gogoba Chief and Sonic then give serious looks at each other while a ball of dust pass between them.]
Sonic: Alright, [Clears his throat] well, we could stay, but our plants back at home, without us there to water them, oh well, I suppose it's their own fault for being plants. [Gives Gogoba Chief a serious look]
Gogoba Chief: No, you have to go. Far being for us let the well being of the entire society, hold you back from, watering your precious house plants. [Gives Sonic and Tails a look]
Tails: No, your well being is much more important. I mean, if the plants need water so badly, they can walk to the kitchen and get it themselves. [Gives Gogoba Chief a smirk]
Gogoba Chief: Oh no, we've just met, but you've known your plants for a long time! Go to them! We'll be fine. [Gives Sonic and Tails a look]
[Sonic squints his eyes further, making an even more serious look]
Sonic: But in all that time, the plants have never given us anything, except oxygen.
Tails: And nutrition. [smirks]
[Sonic squints his eyes again, but his mouth reveals a smirk this time. The Gogoba Chief squints his eyes. The two of the continue to squint their eyes further and further, and another ball of dust passes by. The Gogoba Chief eventually gives up.]
Gogoba Chief: All right, you win. We can't keep you here. You should go.
Sonic: [Releases his eyes] Seriously?
Gogoba Chief: Yeah. Go. Leave us. Goodbye forever.
Sonic: Hey, thanks for everything, Chief! [Shakes hands with Gogoba Chief]
[A few Gogobas come around the Gogoba Chief. Sonic and Tails turn around and walk away. Sonic rolls his eyes as he walks.]
Gogoba Chief: Call to let us know you made it home, okay? Otherwise, we'll just sit here and worry.

[Scene Change: Sonic's Shack, day.]

[Camera pans on whole island, then to Sonic's house, where Sonic and Tails are walking towards.]
Tails: I thought we'd never get out of there!
[Sonic and Tails put their Hoverboards against each side of the door.]
Sonic: Well, at least we're finally back hoooome...
[Sonic and Tails look in shock as they see all the Gogobas in Sonic's shack.]
Gogoba Chief: Welcome home!
[All the Gogobas who were using Sonic's things look up and see Sonic and Tails. Sonic drops his burger.]
Gogoba Chief: We had to let ourselves in, since you don't have a door.
Gogoba: Or any cold beverages or snacks.
Gogoba Chief: But don't worry, we made do.
[Sonic becomes furious and stomps towards Gogoba Chief.]
Sonic: [Furiously] WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!
Gogoba Chief: We'd figured that if we were here, you could keep protecting us and in exchange, we could water those house plants of yours. Where are those by the way?
[Sonic attempts to attack Gogoba Chief but Tails stops him. Sonic lets out a grunt.]
Gogoba Chief: And that's not all we've done for you.
Gogoba: We opened all your mail.
Gogoba: And we uncanned all your food.
[Sonic grunts in rage.]
Gogoba Chief: Next, we'll check all your messages. [Picks up Sonic's communication device and presses a button.]
Sonic: [Snatches his communication device] Gimme that!
Communication Device: [Beep] You have 4 messages. [Beep]
Eggman (through the message): Hey Sonic! It's Doctor Eggman! Just so you know, I'm planning to blow up the dam this Sunday. Hope to see you there! Not that you can stop me. [Laughs]
[Sonic looks at the communication device with confusion.]
Eggman (through the message): Hey, I'm here at the dam. Just waiting on you now. Gonna blow it up any second now. Bet you don't wanna miss it. [Beep]
[Sonic now looks at it with boredom.]
Eggman (through the message): Oh! Sorry, wrong dial. Didn't mean to call you. [Beep]
[Sonic puts his hands on the table]
Eggman (through the message): Alright! It was a trick! I was gonna ambush you, but you didn't even have the decency to show up! That's really rude, Sonic! [Beep]
Gogoba Chief: Wow, that guy can't take a hint!
[A whistle comes from outside of Sonic's Shack. Sonic runs towards the door to see Eggman and his Badniks in front of the shack.]
Eggman: Well, well, look who it is? Mr. I-don't-have-time-to-show-up-to-Doctor-Eggman's-ambush!
Sonic: Ugh, this is a really bad time, Egghead.
Eggman: No problem, I'll come back later when you're ready. [Walks away but then comes back quickly] Just kidding! Robots, attack!
[Baniks begin to charge towards Sonic. Sonic destroys some Badniks while Tails barely manages to dodge Bee Bot fire because of two scared Gogobas holding him down.]
Tails: Excuse me! [Dodges a laser] It's really hard to- [Dodges another laser] Whoa! Would you mind? [Picks up a stick and smashes a Bee Bot] Augh! [Smashes another one] Yah!
[Gogoba Chief walks into the battlefield as Sonic destroys more robots in the background.]
Gogoba Chief: Oh, pardon me. I didn't mean to get in the way of your great evil rampage.
[Sonic notices Gogoba Chief in the battlefield. He jumps to destroy some Bee Bots, them pushes him out of the battlefield.]
Sonic: Out of the way!
[Tails destroys a Crab Bot as Sonic carries Gogoba Chief to safety.]
Sonic: This isn't working! We can't keep fighting around these Gogobas!
Tails: Maybe we should fight over them!
[Tails runs to the door of Sonic's shack, picks up a Hoverboard and throws it to him. Sonic catches it.]
Sonic: That's what I'm talking about!
[Tails gets on his Hoverboard and flies into the sky with it. Six Bee Bots chase him, three in front and three behind. Tails suddenly does a backward flip, which catches the Bee Bots off guard and crash into each other. Sonic then gets on his Hoverboard and charges towards some Badniks The robots lift off but before they could do anything else, Sonic bashes into them, destroying them.]
Sonic: Take that!
[Sonic and Tails them come together, hold each other's hand and moved quickly in a circle on their Hoverboards. Badniks try to approach them but they get destroyed.]
Eggman: Ugh! You've got to be kidding me!
Gogoba Chief: I suppose it was our own fault, for getting in the way.
Eggman: Yeah, you know what, it was your fault! I usually win at these things.
Sonic: Hey, are you trying to steal our new teammates?
Eggman: New teammates?
Tails: Yeah, we couldn't have won this battle without the Gogobas.
Sonic: And if they joined up with you, it'll be like you won this battle, you'd be unstoppable!
Eggman: Yeah, I would've, wouldn't I?
Gogoba Chief: We wish to stay with our protector, Sonic. [Looks at Sonic]
Sonic: Fine, let poor Eggman suffer they humiliation of defeat after defeat, even though you can help him.
Gogoba Chief: Well...
Eggman: Come on, crowny, what's an evil genius gotta do to get you to switch sides?
Gogoba Chief: We pretty much bend our knee to the nearest tyrant who wants to enslave us.
[Sonic and Tails look at each other with a smirk on their faces.]
Eggman: Done and done! Follow me. So long, losers! Um, march in unison please, I like organized followers...
[Sonic and Tails look at each other and then fist bump.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

Gogoba Chief: Hey, do you have any unsalted butter? It's not a problem if you don't, I'll just have an allergic reaction that'll make me smell like feet, but don't worry about it.
[Eggman shakes his head in regret and then starts banging his head against his sofa while the Gogobas continue to have breakfast.]