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The Guards[1] (ガードン[2] Gādon?) are enemies that appear in Sonic Advance 3. They are mass-produced Badnik models created by Dr. Eggman.



The individual Guard resembles an old-fashioned toy soldier.


The Guards only appear in Toy Kingdom. In gameplay, the Guards match back and forth in groups of three. Occasionally, they will attack by shooting energy balls from their trumpets in an arc in the direction they are facing.

When going up against the Egg Cube, Dr. Eggman will toss Guards onto the arena in order to block the player's way. Unlike the Guards encountered in the Acts however, these Guards do not attack, will not release a Ring when destroyed, and will bounce off the ground once before falling down from the area and off the screen. In addition, the closer the Egg Cube is forced to the right edge of the arena, the more frequently will it deploy Guards.




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