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This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For other uses of the term, see G.U.N. (disambiguation).

The Guardian Units of the Nations,[3] also abbreviated as GUN or G.U.N., is an organization that appears in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series. It is a military organization, affiliated with the President, armed with their expertise in warfare in order to protect humanity and maintain peace on Earth.




Around fifty years prior to the events of Sonic X, GUN was called in to deploy troops to Space Colony ARK in order to stop Project Shadow, a research project led by Professor Gerald Robotnik that aimed to create the "Ultimate Lifeform", because the government deemed it as a threat.[4][5] They apprehended most of the researchers (except for Gerald, who would be taken to Prison Island to be sentenced to execution) and stopped their research projects before sealing the prototype of the Ultimate Lifeform away in the ARK.[4][6] During the attack, a GUN soldier named Mister Schmitz caught sight of Maria Robotnik, who was helping the completed Ultimate Lifeform, Shadow the Hedgehog, escape the ARK. Schmitz pursued Maria to the escape pods, one of which Shadow had already boarded. Schmitz warned Maria he would shoot if she ejected Shadow from the ARK, but when Maria made her choice and started the escape pod's ejection sequence, Schmitz had no choice but to pull the trigger. Ever since then, Schmitz would be haunted by the guilt of having taken Maria's life.[6]

In the aftermath, GUN would shut down the ARK for the next fifty years.[4]

New World Saga

Following the arrival of Sonic the Hedgehog, his friends and Dr. Eggman, GUN grew suspicious of the new inhabitants and in particular, Dr. Eggman, for his world domination schemes. To keep an eye on Sonic and his friends, GUN assigned undercover operative Mister Stewart to act as Chris' homeroom teacher and report back on any information he could collect on Sonic or Eggman while following Chris.[7]

After some time, the decision was made to recruit Sonic to help them deal with Eggman. To accomplish this, GUN sets up a ruse that a Chaos Emerald was found in an abandoned warehouse outside of Station Square. However, when the trap is sprung, instead of catching Sonic, GUN caught Rouge the Bat, a notorious jewel thief, who quickly made a fool out of Topaz, one of the GUN commandos that was part of the trap. Under an agreement to pardon her for her crimes if she agreed to help, Rouge joined GUN to map out Eggman's headquarters for an upcoming attack. After most of the commandos had to leave due to sunrise coming, Rouge and Topaz remain behind to finish scanning the base, managing to take out E-70 Noizi before escaping.[8]

With the map of the base, GUN launched their attack once Eggman left to hunt down a Chaos Emerald, having naval and air forces attack the base while a special forces team, including Rouge and Topaz, sneak in from behind.[9] GUN was engaged by Decoe and Bocoe, until Eggman returned and took over the attack. When Topaz, Rouge, and their team were discovered in the base's power room, they were sealed in and trapped after setting and arming their explosives. However, when Sonic and his friends arrived, Sonic managed to retrieve the two Chaos Emeralds that Eggman had collected, and provided a means for Topaz, Rouge, and the others to escape just in time before the explosives detonated and destroyed Eggman's headquarters.[10]

Chaos Emerald Saga

Despite taking out Eggman's headquarters, GUN discovered that Eggman had a backup plan when he launched his mobile headquarters, the Egg Fort, to attack Station Square. Sonic and his friends were able to take the fort down, but not before the Egg Fort managed to damage the X Tornado, forcing it to make an emergency landing on one of GUN's aircraft carriers.[10]

With Eggman still a threat, Topaz, Rouge, and Mister Stewart continued their duties with GUN to ensure that Eggman did not threaten the world with his plans for the Eggman Empire.[11] To further this, Area 99 began researching the wreckage of E-Series robots for any technology they could salvage from Eggman to help them confront the doctor on even ground. This led to the beginning of Project Beetle: mobile weapons built with Eggman's salvaged technology.[12] The conflict with Eggman came to a head when Rouge and Topaz were covertly observing Eggman's Egg Fort II until it headed for Station Square.[11] While Rouge and Topaz gave chase in a helicopter, GUN was already prepared to deal with the Egg Fort II, and unleashed their Beetles. However, when Eggman brought out the heavy guns and transformed the Egg Fort II into the E-99 Eggsterminator, the Beetles were quickly annihilated. Topaz and her fellow GUN agents were unable to do much from their helicopter either. It was only when Super Sonic appeared that the Eggsterminator was destroyed in a fiery wreck. In the aftermath, Topaz and her fellow GUN agents bore witness to the appearance of the Mystic Ruins and Angel Island by Chaos Control.[13]

Chaos Saga

Six months after events with the Eggsterminator, GUN began wondering about Eggman's whereabouts since then, as he had been strangely silent during this time.[14] They soon got word of his return when he attacked Station Square with Chaos. However, there was little they could do to help, especially once Chaos flooded Station Square upon becoming Perfect Chaos. The President dispatched GUN to stop Chaos, but their helicopter gunships were no match for the beast. It was thus left to Super Sonic, who saved the day again by defeating Perfect Chaos.[15]

Shadow Saga

GUN soon faced their biggest threat from Eggman when they discovered he had hacked into their secure databases and downloaded the information on his grandfather, Professor Robotnik, and Project: Shadow.[16] Dispatching Topaz and Rouge to have Rouge get into Eggman's inner circle, GUN was at the same time forced to apprehend Sonic alongside the police, due to numerous crimes being carried out by someone who looked like Sonic.[16][17]

After a lengthy hunt for Sonic using their latest robots, GUN managed to corner Sonic. Upon learning he would be taken to Prison Island, Sonic willingly turned himself in to GUN.[17] However, Prison Island was later attacked by Eggman, Shadow, and the undercover Rouge, to acquire the Chaos Emeralds stored there, and to outright destroy the island with time-delayed explosives that Eggman had Shadow plant. Meanwhile Sonic escaped his cell and fled with his friends, who had come to rescue him. At the same time, the GUN personnel managed to evacuate before the island was destroyed, thus minimizing casualties.[18][19]

At the same time, Mister Stewart (who had gone AWOL during the events with Chaos by choosing to protect his students rather than follow orders[15]) had been reassigned to assist SSTV reporter Scarlet Garcia with investigating Project: Shadow.[16] They soon meet up with one of the GUN soldiers who shut down Project Shadow fifty years ago, Mister Schmitz, who told them about what went down on-board the ARK, and his guilt over taking Maria's life.[4][6]

Meanwhile, Rouge gathered enough information that allowed Topaz to discover a hidden group within GUN that had covered up Project: Shadow. She personally led GUN and the police to where the group was located and had them all arrested while Sonic and Shadow managed to prevent the ARK from crashing to Earth as part of Professor Robotnik's doomsday revenge plot to avenge Maria's murder at the hands of GUN.[5]

Egg Moon Saga

When Eggman launches a missile towards the Moon, GUN is immediately notified, only for Eggman to explain that he is mending the Moon as an apology for the events with the ARK. However, much later, Eggman reports that the Egg Moon is malfunctioning when it eclipses the Sun and won't budge and offers his Sunshine Balls as a temporary solution. Unfortunately, when Sonic begins wrecking the Mirror Towers that collect sunlight for the Sunshine Balls, GUN is dispatched to confront him, only to learn through Topaz and Rouge that Eggman had tricked them again. While Topaz and Rouge go with Knuckles and Mr. Tanaka to disable the Egg Moon and end the eclipse, Mr. Stewart is able to help rescue the President and Christina, who Eggman had taken hostage in the White House. Soon after, Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe were arrested by police and placed in prison.

Homebound Saga

Soon, word came that unless Sonic and everyone from his world returned there, time would stop forever. Though everyone was in agreement that Sonic and his friends had to return home, a rogue general named Card Passer in GUN thought of it to be some sort of trick and attempted to have GUN attack Eggman behind the President's back. To further his intention, he held the President hostage to avoid being overruled. His attack on Eggman began to falter when Eggman revealed his new battleship in the Grand Egg Imperial, fighting off GUN's mechs. His efforts soon failed as a joint effort by Rouge, Topaz, and Knuckles rescued the President, and the general and anyone allied with him were apprehended for their actions and punished.[20]

Topaz joined everyone to say their final goodbyes to Sonic and his friends, but after Chris shut down the portal before Sonic could go through and fled with him, GUN offered their support to try and find them, including having Topaz join Mister Tanaka in looking for them as one of the search parties.[20][21]

Archie Comics



Image Name Appears in Description
Transport plane "Fly Spy" This plane airdrops a GUN commando team led by an unnamed commander and Topaz, along with Rouge on a mission to raid Dr. Eggman's base so they can map it for an upcoming attack.
SX S1E12 Military jets attack.png
Fighter jets "Beating Eggman, Part 1" , "Beating Eggman, Part 2", "That's What Friends Are For" Fighter jets are scrambled by GUN to launch an airstrike on Eggman's base. Though missiles proved to be effective on the fortress, the jets were no match for Eggman's robots such as E-11 Beacon and E-13 Guardbot. A second wave of fighter jets were summoned and Knuckles snuck into one of them so that he could invade Eggman's base as well. Some fighter jets were also shown trying to track down Sonic after Jerome Wise decided to call out the military to capture him since he did not show up to the party to meet the President.


Image Name Appears in Description
Sonic X ep 14 48.png
Helicopter "That's What Friends Are For" Several GUN helicopters were dispatched by Jerome Wise when Sonic decided to not come to a party held by the President to celebrate Eggman's presumed defeat. One is stolen by Sonic and he used it to go to the White House where the President greeted him.
Perfect Chaos being Ticklish.png
Attack helicopter Flood Fight Several GUN attack helicopters were summoned by the President to attack Perfect Chaos, who was attacking Station Square. However, their guns and missiles proved to be ineffective against the creature and the helicopters were eventually destroyed, forcing the pilots to eject.
Sonic jumps on plane wing.jpeg
Twin rotor helicopter "That's What Friends Are For", "Countdown to Chaos", "Shadow Knows" One helicopter is shown deploying GUN soldiers to capture Sonic in their speeders when he decided to not come to meet the President to celebrate Eggman's defeat. A fleet of helicopters are also shown transporting Topaz, Rouge, and GUN soldiers prior to Sonic and Eggman trying to find the last Chaos Emerald. Some time later, a helicopter is shown taking Sonic to custody prior to his escape when he is mistaken to be Shadow the Hedgehog.


Image Name Appears in Description
SX S1E12 Warships.png
Battleship "Beating Eggman, Part 1" Several GUN battleships were deployed to attack Dr. Eggman's base so that a commando team led by Topaz and Rouge could infiltrate it. Although missiles proved to be effective, the ships were no match for E-14 Sneezer, which fired missiles on a few ships destroying them.
SX S1E15 Navy.png
Aircraft carrier "That's What Friends Are For", "Skirmish in the Sky" An aircraft carrier deploys a few fighter jets to track down Sonic when he refused to be invited by the President to celebrate Eggman's defeat. In the following episode, the X Tornado, which is piloted by Tails, lands in an aircraft carrier after foiling Eggman's plot to destroy Station Square so he can rebuild a new headquarters.
Seahawk "Map of Mayhem" The Seahawk is a military vessel containing top secret devices used by government officials. The ship was on a voyage out in sea to search for the missing continent of Murasia, but mysteriously vanished. It was later revealed that the ship was attacked by Dr. Eggman in his Egg Battleship, who later took the crew hostage.


Area 99

Main article: Area 99

Area 99 is the first military base as well as a research facility. Its first experiment was to examine the captured Cream and Cheese, although Sonic rescued them from the facility.


  • In the English dub of Sonic X, G.U.N. is not referred to as such in the whole series. This is most likely due to "GUN" sounding similar to gun as in the projectile weapon. However, "G.U.N." is still mentioned in the brief synopsis of some Australian Sonic X Volume DVD covers which had episodes that G.U.N. appeared in.


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