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Guilt Tripping

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"Guilt Tripping" is the ninth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 17 December 2014 in France and on 17 January 2015 in the United States.


Sonic and Tails stumble upon a village being plundered by bandits. They save the town but can't leave because the villagers guilt them into staying every time they try.



Races and species:





On a peaceful day on Seaside Island, Sonic and Tails race each other through the jungle on the latter's Hoverboards. As they enter the treetops, Tails takes the lead due to his superior knowledge of the boards. Sonic pulls a stunt to reclaim first place, but fails to notice a low branch, which knocks him off his Hoverboard and down to the ground. Sonic finds his Hoverboard in some bushes where he and Tails then notice a trio of criminals, called the Weasel Bandits, ransacking and stealing from the Gogobas in Gogoba Village. The heroes approach the bandits and villagers, the latter who are at peace with the theft since they claim the bandits need their possessions the most. Upon being threatened by the leader of the bandits, Sonic promptly incapacitates the gang; he and Tails then tie them up before catapulting them away using a palm tree.

The Gogobas thank the heroes, though the Gogoba Chief notes that they scattered their belongings in the battle; Tails offers to pick up the scattered goods but is politely refused by one female Gogoba, who proceeds to collect them herself despite her acute back pains. In the meantime, the villagers throw Sonic and Tails a feast to honor them, though Sonic turns it down and is ready to leave. The Chief notes that the food would be left to decompose if the heroes do not eat it, thus guilt tripping them to stay. Unnerved by the hungry Gogobas watching them eat, the duo tries to leave again but the Chief guilts them into staying the night when he mentions the hospitality his people have already provided. Sonic and Tails are subjected to more royal treatment with the Gogobas giving them a large bed and the nursery's only blanket, much to their dismay.

At night, Sonic and Tails try to sneak away but are met by the Gogobas and their Chief, who have been awake to watch over them. While the Gogobas approve of their departure, they bring up that their village would probably be destroyed by bandits while the two are away. Sonic and Tails, desperate to return home, come up with a solution: build a defense system to protect the village in their absence. When Sonic and Tails show the defense system to the Gogobas however, the villagers get caught in it just as the duo walk away. Now forced to stay, Tails is at a loss as to how they can fight guilt, but Sonic gets the idea of using the Gogobas' tactic against them. Sonic and Tails therefore face the Chief, where they try guilting him into letting them go home in order to water their plants. Eventually, the Chief concedes and Sonic and Tails are allowed to leave.

At Sonic's Shack, Sonic and Tails are glad to be free, but to their shock the Gogobas have taken residence in the shack so that Sonic could keep protecting them. As the Gogobas show the tasks they have done for Sonic to instill even more guilt, he discovers on his answering machine that Dr. Eggman had been calling him. The doctor initially left a message threatening to destroy the dam, but admits he was actually preparing an ambush a few messages later, when Sonic did not show up. As soon as the messages end, Eggman shows up at the shack with his robots to attack. However, Sonic and Tails are unable to fight properly because the Gogobas are everywhere, so they use their Hoverboards to take the fight to the air. After Sonic and Tails destroy the robots, Eggman and the Chief meet, and the heroes trick Eggman into taking the Gogobas, claiming that they were the key to their victory and that Eggman would be unstoppable if they joined him. Though the Chief wants to stay, Sonic guilts him into helping Eggman out of pity. After a brief negotiation, the Gogobas form an allegiance with Eggman and follow him back to his lair, to which Sonic and Tails celebrate. Eggman is later seen regretting his decision back home as he is subjected to the Gogobas' guilt tripping.


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 内疚感 Guilt
Finnish Syyllistäjät Guilt trippers
French Voyage au bout de la culpabilité Journey to the Center of the Guilt
German Reise bis ans Ende der Schuld Travel to the edge of guilt
Hungarian Gogoba Gogoba
Italian Sensi di colpa Guilt feelings
Japanese 罪の意識 Sense of Guilt
Korean 마음이 약해서 Tender-minded
Persian اهالی گوگوبا The people of Goguba
Polish Szantaż emocjonalny Emotional blackmail
Portuguese (Brazil) A Culpa é dos Gogobas It is the fault of the Gogobas
Portuguese (Portugal) Sentimento de Culpa Guilt Feeling
Romanian Vinovăția Guilt
Russian Чувство вины Guilt feeling
Spanish (Latin America) Haciéndote Sentir Culpable Making You Feel Guilty
Spanish (Spain) Culpabilidad Guiltiness
Turkish Yeni Arkadaşlar New Friends
Ukrainian Докори сумління Remorse of conscience


  • The Gogoba Chief made a cameo in the previous episode, "Eggheads".
  • This episode is the first to feature Eggman as a side-role.
  • This is the first episode where Amy does not appear.
  • This is the first episode where only two members of Team Sonic appears.
  • Fastidious Beaver's appearance in this episode to correct the Gogobas' grammar form of "who" mirrors the exact same thing he did to Sonic in "The Sidekick".
  • This episode aired in Finland as the twelfth episode in the series.
  • An tune similar to the theme of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly theme was played while Sonic and Tails guilt trip the Gogoba Chief.
  • The French title of this episode is a parody of the science fiction novel Journey to the Center of the Earth.


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